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Okashina Futari Chapter 131~140

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: ELIZA; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 131--2003.1.10

The station building was less brightly illuminated than Ayumi thought.

The sunlight outside the building dazzled her.

A taxi. Get in a taxi and everything will be okay.

Ayumi was extremely thankful to the girl. Her quick wits had helped Ayumi to take care of everything.

How bad of a mess would there be in the station. . .

And then. . . there were steps leading down in front of Ayumi.

Then. . . I need not to hurry.

Ayumi thought the stairs were several meters high.

Falling down the stairs would seriously injure her.

The first thing I have to take care of is "to go down the stairs without tumbling down."

There were constantly more than a dozen people entering the station building.

Most of them looked amazed and then lowered their eyes.

I cannot help their reactions.

She was holding such a large bulk, her skirts, in front of her that she could not see her feet at all.

She pounded down the stairs step by step.

Unfortunately, the stairs had no escalators.

If there was an escalator, I might not use it, though.

She felt like going down the stairs would take all day.

But it was much quicker for her than waiting in the train car.

She cannot help drooling slightly, for she was holding the bill by her teeth but not her lips so that the bill was not stained with her lipstick.

This made her more irritated.

I am worried about drooling over this gorgeous dress. . . Why am I worrying about it?

Finally, she had gone down the stairs.

Chapter 132--2003.1.11

Ayumi was a schoolboy living in greater Tokyo. He had been to many stations there.

People in the countryside might think that every station in greater Tokyo has a "capital" or a "downtown", which means a jungle of huge buildings or shops.

But it is not true.

There were many stations in residential areas, so large that even express or limited express trains stopped there.

This station is just that kind of station.

The bride, who had gone down the stairs that looked like they were being built, became absent-minded.

There was certainly a road beyond a few meters of concrete paving.

But it was far from being the "taxi stand" that the girl had told Ayumi about.

First, "the few meters of concrete paving to the road" was awful.

There were many bikes parked illegally and there were also ropes dividing the area. The concrete was obviously rough, for it was broken and had been repaired for other constructions.

And the road was too narrow for a car to pass another one easily. The cars on the road were stuck bumper-to-bumper in a traffic jam, probably because traffic signals were near the road. Furthermore, a large bus was on the road.

She was going to cry.

Of course, Ayumi, who was a beautiful bride clad in a white wedding dress, imagined a "taxi stand" as a line of taxis in a huge roundabout, that enabled her to get on one and to let her go.

Chapter 133--2003.1.12

But there was no way to go back to the station.

Anyway, Ayumi, "the bride" began to walk with her arms holding the skirt of her dress. If I let the dress fall free, this long, long skirt of mine will drag on the rough pavement.

The transcendently smooth satin of the pannier would become rough. No, the only reason I mind my skirt is because I have trouble walking in it. I do not care about the dress!

She noticed that everyone was looking at her. They stared at her, clad in a pure-white dress, and this annoyed her.

What a narrow road this is.

All the cars on the road were stuck "bumper-to-bumper" in a traffic jam.

W-where is a "taxi stand"?

It is do-or-die, I should go all out. The bride decided to ask a middle-aged man who looked like a guard.

"Where is a taxi stand?"

It was a cute, attractive voice. . . . Ayumi knew she had the voice of a girl, but this was more than that, just like a virgin bride going to get married today.

The guard seemed to be in his mid-fifties. He was very confused.

Though it sounds strange, I am lucky to be a real girl.

He is merely confused because I am a young woman dressed as a bride, and if I was crossdressed but not transgendered. . . Ugh, all the trouble I have had today is from this ability!"

"Ah, well. . . here."

The middle aged man pointed out, with forced calm, the place where she had been just a minute ago.

Chapter 134--2003.1.13

"Ah. . ."

Ayumi looked carefully around and found the sign saying "Taxi Stand". . . . The problem is that she could not see any taxis or cabs at all.

"There are not any there now, but if you wait for a while you will be able to get one."

W, wait for a while?

This is natural, for the road is too narrow for a car to go through with taxis parking on the road. But then. . .

