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Okashina Futari Chapter 1491~1500

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: ELIZA; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 1491--2008.3.13

In the meantime, the transformation had finished.

". . ."

This outfit, which covers less than a bikini swimsuit, is so skimpy that I am stark naked other than my crotch and nipples.

Fortunately at the height of summer it is not cold, but unluckily in the shade of the walls it is too cool.

Furthermore at the height of humidity I feel too bad, as on part of my skin is sweat that's about to fall.

And. . . looked down carefully, she found that her skin, of which the color was originally as pale as an ordinary Japanese, had become darkly-tanned.

Chapter 1492--2008.3.14

She shook herself.

She felt bulky objects, not only on her head but also on her back.

Their huge bulks were blocking her, by extending wall-to-wall in the restroom.

On her legs, there were glittering golden knee-boots.

She looked at herself carefully and found the vivid dark swimwear had become argentine with bits of decorations totally covering it.

'H, how's that. . .'

Chapter 1493--2008.3.15

"I think you'd say yes, okay. . . ?"

Ayumi felt at her makeups and earrings, worn by her sister once before when they did a twice "transformation".

Though there were no mirrors in the restroom, it was obvious to her.

Now Ayumi was clad in an outfit worn by female Samba dancers!

Illustrated by Ohyuki

Chapter 1494--2008.3.16

"Ah well. . . it is encumbering, is it not?"

'. . . Sorry. But it is what I want to put on you.'

I will stay calm. Assuredly, I do not like being cold and inhuman.

"You do not have to think about it any more. I will decide by myself."

'I am sorry.'

"Just a moment. . ."

'What's wrong?'

Chapter 1495--2008.3.17

Not translated yet.

Chapter 1496--2008.3.18

"However that may be, our conversation should not be heard in another room."

'I should go back soon, or they will be suspicious.'

"Then go to my1 room. Stay in the room and lock the door from the inside."

The situation seems really surrealistic, since the Samba dancer is saying "I"2 in the men's restroom.

'You are too cautious.'

"Don't be lazy, just go soon. . . Just a moment."

Chapter 1497--2008.3.19

"Anyway this outfit is not appropriate. Well, change it to a two-piece suit."

As soon as she said this, the bulky feather headdresses and back ornaments drawn inward, and the thong, which left her rear end almost uncovered, became ordinary shorts, covered by feminine undergarments and clothes.

. . . They were still feminine clothes, though.

'How's that?'

Chapter 1498--2008.3.20

". . . Getting better."

Ayumi, as a slender girl, came to be clad in a stylish black suit.

It is too bad that I can only look down on it, it is just like a "stylish beauty".

In fact, like the stewardess's uniform in which she had been clad, Ayumi preferred this kind of outfit.

. . . But of course, not to pull on, though. . .

"But I am reluctant to wear a skirt. Change it to trousers."

No sooner had she said that, than the skirt was divided and the outfit became a trouser suit.

Very convenient.

Chapter 1499--2008.3.21

'What was the result?'

"Well done. Anyway, leave your room without saying anything. I cannot stand your careless speech, which makes my outfit become out of place."

'I see. Just a moment. I have one more thing I would like to find out before leaving my room.'

Chapter 1500--2008.3.22

". . . Do not change my outfit any more. It would be easy to turn it back, though."

'I do not mean that but. . . something like this.'

As soon as she said that, Ayumi's left hand moved without her intent and grabbed her breast.


1:The original word is "Ore no" (pronoused as "Oh-le no"), the most masculine first person singular possessive pronoun.

2:The original word is "Ore" (pronoused as "Oh-le"), the most masculine first person singular pronoun.

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