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Okashina Futari Chapter 0381-0390

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: ELIZA; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 0381--2003.10.1

"Okay, next, please."

The skinny man said this.

He did not say, "Let us get started," or something similar, it seems to have started regardless.

No, there is a man walking briskly in the room./p>

This means the photo-session has already begun.

Ayumi nudged Satori with her finger.

"Hey, has the photo-session already begun?"

"Yeah. I think so."

". . . Are photographs taken one by one at events like this?"

"I heard as much."

You may have already learned this over the phone but I do not know a thing about it!

. . . Though I was about to cry out, I managed to repress my anger.

"The event seems to get done quite a bit earlier."


While he was saying that, he would not stop texting. He did not look at me at all.

"Who are you texting to?"

"A friend of mine."

". . ."

Chapter 0382--2003.10.2

Though I am talking with Satori, I somehow feel the eyes of the other entrants on our back.

It seems that I just got used to my soprano voice. . . How do other entrants regard our conversations?

Those two are lovers. . . they think so, don't they?

Though it is only my assumption, none of the men in this room would have any difficulty in making friends with girls.

At that moment.

"Excuse me!"

Speaking in a tense voice, a woman came inside.

"Well. . . Is Ms. Goto here?"

Nobody in the room responded.

To the beauty, wearing a stylish suit, modest enough for a job interview.

Illustrated by Ohyuki Ohyuki

The woman was still looking around restlessly.

In the next instant, she looked at where Ayumi was.

"Ar. . . are you Ms. Goto?"

"N, nope!"

In her agitation Ayumi shook her head.

Chapter 0383--2003.10.3

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0384--2003.10.4

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0385--2003.10.5

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0386--2003.10.6

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0387--2003.10.7

Satoshi nudged Ayumi with his finger.

. . . Are not there any other ideas. . . are there. . .

"Well. . ."

"Do you have one?"

She reluctantly shook her head, for she had no idea.

"No problem! I can pay plenty! Or I will treat you!"

Chapter 0388--2003.10.8

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0389--2003.10.9

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0390--2003.10.10

Not translated yet.

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