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From Okashina Futari ~ Chapter 125 ~ 2003/01/04
Illustrator: Ohyuki

Ayumi ran "bridally," with her arms full of her skirt.
Ayumi's veil swung and "fake pearls" on her wedding dress glittered. That was transcendently beautiful.
Now, the mob was parted into two, just like Moses's famed miraculous parting of the Red Sea.
The skirt Ayumi was holding began spreading inch by inch.
It did not matter to Ayumi and she kept running.
Every people who saw the bride was surprised.
Many schoolgirls were shouting in excitement.
Oh. . . why. . . why am I troubled by such a happening?
Ayumi was so sad that her eyes flooded with tears.
There were stairs in front of her.

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