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Okashina Futari Chapter 151~160

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: ELIZA; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 151--2003.1.30

Indeed, she could only make a slight gap.

She thrust her toe into the gap.

Her right foot found its way through the dress's many skirts and was wedged inside the gap.

The door is leaning on me.

She strained against the door with her whole body and squeezed her whole body into the house.

Of course, she could not bring her skirt, or the dress train she could not hold, into the house.

This means I am going to get caught in the door!

Ayumi, dressed as a bride, gave the door, just in front of her, a head butt without a thought.

Her tiara, worn on her head, pressed into her hair.

Ouchhhhh. . .

Though she could not help having an agonized look, she did her best to troll her skirt.

After she managed to pull all of her skirt and train inside, she stopped pushing the door with her head.

. . .Huh, now the throngs have almost no chance to look at me. . .

She felt safe just a bit. However, "certain familiar people" had a much greater chance than before.

Though it is just as I imagined, how bulky this skirt is. I cannot see the floor at all.

And my skirt is directly on all the shoes.

But this means, from now on, I do not have to worry about dragging the skirt and train on the floor. Anyway, run upstairs without hesitating!

She looked the stair through her veil.

Chapter 152--2003.1.31

High heel stiletto shoes only had a very small part of the sole which touches the ground. Just the tiny outsoles and chopstick-like stiletto heels.

They are footwear which are designed to make their wearer taller, so comfort and stability are not major factors for consideration.

Though it is difficult to walk in them, of course, she were managing to go through the Dosoku area1 with many steps on her skirt, for she could not see her feet under her skirt.

. . . Should I take off the shoes?

Though these heels could slip off easily, they would make it obvious that a bride is in the house. If Satori turns me back soon, will they also turn back?

But if she is not present, I have to hide out in her room with this dress. In that case, these white stiletto heels are left alone in the entrance. The worst case scenario is that my mother finds these signs one after another and steps into the room where I will be at.

But I have somewhat put myself off by entering the house without taking off my shoes.

Well, who cares!

Ayumi had given up holding the part of the skirt behind her.

She held the front part of her skirt and pulled off her shoes.

And she stepped into the entrance from the Dosoku area.

Her feet, damp and clad in her stockings, felt the cool of the floor.

She ransacked her skirt and picked up her stiletto heels, by slipping her right forefinger and middle finger into the heels.

Then the hand grabbed her skirt again with the thumb, and Ayumi ran upstairs without stopping, with her skirt and train trailed enormously on the floor behind her!

Chapter 153--2003.2.1

I am not surprised by the rustling sound.

She did not see the skirt trailing behind her at all, for she stepped without any intentions except to ease the next step.

Though I think they are so long that they will cover all steps and make a mess, well, I do not mind it.

What. . . what a horrible event this is. . . Damn Satori! I will NEVER forgive you!

I just managed to go upstairs!

I had better go to Satori's room, rather than my room.

She let go of the skirt, for she did not have to run now.

Fluff. . . the skirt drifted down onto the floor.

She had the stiletto heels in her right hand, and the bouquet in her left hand.

Well, why do I hold the bouquet like it's valuable? I think I had better throw it away.

I think this whole thing took somewhat less than an hour.

I have already had an ENORMOUS amount of experience. The events that happened after the time I felt something strange in the train car, for instance, the unknown beauty helping me, are flashing back in rapid succession.

She held her stiletto heels under her left arm and turned the knob as hard as she could.

. . . The door opens easily.

She got ready to charge immediately and opened up the door forcefully!

Though she had planned to yell "Satorii!" at the time she stepped into the room, she said nothing.

She felt that she should be stealthy.

Ayumi, clad in the pure white wedding dress, stepped into the room with a rustling sound.

At that instant she saw.

Satori, lying down on the floor and quite at home.

The girl felt someone behind her, and turned around.

". . . !? EEEEeeek!"

The two girl beauties screamed.

Chapter 154--2003.2.2

There was Satori in front of me. Certainly Satori.

My sister, her eyes wide open, was standing with her mouth agape.

"Er. . . well. . . ."

Though I had revised and refined my scolding words, this situation keeps me from speaking.

