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Okashina Futari Chapter 1521~1530

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: ELIZA; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 1521--2008.4.12

This means, "word-changes for women" are made by adding unnecessary additions, attached to normal speech.

Though it is not known publicly, these "word-changes for women" were made in a hurry during the Meiji period, and did not exist before then.

It originated in drills for schoolgirls, held at "women's schools" during that period, and until the Edo era, men and women spoke in exactly the same manner.

Chapter 1522--2008.4.13

"You can do it more casually, okay?"

"Hmm. . . Well, that is all right. But I am not very interested in fashion for men. Though you all definitely are."

"Possibly, yeah. Though I do not think of you, brother, to be very unrefined, I cannot imagine you being very interested in fashion."

"You also do not like having a boy who makes himself up like a male model in a men's magazine as your close relative, do you?"

Chapter 1523--2008.4.14

"I see. I do not think you are not like that kind of person. . . But I do not like it."

"You see? So, well, that kind of thing--"

"Just a moment. Since I will prepare, can I request it?"

Satori leaned forward.

She was about to pounce.

She has the talent of being foxy. As this trait is inherent to her, she can really be quite the pixie.

Chapter 1524--2008.4.15

"What do you want? Well. . . you mean like you make available for me the means, like a male model magazine for men, and have me metamorphose you into to a male model with that material, right?"

"Yeah. You are at a loss for the outfits, right? Then, I can provide assistance."

"Ah well. . . if you say so, I do not mind but. . ."

"Then, as a reward, I will transform you, brother, into a girl clad in whatever outfit you prefer."

"No. . . That is the very thing I mind."

Chapter 1525--2008.4.16

"Umm. . . well, I am glad to have a life-sized dress-up doll."

"You should not ignore my feelings."

"Be patient about that. Well, you should not be sentimental about it, but businesslike. Oyamas1 always dress in women's outfits."

Something is wrong with this.

We were going to discuss what we should do from now on, but now we are discussing about how we should be dressed up instead.

Chapter 1526--2008.4.17

"Ah, anyway. You should stay more aware of keeping me male. For sure."

"I see. I do not have any better ideas."

"Again, please stay more aware. I do not want a situation, like what I had in the train car."

"Say no more! I already apologized for that!"

When taken literally, it might seem like they are quarreling, but in fact they looked very happy.

They looked just like a brother and a sister, or perhaps like intimate lovers.

Chapter 1527--2008.4.18

"From now on we will have many things to do, sometimes the second year students will stay at school while the first year students get to leave. It will be too much for me if, suddenly. . ."

"That's right. . . Not only is it too risky for us but I also have to refrain from being too relaxed in my room."

"I think it is too bad but. . ."

"It will be the same for you, brother. Stay wary when in your room, okay?"

". . . I see. That's right."

Chapter 1528--2008.4.19

"Okay, we should test it. Let me see. . ."

"J, just wa. . ."

I am not prepared for. . .

"For instance, a miko2."

At the moment she said this.


Bomb! . . . Though there was no actual sound from this, instantly Ayumi became an unsullied miko.

Illustrated by Ohyuki Ohyuki

Chapter 1529--2008.4.20

Ayumi looked down steadily at her own body.

Since she was in a sprawled seated position on the floor, she could not tell whether her height had changed, but she found that the spread-out hakama3 on the floor looked nothing but kawaii on her.

". . . Kawaii. . ."

Satori was fascinated.

". . . You did it."

Ayumi replied as calmly as possible.

She felt that her voice had altered.

Chapter 1530--2008.4.21

I do not know why, but Satori always transgenders me into a girl with very long hair.

This time as well, my hair is long enough to reach the floor, and the nape of my neck is covered by a huge amount of that hair. Honestly, I feel hot.

1: Oyama - Male actors who impersonate women in Japanese kabuki theatre.

2: Miko - A shrine maiden who serves at Shinto shrines. The traditional attire of a miko includes a pair of hakama.

3: Hakama - A type of traditional Japanese lower body garment, tied at the waist (or just below the bust line) which falls approximately to the ankles.

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