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Okashina Futari Chapter 0291-0300

Author: Mashiro Yuu; Translator: ELIZA; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 0291--2003.07.04

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0292--2003.07.05

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0293--2003.07.06

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0294--2003.07.07

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0295--2003.07.08

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0296--2003.07.09

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0297--2003.07.10

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0298--2003.07.11

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0299--2003.07.12

Her nails were colored a glossy scarlet.

"Okay! Finished!"

"Ah. . . ah. . ."

There was no longer a mediocre ordinary growing schoolboy, who was here just a moment before.

But instead there was a calm beauty, whose figure was glamorous, clad in a tempting cheongsam.

"You see! That is the penalty! Brother, do not mess around at the table again! Or I will certainly turn you into a girl again!"

Ayumi could only appreciate about half of her words.

Of these situations, where I had been transgendered while being observed by someone other than Satori. . . the most shocking one is obviously the bride in a train car, though, this is the first time to allow a third person into the room where I usually get transgendered, so it makes me more aroused.

With even the slightest movements I felt the "female body" as usual.

Today, in addition, she was clad in a cheongsam, with a long skirt divided by daring slits.

Strange to say, it is much less exposing than the high school girls' uniforms in which I was clad, which makes my legs almost bare, but why is this cheongsam, which covers much more than the uniforms, much more erotic than them?

She looked at it, feeling her heavy mascara that had been applied to her eyelashes.

Yes, a "Sugatami", or the full-length mirror the schoolgirl had bought with what little money she had.

Illustrated by Ohyuki Ohyuki

Chapter 0300--2003.07.13

Not translated yet.

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