"T, thank you!"

Anyway, here, around the road, was just like a "downtown".

There were so many people on the narrow sidewalk that they could not pass another easily.

How could anyone ignore a girl clad in a wedding dress!

Anyhow, she could not think of any ideas better than riding in a taxi.

She had never been here before. She could not walk home at all. She could not go back to the station, either. Thus, all she could do was to wait for a taxi.

She stood and waited a few meters away from the sign saying "Taxi Stand".

There are too many bicycles. I am on a path to an automatic teller machine, which seems to be very uncomfotable. Only in a city built without planning could one see such a mess.

Many people on the other side of the road are staring at me, through the cars.

She felt like she was going to faint.

Chapter 135--2003.1.14

He was bored.

That spring, he had started working at a taxi company.

Now that school students were going to have a summer vacation, he was still inexperienced.

Mr. Yamaguchi was a novice taxi driver.

When he was a boy, his image of taxi drivers was. . . nothing but middle aged men.

For the only chance for children to get on a taxi was to go to their relatives' house.

He found after his employment, that there were, of course, many taxi drivers as young as him. And. . . "taxi drivers are very familiar with everywhere", another belief about taxi drivers, also turned out to be false.

In the United States of America, city planning was so excellent that expressions like "such-and-such building that is so-and-so blocks away from my house" were quite natural. In Japan, some cities like Sendai had been planned out that way, but cities like Tokyo or Osaka were completely chaotic messes.

Furthermore, places like Kanagawa prefecture were so uneven that residential areas were just like mazes.

And, though it seemed the best kind of equipment for taxis, "car navigation systems" were not installed in taxicabs.

Chapter 136--2003.1.15

It would be essential equipment for places you had never been, but the most important thing for all taxi drivers was to memorize every way to go in at least their home district, since taxi companies fixed their "territory".

This was normal. Indeed, passengers would be nervous if the driver was watchin a car navigation system, which seemed to use a lot of energy.

In fact, some car navigation systems could receive television. Some of the state-of-art ones could also play DVDs. Yamaguchi had even heard that some "luxury taxis" had this kind of equipment, but he had never used such equipment.

If drivers watched them and did not work, they did not make any money at all.

The radio mounted on my taxi receives so many transmissions that I cannot listen to radio programs, and of course musics in the piles of compact disks that I own. Anyhow, I am not driving for enjoyment. I am working, working.

Therefore the only leisure activity for Yamaguchi in his cab was reading books for air-gun experts while his car was stopped at a traffic signal.

He approached a taxi stand he passed every day.

I do not like this stand. . .

Since the road was narrow, he always felt like he was being rushed. Indeed, he had to drive away immediately when a bus was pushing from the rear.

Pushed by cars forced to obey the traffic signals, he went there as slow as a snail. . .

Yamaguchi saw an unbelievable thing.

It was a situation that would be tedious when it was written down.

A bride clad in a pure white wedding dress was running up to his taxi!

Chapter 137--2003.1.16

What Ayumi had been waiting for, finally came.

It was a dark-colored taxi. The bulk of Ayumi's skirt that she was holding up was going to fall. Ayumi, as a bride, gathered the bulk up with her very smooth gloves and ran again.

Pushed by cars, very seldom moving except by inches, the taxi came in front of her.

The driver must clearly notice me, as a bride.

I do not think I will be refused a ride. I have ever heard that the very nasty homeless or the drunken people covered in mud in a rain will be refused, . . . but how about a bride? I do not know.

Everyone looked at the bride running to the side of the road.

Hm! I do not mind any more!

I cannot hail a taxi while holding my skirt. I do not care any more!

Ayumi raised her hand, letting her dress. . . drift down onto the ground, to hail the taxi just a few meters in front of her.

She felt like her arm was restrained.

Her entire body was strained, as she raised her hand.

It is natural. Wedding dresses are very famous for their imagery, but they are actually ceremonial costumes. The outfits are not designed to give the wearers good mobility. Furthermore, a wedding dress with long sleeves like this might make difficult to bend the arm.

