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Training Camp

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: Raccoon; Editor: Jaime

I had a strange dream.

I was turning into something. Oh my God! I was changing into a girl!

What a funny dream! I thought. Not bad.

This is such a realistic dream. I feel like something is pressing against my breast. Is it a brassiere?

Hah-hah-hah. How elaborate!

Then I would have to say the things covering my body are female underwear. My legs feel almost naked. . . ..I should say, maybe I am wearing a skirt. . .

. . . This is too real. . . I feel so strange. . . It's about time to wake up.

"Yuh-chan, come in here!"

A little girl was beckoning.

"Yot-chan, wait."

A little boy opened the fusuma1 and came in.

"Waah, so many!"

"Hush! You can't be so loud!"

In the big room, the moonlight showed about a dozen boys sleeping, arranged like a school of fish.

"I'm so surprised. Why are they all here?"

"I hear they play baseball in high school."


"Well, do you have that thing?"

"Yeah. Here it is!"

She took out something that looked like a fashion magazine.

"Yot-chan, what kind of clothing do you want to see?"

"Ummm, let me think."

"Just a minute. I must practice once before I show you."

"L-let me see!"

"Choose something, Yot-chan."

"No. I want to see you practice first before I pick anything."


The little boy walked up to the futon right at the corner of the room.

"Now, I will go."


He removed the comforter from the schoolboy's futon. The school boy, in a pair of pajamas, was snoring and sleeping soundly.

Then, his chest started bulging out, his waist narrowed, and his butt became larger and rounder.


The schoolboy, seemingly in a sound sleep, mumbled something. The transformation was still in progress. His hair grew long and spread out over the futon, and his body became softer and rounder.

"Waah, pretty!"

"It is! Well, let's begin with this."

His pajama bottom turned black and the top turned white.

"Mmm, hmmm."

The bottom was transformed into a pleated skirt, which finally changed him into a schoolgirl wearing a sailor blouse.

"This is what we call the 'sailor fuku'."

Training Camp (Sailor fuku), by Natsumikan


The schoolboy was rubbing his legs together inside the skirt.

"Now, let's try the next one!”

Sleeping sound, the next boy was easily changed into a girl with a great-looking short haircut.

His pajama bottom changed to a mini-skirt and the top turned into a blouse with a bright red necktie.

Training Camp (Blazer), by Natsumikan


"This is the 'blazer'."

"How great! Yuh-chan, you can do anything!"

"Oh, yeah!"

"So, now show me this one."

The little girl opened the magazine to a certain page.

"That's easy to do."

This boy was transformed into a voluptuous girl.

His pajamas stuck tight to his whole body. High heels appeared at his ankle, and fishnet tights started covering his now-stunningly beautiful legs. On his head appeared a pair of fake rabbit ears and a small white pompom appeared on his buttocks. Heavy make-up covered his face and a bow tie wound itself around his neck.

"Waah, so cool!"

Training Camp (Bunny girl), by Saibashi


"This is called the 'bunny girl'."

"Is that so?"


The girl whispered to the boy.


The next boy turned into a slender girl. His pajamas became white, until his legs were covered with a pair of white stockings and his body was wrapped in a one-piece dress. On his now semi-long hair appeared a nurse-cap.

Training Camp (Nurse), by Saibashi


"You know this one, don't you? This is the 'nurse'."

"Why not this next?"

For the next schoolboy, who had turned into a soundly-sleeping girl, his pajamas turned into a deep blue suit. The pajama bottom, like other situations, became a skirt, a kind of miniskirt with black stockings. A scarf wrapped itself around the collar of the decent-looking clothes.

Training Camp (Stewardess), by Saibashi


"Waah, it's a stewardess!"

"How cool!"

"I wanna be a stewardess."

With the next one, the legs were almost bare. They had no stockings. However, the ankles were encircled with the straps of a pair of high heels, like the previous person, and the pajamas turned into a skirt with the slits cut so high that the panties were almost seen. The skirt was part of a one-piece dress. His bust was covered by the top portion of the dress, and an elegant design appeared over it.

