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Okashina Futari Chapter 1551~1560

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: ELIZA; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 1551--2008.5.12

"And the transformation lasts until we think "Turn back to the original form!"."


Ayumi seemed somewhat careless. They looked like a couple tired of their relationship.

"This means, the transformations could change our actions and ways of speech, could they not?"

"I do not, do you think they could? Every time in the past, whatever form I might be transformed into, I still talked like myself rather than how a girl would talk."

Chapter 1552--2008.5.13

"We should try it out so we can find out for sure."

. . . Ayumi thought about it.

What does that idea mean? Does it mean that I lose control of my body, and my body acts on its own?

Or does it mean I would act in the manner of a girl despite my intentions, though I retain control over my body?

Chapter 1553--2008.5.14

"Ahh, weell, this is a rare opportunity, then brother, speak in a girlish way, please."

Somehow I felt like my heart had skipped a beat.

Though his voice has become very breathy, the intonation is definitely that of my sister, who is ridiculous.

Though I understand who is speaking, being called by name with that voice is shocking for me.

". . . Well, say something."

Chapter 1554--2008.5.15

"You say so but. . ."

The Jojima siblings both "started!" simultaneously.

Then they looked at each other.

The standing brother. . . in fact the sister. . . and the sister, sitting on the bed. . . in fact the brother. . . looked at each other, completely transformed.

Chapter 1555--2008.5.16

Although they spoke no words, both of them noticed what had happened.

The words just spoken were nothing special. They did not change in gender.

However, their intonations, the way they sounded and the breath used were obviously different from words that had been spoken before.

. . . At least they felt so.

Chapter 1556--2008.5.17

". . . Hey, brother. . . Try to say "I"1."

". . . Really?"

The word, just being said by itself, seems somewhat incongruous.

She swallowed hard.

As it was a hot day during the height of summer, the air conditioner, operating as a mild dehumidifier, was humming.

Though she was in a nice and cool room, Ayumi was sweating.

Chapter 1557--2008.5.18

The sweat dripped down her body in beads, under her clothes, until her brassiere, which compressed her breasts, caught it and became soaked.

"We. . . ll. . ."

It took a very long time to say just one word, but Satori, the only viewer and the cause of her transformation, did not say anything.

Chapter 1558--2008.5.19


Her soprano voice spoke "I" normally, generally considered as a first singular masculine personal pronouns.

". . . Well?"

Satori, for now a boy, was disappointed.

"I was in that mood."

Ayumi's mind was going to say it like this and thus commanded her body. At least she thought so.

But the words her body spoke were;

"Well, I was in a mood like that."

. . . What!!

Chapter 1559--2008.5.20

Just this once, both of them ware too surprised to stay calm.

Ayumi was possessed by incongruities she had never experienced, to speak improper words that she did not intend to say.

She felt chills running through her back, like a chunk of ice going down from her head, through her arteries in her back, to her rear end.

". . . Brother? . . . Now, what did you say?"

Chapter 1560--2008.5.21

"Ah, well. . . but. . ."

I feel at a loss for a reply about the confirmation.

Nowadays, only, say, effeminate men use the stereotyped "inflections for women", I think.

First of all, "word-changes for women" are peculiar to Japanese.

"Word-changes for women" are made by adding ending-particles called "Shu-Joshi", such as "wa", "yo", or "kashira"; and interestingly, "Shu-Joshi" are particles "that do not change the meanings of the sentence".

1:The original word is "Ore" (pronoused as "Oh-le"), the most masculine first person singular pronoun.

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