I do not know how much time has been killed.

". . . . . . . . . May. . . . maybe. . . brother?"

She was more astonished than a pigeon in a thunderstorm. Satori was absolutely absent-minded.

"Y, yep!"


They shouted again.

This is no joke, what should we do when our mother notices your loud voice! Be quiet! Just when she tried to warn her, it was over with!

"How lovelyy!"

The sister, wearing culottes, pounced on her with a coquettish voice.

Illustrated by Ohyuki Ohyuki


It was done so quickly that she could not evade the grapple.

She was burying her face in Ayumi's bosom, peeping from under her wedding dress.


The brainstorms of complex emotions that Ayumi had never experienced before, went through her in succession and she could hardly say anything but gibbering nonsense.

"Eek! Awesome! A real briidee!"

She seems so overjoyed that she is going to be enraptured. My anger seems blown away by that rapture.

"Ah, well. . . stop it."

Ayumi, grabbed by her waist, TIGHTLY corsetted and showing its fine shape, tried to break free.


Her sister stroked and patted her entire body.

Rustling! Rustlerustlerustling! The satin sounded.

"Awesome. . . Beautiful. . ."

Satori was standing around.

"A, anyway. . . Turn me back now."

Abruptly, Satori lifted up her face.

"W, what are you. . ."

She seemed dreaming.

"Brother. . . You are made up. . ."

The sudden words surprised Ayumi.

I, it is certainly true. . .

"Brother. . . You are very beautiful. . ."

Her gaze, directly meeting Ayumi's, startled her.

Chapter 155--2003.2.3

"A, anyway! Turn me back noow!"

She shouted in desperation.

"?? But. . . brother. . . how would you get such an outfit?"

She said, while taking hold of both of Ayumi's hands, covered with gloves.

"I do not know! I did nothing!"

"Er? Then. . ."

"Yep! I was standing around in a train car and turned into this figure!"

Just a moment.


She shouted so loudly that Ayumi felt the ceilings would be blown away.

"F, for mercy's sake, be quiet! Or our mother will come!"

The bride, somehow holding a bouquet like a valuable, begged with her rouged mouth open.

She was startled and turned around.

My God! The doorway is left open!

At that moment, Satori jumped over the skirt, which covered the entire floor of the roku-jou-ma2, to the door.

"Ah. . ."

They were on the same wavelength.

The very end of Ayumi's skirt, still in the hallway, though she was in the center of the room, was trolled, just like a dragging seine, into the room by the girl, casually wearing culottes.

The door was banged shut.

"T, than. . . ks. . ."

There was no reason to thank her, but she said so just to respond.

For a thoughtless shift gives her much trouble with handling the skirt, which moves along with the shift, Ayumi said with her body twisted and only her face turned to Satori.

This posing happened to make her attractive, with her waist twisted tightly. . .

Anyhow, the bulk of the skirt was so large that it covered a radius of more than one meter. Even Satori, once apart from Ayumi, had some difficulty approaching, especially from behind.

Though, she lifted up the skirt without quailing and went right to Ayumi.

"W, whoa. . ."

Her manners were just like a servant, holding the train behind a bride, in a wedding reception hall.

"Anyway, go ahead."

Satori said charmingly.

As she was told, Ayumi looked forward into the room, to take another step into the room, at the moment.


Yes, there was another beautiful bride, clad in a pure white wedding dress.

There was the full-length mirror, before which she was forced, for the last several days, into performing lots of fashion-shows of school uniforms.

Chapter 156--2003.2.4

She was startled twice again.

My upper chest, which has cleavage exposed. My makeup, making me look like a different person. My shoulders, puffed up large ovals. The figure of my waist, tightened like an hourglass. Amazing needlepoints on my pretty clothes. And my lustrous skirt, spread out and out even more. . .

A-are these. . . are these. . . mine. . . ?

H-how beautiful I am. . .

Even if I do say so myself.

There is no reason to prohibit these feelings. My mind is that of a non-otaku-schoolboy.

Beside the image, a face familiar to me popped up.

"How's this?"

Of course it is of Satori, my sister.

"Isn't it beautiful?"