Training Camp (Chinese dress), by Saibashi


"Chinese dress!"

"I never saw this before!"

"Mmm. . . mmm. . . "

The schoolboy turned over in his sleep.

Then the slit flipped loose and most of his beautiful legs, as well as his panties, were exposed to the air.

"Nooooo! Yuh-chan, you can't see that!"

The girl pulled the comforter over the former schoolboy.

"Don't worry. I didn't see."

"Hoooh! I just managed it."

At that moment, the fusuma was opened quietly.

"Mm? Who is it? What're you doing?"

"Oops! We've been caught!”

A grown-up, who looked like he wouldn't accept any excuse, stepped in.

"It's OK. You don't have to worry, Yot-chan!"


"Let him be a racing circuit queen!"

"What're you saying? Get back to your own. . . "

Almost immediately, bulges began to swell out of his chest.

"W-what the hell is happening?!"

Before that was finished, his bottom had swollen to be big while, on the other hand, his waist became so slender and pinched-in that his whole body became hourglass-shaped.

"Ahhhhh. . . "

His now straight long hair was flowing down, and his once muscular body shrank down at least one size, and became softer and very. Not only that, but it was supremely proportioned.

Eyeing his now thin white hands with their manicured nails, he said,

"I can't believe my eyes!"

His pants became very short. High heels pushed up his feet, and the pajama shirt stuck tight to his bust and changed to a one-piece swimsuit. A parasol was held in his hands only a few seconds ago.

"Here you go!"

Training Camp (Racing queen), by Saibashi

The boy moved a full-length mirror in front of him.

The mirror reflected a stunning racing circuit queen.


As soon as the grown-up said that, he fainted and fell down, unconscious.

"I told you 'it's OK', right?"

"Indeed! . . . So why don't you go on?"


Afterward, the two of them transformed the rest of the sleeping highschool baseball players into a cheerleader, a ballerina, a maid, a shrine maiden, and a nun.

Training Camp (Cheerleader), by Saibashi


Training Camp (Ballerina), by Saibashi


Training Camp (Maid), by Saibashi


Training Camp (Shrine maiden), by Saibashi


Training Camp (Nun), by Saibashi


"Now we have only one left."

"Then, I will show you the outfit you want to see most."

"Really? What is that?"


Training Camp (Bride), by Saibashi


". . . ? . . . Oh, it's a bride!"

The schoolboy in pajamas had changed into a beautiful bride wearing a wedding dress.

"So beautiful!"

"Now we are done with all of them, let's head out."

"Yes, let's."

"Let's go."

" 'd night"

"Good night!"

The next morning the minshuku2 was filled with enormous confusion.

The Transformed High School Baseball Team, by Saibashi


Note: When Japanese people speak to someone, we usually call him by his personal and/or family name followed by a special suffix. The suffix "-san", which corresponds to "Mr.", "Miss" and "Ms.", is well-known to foreigners: you can check it in the movie "Gung Ho". There are some other suffixes including "-kun" and "-chan".

Among those, "-chan" is the most "intimate" term and usually used only between the closest friends and when when talking to very young children, especially little girls. For example, "Kayo-chan" and "Ichigo-chan", follow this custom. On the other hand, "-kun" is in most cases used for boys. "Akira-kun" is one example.

Male grown-ups sometimes use call each other by his personal or family name with "-chan" in certain offices, such as mass communication ones, where human relationship tends to be informal, but that is a rare exception. When a child reaches acertain age, normally even his parents call him/her by his/her personal name without "-chan” or by a nickname. At that point, "-chan" will no longer be used by the family.

If you can't decide what suffix to use, you should use "-san" for any person, male or female, older or younger. If the other party is younger than you, he will think it is too polite, and someone older will not find it unnatural. However, if you mistakenly use "-chan" for an older person, he will think it very impolite. You must not use "-chan" for someone older than you.

1: Fusuma--A paper sliding door used in old-fashioned Japanese houses.

2: Minshuku--A Japanese-style guesthouse.

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