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Okashina Futari Chapter 0161-0170

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: ELIZA; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 0161--2003.02.09

". . . hm. . ."

The tops of her breasts, lovely and buxom, did not shrink while her entire chest expanded.

"Ah. . ."

Her chest, and her whole build, became stocky and heavy.

Every time Ayumi manifested the ability she felt really uncertain. How does Satori feel about it?

Unlike the situation with Ayumi, when Satori was reluctant, Ayumi never transformed her. Thus, these transformations were always by Satori's desire.

Would girls like to turn into boys? In case of Satori, she is only 16. I cannot think of her being a slut. It may sound somewhat strange, but male genitalia in the crotch are not always comfortable, even if one is a man acclimated to his genitalia.

Since I am not imaginative, I always, when transgendering Satori, turn her into a pretty feminine "boy beauty", with most of the features of Satori as a girl, and I guess it is one of the reasons she does not hesitate when she is to be transformed into a boy.

Just after the transformation of the upper half finished, her lower half began to change.

Her larger buttocks, compared to the rest of her body, became firm and straight, and her legs became thin and long. The moment when her male genitalia grew. . . would be same as the "turnback" sensation I feel every time. That's just my guess, though.

"Ah. . . Ah. . . Yes. . . Come it. . . Ah!"

Now her entire body had become completely transgendered.

The loose tuxedo now fit him properly. He had become a little taller, and was thus taller than the bride.

And. . . his face had become just a bit rustic, with his short hair trimmed even shorter.

". . . Huh."

The voice had already become masculine.

"Wow! Alright, alright! Thanks for all this! Brother!"

It would be a bit revolting if a high schoolboy said it like that, but this handsome young man with rosy cheeks said it without any unpleasantness.

There was a handsome young-man, clad in a tuxedo.

"Hey! Look at that!"

She was startled.

In the mirror, there was a perfect bridegroom and bride.

Chapter 0162--2003.02.10

"Ah. . ."

For many times Ayumi was made to wear cute school uniforms, but the "wedding dress" gave her a special impression.

My veil, covering most of my upper body. My upper chest, which is quite exposed. The look of the nape of my neck, appeared from my hair, now put up. . .

Not only the jewelry, such as the earrings and the necklace, but also the mature, natural-looking makeup makes me appear bewitching.

This is. . . me. . .

And furthermore, there is a "bridegroom" next to me.

This was the finishing stroke of the "picture".

She was being overcome by emotions, feeling like a part of the picture.

<>And what is more. . . as a bride. . .

She kept glancing at the "bridegroom" in the mirror.

The "bridegroom" noticed the glance and smiled in response.

. . . The bride became very flushed and put her face down.

. . . heck, why am I so embarrassed! He is my sister. . .

However she thought so, she was completely confused since everything was completely reversed.

To say double-reversed or to say 360-degree-rolled. . . well, 360-degree-pitched means straight? or something like that, something I consider to be confusing.

Satori nudged Ayumi with his elbow.

". . . What's up?"

Though the words were a bit rude, the two looked like a matched couple.

"This is enough, right?"

"Not yet. Or you should hold my arm."

". . . Er?"

"Hold my arm. A bride should hold a bridegroom's arm."

Well, I have the feeling that this is true. . .

Ayumi had seen that certainly the bride held the bridegroom's arm, I think. . .

"But I am. . ."

This hesitation was the very thing that makes her so very kawaii!


". . . I see."

She slipped her arms, clad in smooth gloves, around the left arm of Satori, "the bridegroom".

Now I am a size shorter than Satori. . . , and somehow I feel like I cannot expect much of myself.

"Okay, put your face up."

When his words caused her to put her face up, she saw a matched couple arm-in-arm, like in a brochure for a wedding-hall.

Chapter 0163--2003.02.11

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0164--2003.02.12

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0165--2003.02.13

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0166--2003.02.14

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0167--2003.02.15

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0168--2003.02.16

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0169--2003.02.17

Not translated yet.

Chapter 0170--2003.02.18

"Ah. . . Oh. . ."

Though he did not actually say that, it was on the tip of his tongue.

There was a little stir in the whole classroom.

The girl entering was a beauty with lustrous black hair, dark as ebony, just like that of TV talents in shampoo commercials.

Ayumi did not care about that, though.

He had a flashback, which was about the events which occurred in the train car, where he had been some time ago.

* * *

A woman was there who Ayumi had not met before.

She gathered Ayumi's skirt spread over the floor.

"W, well. . ."

The girl finished taking it up and held it out to Ayumi.

"Here you are."

* * *

S- she is. . .

* * *

She was an elegant beauty with long hair.

Ayumi thought that she was a younger woman who was Ayumi's age. Ayumi had at first thought that she was an adult woman, for she was not wearing a school uniform.

". . . Did you lose at a game?"

Ayumi was surprised, for she was asked casually.

* * *

I saw her then. . . the girl dressed in plain clothing. . . well, is she as old as me, since she is transferring to this class?

No, she was not an "unknown girl".

Just a moment later, her name came to Ayumi's mind, and her good-looking face also.

She is Kyouko-chan, who lived in my neighborhood when I was little.

"Hello. I am Kyouko Nagasawa, and I just transferred in."

She seemed to say many other things, but Ayumi did not listen to most of them.

Illustrated by Ohyuki Ohyuki

(The translations of words in the picture: right to left)

Today's day duties are on: [FNORD] (cannot read the name).

and Hasegawa.

Kyouko Nagasawa

She seems to notice me while she is speaking. She looked at me and smiled.

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