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Okashina Futari Chapter 1471-1480

Author: Mashiro Yuu; Translator: ELIZA; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 1471--2008.02.22

Not translated yet.

Chapter 1472--2008.02.23

'It is same as that event. When I was reading a magazine of wedding dresses'


Illustrated by Ohyuki

No sooner did Satori say "wedding dresses" than the transformation happened completely.

The jet-black skirt instantly turned snow-white, spreading out and covering the entire floor.

This was what Ayumi could see, and the next moment Ayumi again became a bride in a pure white outfit, corseted, and with gloves, makeup, jewelry and a wedding veil that blurred her vision.

Chapter 1473--2008.02.24

Not translated yet.

Chapter 1474--2008.02.25

Not translated yet.

Chapter 1475--2008.02.26

Not translated yet.

Chapter 1476--2008.02.27

Not translated yet.

Chapter 1477--2008.02.28

Not translated yet.

Chapter 1478--2008.02.29

'How do you feel? Do you want to choose?'

"Choose what?"

'What outfit do you like?'

"I see. . ."

If this guess is correct, that is, "When Satori is in Satori's room, she turns Ayumi into what she hears or sees, without thinking about it or intending to", I can "shapeshift" instantly by speaking out the outfit's name, since Satori is listening me on the phone.

Chapter 1479--2008.03.01

Not translated yet.

Chapter 1480--2008.03.02

Not translated yet.

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