"Ah. . . well. . ."

I have to deny it, or it will go to her head.

"A, anyway turn me back."

"Oh? Are you self-conscious? Brother?"

"No, not at all!"

Satori thrust at the veil with her finger, which caused Ayumi's earring to ring.

"Ah. . ."

Ayumi groaned because of the irritation against her sensitive lobe.

She could not help but put her face down.

It made her see the white luster, which covered everything.

It became calm for a bit.

What should I say first? In the entire universe, only Satori can do such things.

When she lifted up her face, Satori was right there, smiling.

"Anyway, well. . ."

Just when she was about to speak.

"Just a moment, okay?"

The pixie cocked her head slightly, without any change in her smile.

"W, what. . ."

"I would like to make sure of. . ."

"So. . . What are you going to make sure of?"

It seems to be strange to others. For there is a bride, doing nothing but standing in a piled-up skirt, in a quite-ordinary girl's room.

"If you show me, I will turn you back."

Finally, she said "turn back".

"Then. . . okay. . ."

". . . w-why am I fidgeting about this! . . .b-but I cannot do anything about it.

"Thanks, brother."

No sooner had she said this than Satori squatted down herself.


Chapter 157--2003.2.5

The next moment the magnificent skirt was lifted up.

"S, Satoriii!?"

She began rustling at under the skirt without compunction!

"W, what are you kidding!"

I cried out. . . though my voice is altered to that of a girl, say. . . in a very girlish tone.

"Do not mind, do not mind."

"Do not mind", ah, you dropped "I"! I was going to say so, but just before that, I felt Satori touching my stocking-clad legs.


Complex feelings are flitting through my heart.

M, maybe, damn Satori, is going to play with my female genitalia. . .

The dress I am made to wear is like a full-suit restraint, which trips me if I am not careful, but if it is needed, I have to resist by all means.

The skirt was allowed to. . . drift down.

Now Satori was totally concealed under the skirt!

"H, hhey ya!"

Ayumi gave a wild screech.

N, no more. . . E, embarrassing. . .

Am I an oddball? Well, even if I am male and the beholder is my sister, being stared point-blank at is obviously embarrassing. . . hm I cannot consider it any more.

Satori squeezed between her legs, clad in coarse stockings.

"Waaaaa! W, what are you kiggind!"

Ayumi was unable to articulate properly.

Then, Satori popped up, crawling out from under the secret hut.

"Yahoo! Sorry-sorry. I always wanted one chance to get to hide under a wedding dress."

"W, why do you!"

It is the only words I could say. What the hell do you want.

"Ah, anyway I found"

"Found what?"

"Something blue."


"Don't you know? Something blue."

"No, I do not know."

"One of the four good-luck tokens for the bride. Something blue should be put on at 'hidden spaces'."

"What are you saying?"

"That, your garter was blue."

Y, you are such a. . .

Just then, Satori squatted herself behind Ayumi, where Satori had been lying when Ayumi stepped in the room.

"Here, here it is."


The bride cried out.

The bride-to-be magazine Satori picked up had the dress, which was just in the mirror. . . or of which Ayumi was wearing, on the page shown.

Chapter 158--2003.2.6

T, this is. . .

Ayumi mostly understood the trouble.

"Hey ya, Satori. . ."

Ayumi, bothered by her female voice, said so.

"Seems so."

Satori stuck out the tip of her tongue as she chuckle.

The cause was this. Both of them understood without saying anything.

It was the fact that the "transgender and crossdress another" abilities, which the siblings were granted, were almost. . . no, completely independent of the distance between them!

And their abilities sometimes activated without a strong desire to transform the other. . .

"Well, tell me, tell me!"

". . . Tell you what?"

"You were morphed in a train car, right?"

She smoothed Ayumi's skirt down.

". . ."

"How did you figure out the way home?"

Damn you. . . what trouble I had because of it. . .

". . . Okay, I will tell you, but you should turn me back first."


"N, nope. . . !?"

"Because this is a rare occasion! Now you are lucky to be such a beautiful bride. . ."

"This means, maybe, you were going to. . ."


The sister smiled and nodded. She was kawaii.

