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Okashina Futari Chapter 1121~1130

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: ELIZA; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 1121--2006.12.19

Not translated yet.

Chapter 1122--2006.12.20

Not translated yet.

Chapter 1123--2006.12.21

Not translated yet.

Chapter 1124--2006.12.22

". . . heck!?!?"

It took some time even for Ayumi, who had been transgendered and crossdressed many times, to realize what had happened.

Her hair, of which the length seems like Satori's favorite, was waving past her waist, stroking her tender back directly, and its end was tickling her buttocks.

Am I. . . I am stark naked, am I not!?

She looked at herself and immediately glanced away.

My massive breasts are supported by some straps, they feel like a brassiere.

T, this is. . . a swimsuit!

Illustrated by Ohyuki

Chapter 1125--2006.12.23

"Ah, Hello."

"Er? Yees!?"

Her high-pitched (compared to his) voice screeched.

There was Kyouko's voice from the cell-phone, pressed against Ayumi's ear.

Chapter 1126--2006.12.24

Not translated yet.

Chapter 1127--2006.12.25

Not translated yet.

Chapter 1128--2006.12.26

Not translated yet.

Chapter 1129--2006.12.27

Not translated yet.

Chapter 1130--2006.12.28

"I am apologetic about the problem. It seems I had revealed your secrets."

"That is. . . right."

At the moment, my head is in the clouds.

Too many events have happened to me, for me to be sensible.

The slightest shift makes my breasts press against each other. . .

I feel my head becoming ho--t.

**** This is the last upload of this year. Though I was not intending to, I left off my work the very situation I least wanted to stop it in. *explodes*

****I am planning to begin uploading of the next year, 2007, on Friday January 2. Please keep on reading for the next year!

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