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Okashina Futari Chapter 1501~1510

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: ELIZA; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 1501--2008.3.23

'Ah. . . Sorry, sorry. I thought it might be.'

"What the hell are you doing!"

'But it is confirmed. That I can control my brother's behavior a bit.'

"No! No kidding!"

'Sorry, sorry. . . brother, how about this?'

"How about what?"

Chapter 1502--2008.3.24

'Hmm, it seems that I can only control "a portion of" your behavior. Just not all of it.'

"Darn you. . . Do not tease me."

'As I have always said. . . you may tease me, brother.'

". . ."

There was nothing he could say to reply. He was not eager to do so, either, since he always worried about covering-up.

Chapter 1503--2008.3.25

"Anyway. Next, use your long-range ability to turn me back."

'Alright. Wait just a moment.'

Satori, holding her cell-phone in her hand, opened the door to her room and stepped out to the hallway.

And shortly she stepped into her brother's room and locked its door.

'Now I am in your room.'

Chapter 1504--2008.3.26

"Change things back as soon as possible. This outfit is better than the former ones, but I would like to turn back soon."

'It is not so bad to be a "stylish beauty", is it?'

"Shut up! Change things back anyway!"


She looked down at her body for a time.

However, her slender body did not seem to change.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

Chapter 1505--2008.3.27

'I am doing my best. I think it will take longer, since I am out of my room now.'

". . . Just a minute."

Ayumi had an idea.

"Hey, you said you would like to wear some male outfits, right?"

'Huh? Let me think. . . but why do you ask now?'

Chapter 1506--2008.3.28

"Well, I thought that I might be. . ."

'Might be what?'

"Um, able to turn you into a look that you request."

'Well, the alternative would be a good idea.'

"Stop it."

Chapter 1507--2008.3.29

''You can depend upon me. You're too worried.'

'"I don't believe it."

''I will turn you back soon.'

'"Do it quickly or people will get suspicious."

Chapter 1508--2008.3.30

'By the way-'


'-about the phone call from Megu-san.'

"Do not worry about it now."

Chapter 1509--2008.3.31

. . . I am very sorry to drag this description out, but there were major troubles after the event.

The troubles were so bothersome that the mere explanations about them are too complicated to explain easily.

Chapter 1510--2008.4.1

In short, we found that:

1: Satori, when in her room, can transgender and dress Ayumi too easily.

2: When not in her room, she cannot activate that ability very well.

because of that event.

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