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Its Breeding

(1992 by Winter Crow Game Inc.)

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: Frog King; Editor: Jaime


This game is quite unusual.

I feel it is just a game of the eroge type which is standard among PC erotic games, but I must admit the circumstances set up here are quite unusual.

The scene is laid in the basement of a Western style house far out in the countryside. You are to change (the game lists it as "breed") women to nymphomaniacs…...from the middle of each stage.

Before you can do that, you must go out to a nearby town to locate your "targets", then abduct and confine them in the basement. As far as I have been able to determine, there are 15 different targets available.

If you finish 5 targets, you are forcibly shifted to the clearance event (to be explained shortly) before you get to save.

Anyway, I must say that, judging by the enormous amount of capacity apparently used for the first half of the game, the creator must be very vengeful (hah-hah-hah).

You are to cajole your target into your house, but you can never get a woman. Men are all you can cajole. I’m afraid you cannot change that by any means. So, in the end, you will try to get males only (hah-hah-hah).

At this point you have done nothing so far. You are to transform the captive into a woman by forcing him to take "transgender medicines" (easy so far), and "breed" them. You see, it is very unusual.

Strange enough, once you become comfortable with it, you find yourself thinking up all kinds of tortures and employing them in the game. It is dangerous. However, I can’t help feeling that a number of people are sadistic like this.

I don't have enough taste for scatology to often use serious torture on them, but only carry out costume-play tortures of dressing them in a variety of costumes. The game is arranged very favorably to the player: All targets turned into women still have a man's mind but must follow any of the player's commands as if in a hypnotic trance. As they still feel pride and shame, the captives sometimes look embarrassed. Then I give them teasing words, which excites me a great deal.

I am fond of selecting as "manly" a male as possible. Though you can capture a target from among closeted gay men and beautiful boys who wish to be girls, but I must say this game has little meaning unless you make them change against their will (hah-hah-hah).

You can get an athlete in the gymnasium and a fashionable dude, a graceful lady-killer, at the street crossing at night.

First of all, I transform him into a woman and make him sleep by mixing some sleeping pills into the transgender medicines. Then I dress him in a sailor blouse and a skirt while he is sleeping. He wakes up to find himself wearing school girl outfits to his great surprise. This is my favorite idea.

The creator seems to have used his imagination to arrange the costume-play tortures, resulting in an enormous number of costumes provided.

You can increase the number of school girl outfits, virtually without limit, by changing the color and length of blouses, blazers and skirts. In addition, you can use other costumes like bunny girl outfits, tutus for ballerinas, swimsuits with high-cut legs and high heels for racing circuit queens, nurses' white uniforms, police women's uniforms, stewardesses' uniforms, athletic tops and bloomers, female tennis outfits, haregi (Japanese special kimono), cocktail dresses, party dresses, and wedding dresses. Also provided are erotic bondage wear and even more costumes to increase the heroines' animations.

A pretty girl, who had until then been speaking in a manly manner, comes to speak in a very womanly manner and give ecstatic cries after long enough. I find it ultimately exciting to dress a man, who is dating with his love, in quite girlish clothes and rape him in front of his love (this kind of event is easily arranged). In the end, I will hold a wedding for him, dressing him in a wedding dress.

However, this isn't all there is to the game: When you change (which means “breed”) 5 targets, you will be turned into a pretty girl and turned into a sex slave as if to be paid back. That is the new event.

Elaborately enough, in this event all commands are given in "passive voice" instead of "active voice". For example, "to insert a finger" changes to "to have a finger inserted" and "to dress him in a wedding dress' changes to "to get dressed in a wedding dress".

I am very impressed with the elaborateness of this game. And I expect a sequel to be released as the graphics are also attractive, but there is still no hint of that.

Caution: This article is a fictional "review of a nonexistent game". Therefore, needless to say, no matter how much you wish there would be such a game, there is no such thing. I think it is a shame, though. The game maker is also fictional, and this article has no relationship with any existing games or existing game makers.

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