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Okashina Futari Chapter 1541~1550

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: ELIZA; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 1541--2008.5.2

"Ah, I got it from a person who is acquainted with the sister of a friend of mine."

I think that is a very faint connection, but it will be okay if there are no problems.

"Huh. . ."

I only feel disgust at her vitality.

"Be that as it may. . . well. . ."


Chapter 1542--2008.5.3

"Indeed, you are a girl now, so you should. . . well, you are hamming it up or. . ."

My sister began criticizing me. . . . Hm, she is "my brother" now.

". . . Do you mean I should act completely like a girl?"

"No, I do not mean that but. . . Kyoko-chan recognized you, Ayumi-chan."

"Jeez, that is because of you."

Chapter 1543--2008.5.4

"This, this point!"

". . . ?"

Ayumi, now a beauty, had a blank look on her face. Though she was unaware of it, she was kawaii.

"You are so kawaii, so do not say 'jeez' or something masculine."

". . . If you say something like that, you should do it yourself first."

"Well, that is right. . . No, jeez, that is right. . ."1

The fashion model restated the sentence immediately and folded his arms.

Chapter 1544--2008.5.5

". . . Now I have a good idea."

Satori seemed to have another evil idea.

Chapter 1545--2008.5.6

. . . Though everyone would regard Satori as a boy.

"Can our ability control the partner's actions?"

"What are you saying?"

Chapter 1546--2008.5.7

"Just like it sounded, but. . . ?"

My sister states an incredible idea so serenely.

Chapter 1547--2008.5.8

"Meaning, maybe you. . ."

Although it is my voice, the soprano voice, which had been changed only a moment before, resounding in my head seems out of place. I think it is a sweet voice, but I cannot simply enjoy it because it is too vivid for me.

Maybe it is because the change was caused by my sister, that girl.

Chapter 1548--2008.5.9

"Well, I would not force you into prostitution or something like that."

"Of course."

"But, I find it strange in this situation that our actions and ways of speaking do not change, though our genders and clothing are swapped."

"That's enough. If those are changed, what remains of our identities?"

Chapter 1549--2008.5.10

"Mind. Or emotion."

"No kidding."

Satori folded his arms, being a young man who looked like a fashion model, one step ahead of the crowd's fashion.

"Well. . . our shared ability can transform the other."

Chapter 1550--2008.5.11

"And then?"

Ayumi gave a curt reply.

She was seated on Satori's bed, her legs coming out from under her miniskirt and swaying.

She was completely a young girl. She was kawaii.

1:The first "that is right" is "sou nano yo", a feminine turn of phrase. The second is "sou nan da yo", a masculine turn of phrase.

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