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"The Great King of Terror"

By Tsutomu Asibe
(’88 Yhu Publishing Company)

This story has an extremely common title for the ’80s. The scene is laid in ’99, the near future at that time.

The story establishes ‘The Great King of Terror’ as a peculiar ability given to some people. However, it is only meant as reasoning for developing sex scenes.

In the large city, reminding us of Tokyo, strange incidents happened continuously.

Without any signs, men started disappearing instantly. And at the same time, street rape during the middle of the night started to happen very frequently.

A detective, Yamanaka, the hero of the story, became involved with these troubles because his close friend disappeared.

After a while, he started to figure out that the street rapes were related to the disappearances, and the higher echelons of government had managed to hide it.

Thes troubles were happening all over the world. At length, the nation-level Special Force was created and they started full-scale investigations, though the truth was utterly hidden from ordinary citizens.

Yamanaka wondered why the diagnosis of the raped women was always dementia.

He researched about the women later, and figure out that neither was a civil suit done, nor was anyone able to determine the real name of the women. And all of them were held in a detention house.

In spite of Yamanaka’s efforts, he could not meet the women. And the number of victims were increasing one after another. But at least, the information control was working so far, as no big panic had yet occurred.

However, one day, that balance collapsed.

A man, on the watch list for multiple rapes, had been arrested. He had been caught in the act, while he was raping a woman wearing a police uniform.

The man, who looked homeless, escaped easily during an interrogation which was done despite the warning of the head office, "Wait until the Special Force arrives!".

And after that there was a blossoming bunny girl, instead of a detective who had disappeared, and a young woman in women's police uniforms instead of the recording man.

Then, the true facts were obvious.

The criminal explained that he changed men into women and then raped them.

In addition, he had the ability to alter objects and put people into hypnotic trances, and it was figured out that he raped most of the victims after changing their clothes to unusual outfits.

Some of the S.F were victims of him, so they took countermeasures, though the measures which include re-sex-changing after the troubles had occurred.

This "criminal" can feminize others. Therefore, even if it becomes likely that he will be arrested by a policeman, he will will use his feminization ability and the policeman will be violated. For that reason, he could not be caught at all.

Analyzing by places, times, and distributions, the number of “criminals” was increasing.

And this was aglobal phenomena.

Leaving the “criminals” alone could collapse the population ratio between men and women.

It was true that this action did not take their lives, but sudden sex changes caused an enormous effect on the victims' minds. And the fact that almost all of the raped former men became pregnant increased the likelihood of panic.

The criminal who “turned all men whom he touched into women” commited a rash act that changed all the men in a commuter train, into women. At last Yamanaka shot him dead, and carried him to the head office. But when his boss touched him, he turned into a woman. . .

Yamanaka was now a woman who was trying to mightily resist this power, while his coquettish feminine underwear was peeled off of him.

Every part of his body was that of a sensitive woman. While played with his female body, his boss told the story that he got this ability suddenly.

And shivering with pleasure, he realized why women might be raped.

The world was heading toward a collapse.

This story suddenly ends here.

It concludes with a lecture about the "revenge of nature" by quoting a example that in nature some animals change their sex in response to population.

The descriptions of sex are typical.

Note: The paragraphs written here are fiction. "The book review of this book does not exist." This novel has never been written. The author and publisher are also fictional. They have nothing to do with any real person or company. The real credits are below.

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: Frog King; Editor: Jaime

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