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From "Nanashi, the Nameless Magical Girl", Episode 106 - 04/01/2003
Illustrator: Kokone

The moment of my impact with the ground was taking quite a while.
Why does it take so long? My skirt is being lifted, and my denuded legs and the other lower parts of my body feel incredibly cold.
I don't know of any death more disgraceful than this; to fall to my death as a cross-dressed man.
And now I am a girl with no identity.

Anyway, when will I reach the ground?
This is very strange. Totally strange.
I did not understand exactly what was happening.
What's up?
To tell the truth, I was floating in the air. That was it!
The ground became larger and larger until I landed on it with no impact, like I was made of cotton.

My skirt, which had billowed out to the sides, settled back to its original shape.
I-I am still alive, right?

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