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From Angel or Devil
Illustrator: Yozora

"Uh, uhhn. . .
Not good! Her eyes are open!
Kenta was helter-skeltered1. He knew he had done nothing indecent or shameful. She was the one tresspassing in his dwelling. However, he could not make himself be calm.
She sat up on the bed, sitting naturally in a girlish sitting posture2. Burun3! She was shaking her head, munyu4 munyu, muttering while rubbing her eyes. . . . she's lovely. . .

1: Helter-skelter--Disorganized haste. In this context, it is probably referring to Kenta's thoughts.

2: This is a sitting position commonly used by girls in manga and anime. It is much like kneeling, but the heels are offset to either side rather than being directly behind the knees.

3: Burun--Onomatopoeia, approximately means "boing".

4: Munya--Onomatopoeia for the sound of pressing or rubbing something.

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