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Okashina Futari Chapter 0171-0180

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: ELIZA; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 0171--2003.2.19

By the time Ayumi noticed, Kyouko was already seated next to him.

Oh, how serendipitous it was, the seat next to Ayumi was vacant.

"Ayumi-chan! Ayumi-chan!"

Kyouko nudged him, without the least bit of compunction, with her finger.

"Ah, well. . . Long time. . . no see. . ."

Somehow, Ayumi was disconcerted.

Illustrated by Ohyuki Ohyuki

Her face is so distinct from how she formerly looked that I did not realize it was her at all.

That's because she moved out before I started elementary school. Her vague appearance and her name are the only things I remember.

She became. . .

Women are transitive in nature. It is not appropriate for 17-year-old boy to say those words. But somehow I feel embarrassed by staring at her.

The other day I thought she was in her mid-twenties since she was not wearing the school uniform.

She is, with proper preparation, now in the school uniform just the same as Satori and all the other schoolgirls.

Her COOLNESS, just like that of mature women, was an odd match to her pretty uniform, but the mismatch makes her look more attractive.

"Didn't Sacching tell you? I telephoned her yesterday, okay?"


At this time Ayumi could not help staring at her.


"Yeah. I talked with her for a long time."

She certainly had a long talk on the phone but. . .

"Why isn't she. . ."

put me on the phone. . . I am about to say so.

"I heard you were too depressed to get out of bed or something similar."

What did the fool. . . Anger welled up in my heart.

Chapter 0172--2003.2.20

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0173--2003.2.21

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0174--2003.2.22

"Huh? What did you say!?"

That word made girls go mad with excitement.

"Yeah, I don't know why but when I'd ridden in a train the other day, it'd been very noisy and, crowdy so I went there and found a bride."

Ayumi felt like his heart was grabbed and crushed.

I, it might. . . no, never. They would never figure that out.

Though I, when being transgendered by Satori, might resemble how I look as a boy in the face, but nobody would have thought out that an ordinary schoolboy was morphed, in a train car, into a woman clad in a wedding dress.


"I cannot believe it!"

They are full of such turbulent reactions. It is quite natural.

"Really? A real one?"

I do not why but Mr. Kakizaki is also in the turbulence.

"Yeah. I touched it and it felt like a real dress."

It was more than "touched", I say.

. . . Well. Does this mean Kyouko-chan paid the 10,000 yen?

"What the hell is this? A cosplay-party!?"

"I do not know. She said she'd lost a game or something."

Did I say such a thing? . . . I did not say those exact words but I might have been asked the question and I might have said yes to express it ambiguously. . .

Just then, Ayumi heard a familiar voice.




Yes, it is my sister "Sacching" or Satori.

As a friend of various girls in Ayumi's class, since she often came the classroom, Satori pounced and hugged Kyouko and they grew much lively.

. . . The mess spoken about above lasted till the recess concluded.

Chapter 0175--2003.2.23

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0176--2003.2.24

Meanwhile, the brother and the sister were in the Karaoke Box (1).

Notes: 1: A common type of karaoke establishment commonly found in Japan. It consists of multiple rooms containing karaoke equipment, usually rented out for time periods.

Chapter 0177--2003.2.25

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0178--2003.2.26

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0179--2003.2.27

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0180--2003.2.28

She was clad in a school uniform, for they came directly from the school.

The uniform so worn was being stained red.



Satori was smiling.

"What is this?"

I might have been able to experience or do something else, since I can now talk while my outfit is being transformed.

"Aahaa, just wait a bit and you will see."

Looking carefully, the outfit was not red but a somewhat pinkish red.

". . ."

Ayumi could not help but stare calmly.

In a very short while, the soft pinkish color sprouted white fringes here and there.

"Ah. . ."

The fringes wound about the entire outfit, the lower half of which was inflating. At the same time, her legs touched each other, as the cloth was slipping out from between Ayumi's legs.

S-shiv-ver! It sent a chill through her back.

The feeling of the transformation of an outfit into a skirt is really telling on me as a "non-otaku young MAN", who had never even considered crossdressing until recently.

Fizzle. . . the clothes were done besides women's undergarments and there remains a feeling of a skirt, felt as usual.

But, unlike most of the uniforms, that he was forced to wear every night, this skirt was rather a bit on the large side.

The fashion of the upper half, which was nothing but girlish, extended to the skirt half, of which the front was split open, and pure white cloth, easily confused with undergarments, was peeking out.

"Okay! It's done! Stand up."

Ayumi stood up and held still, for she was going to do so anyway. Her bare legs were wrapped only by the air which flowed into her skirt.

As she stood up, her skirt magnificently inflated into an oval, and her dainty legs, from the shin down, were showing.

It was not till then that Ayumi remembered.

This is a clothing whose brand name was called "PINK HOUSE" (1).

Notes: 1: One of the brand name held by Gedix Co., Ltd.
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