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Body Exchange

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: Raccoon; Editor: Jaime

I woke up.

Things felt strange.

I was covered in greasy sweat.

It was similar to the feeling of dozing off during midsummer days.

I was sure I had slept in bed. And certainly through the night.

It didn't make a difference.

I tried moving my body to get up.

A feeling of wrongness was flowing through my body like electricity.

What was that?

I tried to shake my head slowly from side to side.

The ceiling moved following my head's motion.

Simultaneously something coiled around my head.

Something cold was falling down past my back.

No, I was totally in despair like I was falling into a bottomless pit.

I gathered my courage to raise my chest.

The blanket was removed.


Actually I barely made a noise. But I am confident that by screaming voicelessly I had unconsciously tried to weaken the shock as much as possible.

I did not see my fit male body, so very familiar to me.

Instead, I found ample breasts and a pinched-in waist like an ant. There was no maleness beneath them.

"Ah… Aaahhhh…"

I tried to touch the something that was coiling around my head… to be clear, my hair was far longer than it used to be.

Touching the hair with my hand and having it touch my scalp made me realize that it was mine.


Then I stared at my hands.

I only found hands with smooth beautiful skin, instead of hairy ones, and I could not believe my eyes.

Now I was sure what had happened to me.

I looked down at my body again.

Having swallowed, I touched my breasts solely to confirm they were mine and not illusion.

After that, I touched my whole body, part after part, until I was done.

I did not lose my self-control anything like I expected.

Still, I have to admit that I had been helplessly upset and anxious.

The room was mine without doubt and so was the bed.

But I was now a woman.

I confirmed it in a mirror.

I was not sure how I looked to other people.

Neither did I think I looked very plain, or stunningly beautiful. Anyway, I was not so calm that I wondered very much how I looked.

I was at a loss how to live from this day onward.

I had been living my life as a man and had a lot of knowledge based on that, until now. Getting along with people, as well. I even wondered if I could cope with life as I was now.

Naked in bed, I held my head in my hands, despairing.

My now beautiful long hair was hanging down, and a fragrant scent tickled my nostrils.

Scent of shampoo!

Anyway, I had to dress, before anything else.

But there were only men's clothes and underwear in my drawers.

As usual, I picked out some clothes and put them on as I was. I didn't feel it necessary to put on panties, not to mention a bra.


Looking down at my now-female body covered by a thin T-shirt, I became speechlessness with panic. No, not quite panic, just freaking out.

My nipples were outlined through the T-shirt.

It was completely unacceptable to me; almost the same as being naked. And some people might think it was more indecent than being naked.

But I didn't have any bras…

Thinking that, an idea hit me. Then I opened a drawer.


My love, whom I had a good relationship with, had been keeping her underwear there.

I had the courage to search through it.

Some moments later I pulled out a pretty little bra.


Must I wear it? Really?

Does it have enough room for me?

It was rude of me to think that; could I pull it on?

I gave up and tried to take my T-shirt off, but found it difficult to do so because it caught my breasts, which I felt were quite large.

The pink color of the bra, together with its frills, was demonstrating its womanliness more than enough.

I asked myself whether wearing it would mean surrendering and acquiescing to this event which happened to me.

My heart did not even beat fast. However, I came to realize that it might well mean "going over a line in the sand" to pull a bra over my ample breasts while I still thought I was a man.

I dared to pull it on.


The sensual feeling of its fit stunned me very deeply. The sense of then being pressed made me realize that sensory nerves existed all over the unfamiliar swellings. And regardless of that, somehow it felt very comfortable.

I had difficulty in hooking up the bra behind my back.

Many times I tried to attach the strap in back, or to twist it around, all to no avail.

One time I even attempted to pass my head and shoulders through the bra after connecting its hook and key, finally having to give up due to large breasts.


At long last I won the struggle with it and fell face-first on my bed.

My body crushed the breasts.


A woman wearing men's shorts and a bra picked herself up by reflex.

My heart beat fast for a while.

Hey! I now a real woman?

I tried to softly touch the breasts through the bra.

Then I heard.

Somebody began to knock on my door.

I was so astonished that I almost jumped up.

As you may have guessed, the doorbell of my room in the apartment was out of order.

But the situation did not permit me to answer the door by any means.

I must ignore it.

With no answer, a magazine salesman or someone similar would leave there.

However, the knocking continued.

Who the hell is it? It's really early in the morning!

Then the knocking stopped.

Did the visitor leave? No, they didn't. Oh dear! They began to unlock the DOOR with a key, not waiting on anything!

They have a key for my door!?

Too late.

The next moment the door was opened.

"Are you still sleeping? Sheesh!"

It was her.

She was also so surprised that she stood stock-still without saying anything.

"No, uhhh, this is... ehhhh..."

I babbled out an excuse.

"This morning I woke up and found myself like this. It's f-----g true!"

She was still completely stupefied.

"Certainly, this bra is yours, but I don't have anything else to wear…"

"… you?"

I could only hear the last part of her words. Is she angry?

"Very sorry! I apologize on my knees!"

"Who the hell are you? Eh?"


"How could you get in my boyfriend's room? What the hell are you to him?"

"Come on! It's me."

"And you're as good as naked. Did you sleep with him?"

"Bullshit! You're f-----g beside the mark!"

However, I was too voluptuous a woman and too scantily-clad to persuade an angry girl.

"I-I'll never forgive you... for this!"

She attacked me.

"Eeek! D-don't come near! It's just me!"

It turned into a grapple. I came to realize the unbelievable power of a woman in a frenzy. There was a so-called "cat-fight", with disheveled hair everywhere, going on in my room.

We were both exhausted. Then, to my complete surprise, she got up and fetched a knife from the kitchen.

"Well, you're so good-looking and he's such a playboy..."

She had a glazed look in her eyes.

"N-no, don't. You're too smart to do that."

I stepped back.

"Bitch! You're always talking like a man, aren't you? It's your way to tempt men into bed, isn't it?"

What nonsense! But she seemed too angry to listen to my words. I tried desperately to find an escape route, but in vain. I was trapped in a dead end.

Giving a strange scream, she dashed for me.

An unpleasant noise came from my stomach when the knife was plunged there.


I had such an acute pain that stars flashed in front of my eyes.

A great deal of blood was flowing out ONTO the floor. Like an echo I heard loud laughter of the woman who had been out of her mind with jealousy.

I woke up and kicked away the comforter.

I felt as if my heart had gone into my throat.

It was dark in my room. In the stillness of the darkness, my hard breathing echoed.

"Just a nightmare…"

I spoke the words unconsciously.

Slumping in relief, I gave a sigh.

Greasy sweat now felt rather comfort…

It felt strange.

I touched my chest and felt it was kind of soft.

Halfway panicked, I turned the lights on.

Looking down at my own body, I saw ample breasts and a pinched-in waist and large buttocks.

"Ah… aaaahhhhh…"

I looked at my bed.

There was an unfamiliar man sleeping naked there.

A scream spread through the room.

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