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Okashina Futari Chapter 1561~1565

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: ELIZA; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 1561--2008.5.22

This means, "word-changes for women" are made by adding unnecessary additions, attached to normal speech.

Though it is not known publicly, these "word-changes for women" were made in a hurry during the Meiji period, and did not exist before then.

It originated in drills for schoolgirls, held at "women's schools" during that period, and until the Edo era, men and women spoke in exactly the same manner.

Chapter 1562--2008.5.23

This sounds very strange to Japanese speakers, but indeed there are no differences between male English and female English. It has no conjugated form specific for men or women.

It is the same for most other languages.

Chapter 1563--2008.5.24

"Hm, that is strange. You said "I"1 a moment before."

Ayumi felt reluctant to speak and nodded.

She was kawaii.

Chapter 1564--2008.5.25

"Anyway, say something!"

Somehow I feel my heart beating unusually fast.

By now, many times, into a girl, physically and socially. . . is that the proper phrase I think. . . I have, and have been, transgendered.

Now I actually have heavy breasts and am reminded that I have lost a projecting organ from my crotch.

I am wearing a skirt and sitting on this bed as a matter of course.

Chapter 1565--2008.5.26

But this fear I am feeling goes far beyond what I have felt before.

Though I have been forced to wear a pure white wedding dress while in big crowds, a stewardess's uniform in a meeting room, and a girl's school uniform in a rest room for females, every time my body had acted exactly as my mind directed.

1:The original word is "Ore" (pronoused as "Oh-le"), the most masculine first person singular pronoun.

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