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From "A Prize Beyond One's Reach" in the "Kayo-chan Series"
Illustrator: Ogasawara Kuuma
Ogasawara Kuuma

“M-my body is betraying my will. . . ahhh!”
His voice never reached the gallery.
Ijuin continued to perform rhythmic gymnastics against his will, only to come across a nightmare.
Seta-san, among the gallery, was watching him with her mouth open in shock.
Ahhh! I don't want you to watch me in this state. Noooooo! What have I done to deserve such a fate? Ahhhhh!
Tears of humiliation were shed from his, no, her eyes, as Ijuin was forced to continue performing, having become a pretty girl wearing a leotard.

Note: Ijuin and Seta are rare Japanese family names.

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