Ayumi found that the sidewalk in front of her was a bit narrower. She regarded it as a "taxi stand".

The taxi went there.

The rear door opened.1

Chapter 138--2003.1.17

Is it okay to let her in. . . I cannot say either. . . Anyway, she is a passenger, Yamaguchi thought.

This is the help the gods give me.

All I have to do is to get in it.

. . . But how?

Ayumi had a problem. She was currently clad in a dress with light "bones" that retained the skirt's shape. They would prevent getting in the taxi in the usual way.

Just then, Ayumi had a good idea.

She suddenly turned around with her veil swinging.

She saw many people, but she did not pay attention to them and put her buttocks on the seat.

Ayumi had sit down with her skirt before. For she had been, almost everyday, forcibly dressed in many uniforms for girls, of high schools in the Tokyo metropolis. But, she had never sat down with such a thick skirt.

Pants are clearly designed to put the buttocks on certain parts of the pants when sitting. But the cloth of this dress is so slippery that I am nervous.

Anyway, next to putting in her buttocks, she put her legs together and pivoted on her buttocks to put her legs in the car.

In fact, this is the way to ride in a car when wearing "Kimonos", but Ayumi did not know it. She had a quick wit.

Then, she grabbed the top of the front seat next to the driver's and the rear seats, and slid herself into the right-hand seat.2

Chapter 139--2003.1.18

But of course, she could not troll all of her dress into the car.

Though it was very hard for her, for both her gloves and the dress were very smooth, the bride managed to grab and pull in her train or the "tail" of her dress.

Wedding dresses with long trains like this one were seldom seen, and of course very expensive. The dress must be like the one that was often advertised as "400,000 yen for rent." Even for real brides, only a handful of them could wear such a dress. And Ayumi, a schollboy, wearing it. . . This was very ironic.

She had finally managed to troll in the very end of her train.

Now, the car was filled, like a bush, with her dress.

The whole car was filled with the sweet perfumes of Ayumi's make-up and smells particular to wedding dresses.

"Are you okay?"

The driver asked.

This was nothing but the question "Have you pulled all of your dress into the car?"


Ayumi responded quickly.

This question relieved Ayumi a little.

As she responded, the 10,000 yen bill held by her teeth fell on her skirt between her knees.

He is being careful about my dress. This means. . . he is used to dealing with passengers like me!

She concluded by herself. I am wondering who takes a taxi when she is wearing a wedding dress, but I should not worry about it any more.

The door closed automatically.3

Chapter 140--2003.1.19

"To [FNORD]. Please."

Ayumi said a location near her home.

All I should do is go back home.

However, thinking a little, it will be very risky.

At this time of a day, my mother is often at home.

How should I act when she sees me, as a bride?

Well, if she becomes aware that the bride, whose figure is far from her son's, is actually her son, she must have a godlike ability.

Because my shape above my waist is apparently that of a female, though my shape below my waist is covered by my skirt.

These shapely breasts and this waspishly-thin waist show I am obviously female. Crossdressing cannot make such a figure.

Even if nobody recognizes me, a girl clad in a pure white wedding dress will make everyone at an ordinary home panic.

First, everyone will ask "Who are you?"

And. . . though it is scary but in fact, it is not certain that I will change back to my original form when I came back to my home.

I and my sister have the ability of being able to transgender and crossdress each other to the opposite sex. However, this ability will only affect each other. If I my sister, Satori, is not at home, I will have to be a bride till I meet her!

Anyway, it will be much better than in the city, no, anywhere but my home. When I manage to get back home. . . even if my mother finds me it will be better, uh, despite the problems, but I will solve them. . . I shall solve them!

The next moment, Ayumi's ears, pulled by her earrings, caught unbelievable words.

"Well. . . Sorry, but I do not know how to get there, for I am a new cab driver."

1:In Japan, most doors in taxis open automatically.

2:In Japan, cars run the left side of a road. So, passengers get in taxis from the left door.

3:In Japan, most doors in taxis close automatically.

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