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From Okashina Futari ~ Chapter 941 ~ 2006/06/22
Illustrator: Ohyuki

Ayumi's breasts, which were the cup size of C+1, were lifted up and down even more by her breathing.
"Okay, now you may return. To your room."
Though she had reservations to acting as a "Tsukkomi"2, Ayumi obeyed the suggestion.
Once I go to the hallway, I might encounter one of my parents.

1: This is a cup size measured in Japanese style. C+ means that the difference of girths, between one's largest measurement of her chest ("top bust") and that of the verge of her breast ("under bust"), is slightly larger than 15 centimeters. In American sizes, this would be a B-cup brassiere.
2: A "straight man" (opposed to a "boke" or a "funny man") in double act comedy. In this case, Ayumi wanted to correct Satori's errors.

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