"I had planned to ask you about this in some day."

It would be natural. For she bought the magazine to do research.

"Then you were considering things like that."


"Ah well. . . of course, do not do something like this again! You see, a boy suddenly transformed in a train car! The entire station was in a panic!"

"Wow! Fantastic!"

Well, this is not something that should please you. . .

"You see. . I would have very much trouble if it happened in my classroom."

It was more than a nightmare. The panic was not too serious because nobody in the train car knew me, but if the transformation began in my classroom, where many of my friends and acquaintances were. . .

"Then I will humbly ask this of you."

Satori's "attitude of coaxing" is activated.

I have been dealing with this attitude for 17 years. . . but I am still weak against it. . .

"Turn me into a bridegroom!"

Chapter 159--2003.2.7

Ayumi could not believe her ears.

". . . ? What?"

"I say again! Turn me into a bridegroom!"

Ayumi was confused.

"W, why. . ."

"Because. . . it is odd that a bride would pair with a girl."

Well, first of all, it is fundamentally wrong. . .

". . . Are you maybe going to play wedding?"



Ayumi rejected the idea.

"Why not! It is the perfect chance. . ."

What about "perfect chance"! No kidding!

"I do not want to play a bride! You also do not like to play a male!"

"Not at all."

Satori said, quite unconcerned.

"Anyway turn me back! Please!"

Ayumi, saying so, grabbed the skirt. It came to begging.

"Oh, really, so you're okay with becoming a bride in your classroom. . ."

"D, damn-you. . ."

"Anyway, you can't be turned back today."

"Mmm. . . t-then I turn you into a boy!"

We are the only two in the world who would quarrel like this.

"I don't mind at all!"

Certainly YOU don't mind.

"I'm telling you! You'll say yes! You won't use it up!"

. . . When I stepped into the room, I was thinking how to thoroughly scold Satori but. . . I think, indeed, it has come to be just another quarrel like usual. . .

At the moment, her breasts, compressed by her body shaper, were tightened to the utmost. At the same time, the cleavage of the dress had widened a bit more.

". . . Wha!"

She said instinctively.

The charming native bride's face flushed.

"What would you like to be?"

"I, I see! Okay!"

"Eek! I would love to! Thanks, brother!"

The sister hugged Ayumi again.

Chapter 160--2003.2.8

Things now became somewhat complicated.

"Then. . . Do you have some examples?"

"Well, just a moment."

Satori leafed through the bridal magazine.

"Okay! This one!"

There was a man in black. . . in the very corner of the page shown. This is the usual thing for grooms in bridal magazines.

Ayumi could not appreciate whether this "wedding tuxedo" was fashionable. She was going to make her sister wear it just because it was said to her to do so.

"Okay. . ."

Satori, whose heart was beating fast, closed her eyes.

The next moment, her culottes burst out, enlarging and covering her comely legs.

Then a belt appeared around her waist, and the culottes became rustic and loose.

"Wow wow."

Satori was jestingly enjoying this.

The simple and plain shirt became a white shirt with a black jacket.

While Satori's ability transgenders Ayumi before transforming her outfit, Ayumi's ability transforms Satori's outfit before transgendering her.

They could not understand why, but it appeared to be a basic rule. Perhaps it was a deity's favor.

The back side of the jacket extended to the backs of her knees.

Meanwhile the front side stayed at her belly. So it became a tailcoat.

Of which the lapel was black, tall on the neck, and stiff. And there popped out a black bow-tie on her neck.

She became completely a bridegroom.

Except that her body was still that of a growing schoolgirl.

"Wow. That is fascinating, and stylish."

The sleeves of the jacket were so long that Satori's hands were hidden, except her fingertips. Her buxom breasts, which bridegrooms would never have, and the very loose outfit made Satori look very kawaii.

"Then. . . next."

The bride said this.

1:The area in the house where one can walk with one's shoes on. (In Japan, it is considered uncouth to not remove one's shoes before entering the house.)

2:The room of which the entire floor could be covered by just six tatami mats, roughly 1 yard by 2 yards each. It is the size of a typical room in a Japanese private home.

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