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From Okashina Futari ~ Chapter 62 ~ 2002/11/02
Illustrator: Ohyuki

Moreover, he was afraid of the mischief that he might suffer when he was a girl and she was a boy.
"Ok. Open your eyes!"
Ayumi noticed a pretty girl in a female school uniform called a bolero standing there. . .
"Hey you, this is. . . "
"Yes. I couldn't resist buying it."
It was a full-length mirror.
"How can you say that so easily?"
Even Ayumi, who was not very familiar with cosmetics and other such things, understood that it cost more than 10,000 yen.
"I decided it was now or never."
This was another of a series of new experiences; seeing his own figure as a girl for the first time in the mirror.
Is. . . that. . . me?
What he saw in the mirror was a neatly dressed and beautiful girl wearing a school uniform.
Ayumi pretended not to notice a sense of superiority creeping into his mind.

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