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Okashina Futari Chapter 111~120

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: ELIZA; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 111--2002.12.21

He could not explain the situation at all.

If the event that had happened near to him was understandable, he might have even shouted in shock.

He was not simply surprised, for it was the one thing that he was not meant to know.

The only thing he could do was just behold the event.

He, who had been absently looking at the metamorphosis, was sitting on the seat just in front of the bride.

If he said what he had seen word for word, it would be "An ordinary schoolboy and his clothes morphed into a woman and her wedding dress."

This would be nonsense for most people.

Everyone has events that are very important to them now but were not regarded as so while they were happening.

It is said that most people in the United States are able to remember what they were doing when they heard the news of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy or the landing of the lunar module of Apollo 11. For the younger generations, the news of the terrorist attack on September 11th would have the same effect.

For most of the passengers. . . who were in this train car. . . this was that kind of news.

They were "stunned" by the transcendent beauty of the "victim".

Her lustrous dress was very glittering and brilliant. Furthermore, the contrast of her hourglass-shaped waist and full-length skirt was making the bride even more beautiful.

All of the sweet scent peculiar to foundation, the fragrance perfumed on the dress and the rustling sound of the fabrics made the bizarre situation of "the bride in an ordinary train car" become surrealistic.

Chapter 112--2002.12.22

Ayumi, mind dulled with confusion, was doing her best to figure out what to do next.

First, I have to get off the train.

It is okay.

The problem is whether I can run with this bulky skirt.

Even now, Ayumi could not move freely.

The skirt was so long that she could turn around without moving the skirt on the floor. This made the skirt just like a screw.

Her skirt traced around the wearer with a few seconds delay.

It was just like wiping the floor with a gargantuan cloth.

. . . Well, I do not mind if the dress gets dirty, but. . .

It was impossible to walk through crowds with such a long skirt.

The next station was a large station. It would be weekday afternoon, a few hours after high noon.

Even if I am clad in very simple clothing, it would be unavoidable to be touched unexpectedly. This skirt should be pinned up.

. . . To hold it under my arms. . . is the best.

The mobs surrounding the bride were gazing, without any room for hesitation, at the bride turning around just like a fashion-model and "playing with" herself.

Chapter 113--2002.12.23

The train is going to arrive at the next station soon.

First, I have to sprint and get out of the train car.

Though it is a large station, I think there are not very many passengers.

. . . at least I hope so.

Then. . . then, what should I do next?

Run into a restroom?

Which one?

How can I get in there?

Ayumi was worried about these things, for the skirt was very bulky.

Though the dress was made for dragging over a floor, Ayumi, as "non-otaku young BOY", was hesitating over letting it go over a nasty floor in a restroom.

No, this is not the time for hesitating.

Ayumi tried to grab her skirt with one of her smooth gloves, while her other glove was pushing aside her transparent veil, swaying with her movement.

. . . My breasts are moving. . .

She did her best to grab her skirt, but she kept failing and failing.

Chapter 114--2002.12.24

The difficulty came from not only the smooth materials, but also the skirt itself.

The skirt was not "alone".

There were probably many petticoats under the skirt.

This was why Ayumi could not tuck up the skirt. She could only grab a few of them.

To make things worse, there were panniers - a kind of "undergarment" that makes a skirt into a "beehive" - under the skirt.

There were firm tulles just like "woven steel" between the underskirts. They also had sewed-on undergarments.

The bride, standing next to the door, pulled in her skirt with rubbing sounds.

It was obvious to everyone that she was going to sprint as soon as the door was open.

Ayumi heard some strange sounds around her.

They were the sounds of portable cameras, built into cellular phones.

I have to have pictures of this event taken!

The impulses came from curiosity, the nature of human beings.

Ayumi had hauled in her skirt completely and tried to lift it up.

. . . Okay.

She tried to hold it fully with both of her arms.

I can.

Well, how long can I run with this bulk? I now have a very thin build, and am wearing pin-heeled shoes I have never worn before.

Just standing in the train car is difficult for me.

Chapter 115--2002.12.25

There were too many things for Ayumi to worry about.

But it was do-or-die.

Ayumi, both arms filled up with the bulk of the skirt, happened to look behind her.

. . . She saw the hem of her skirt. . . the train. . . covering almost all of the floor in the train car.

. . . Oh, damn. . . I can take good care of the skirt, but I can do nothing about "the tail".

If it is pinned to the ground, I will go for a tumble and hit the ground.

A very, very long skirt of a wedding dress is very beautiful when watching, but it was a very heavy burden for Ayumi.

. . . There is no way for me to hold it.

She took her arms off.

The skirt fell on the floor.

It gained its stylish shape again.

Ayumi heard a small voice, amazed at the skirt taking up its original shape.

I am fed up with trying to tuck up the skirt.

Ayumi hauled in her skirt inch by inch, without turning her head back.

Just then.

Chapter 116--2002.12.26

Ayumi saw a shoe by the train of her wedding dress.

As she looked at it, puzzled, the skirt was lifted up.


She shouted in a small voice.

A woman was there who Ayumi had not met before.

She gathered Ayumi's skirt spread over the floor.

"W, well. . ."

The girl finished taking it up and held it out to Ayumi.

"Here you are."

I see. . . Ayumi, now transformed into a bride, understood what was going on.

She has pity on me and is going to help me. At least I think so.

"Oh, well. . . Sorry."

"That is too bad."

"Yeah. . ."

W, why am I talking naturally with her?

I am extremely thankful to her for her help, though.

Ayumi remembered that this was the first time for she had talked with anyone besides Satori.

He once had deceived his mother, though.

Ayumi took "the mass" . . . this is the most proper word. . . of the dress's train from the woman.

The material was so slippery that the mass was very difficult to keep a hold of. Furthermore, Ayumi's gloves were very smooth. So, keeping it together as a mass is one of the most difficult task in the world, for the mass was attached to the waist of the wedding dress.

Chapter 117--2002.12.27

"Oh, thank you."

Though it was not smart, these were the only words Ayumi could say.

The mob, surrounding "the lure" and the courageous woman talking with her, was watching them carefully.

Ayumi, as a bride, grabbed "the mass".

She also tried to grab her skirt again.

Just then, "the mass" fell from her hand and spread back out into the bulky train of her dress.

"Oh, no!"

The poor bride cried out in a small voice.

"That is okay."

The woman crouched down and gathered the bulk again.

"T, thank you. . ."

A volunteer is very helpful when needed.

Ayumi teared up for the thankful woman.

"Do not let such a matter trouble you."

The woman said so and picked up both Ayumi's train and skirt and held them out to Ayumi.

The bride took the mass of skirts, holding them with her pumpkin-shaped shoulder and thin and smooth arm.

No, not just one arm, she needed both arms.

. . . Now I can run.

Anyway, my legs must not touch my skirt.

It is very stupid to tumble on my skirt, just like comedians in a comedy program do.

This is the worst thing that could happen.

Chapter 118--2002.12.28

Even if all problems with the wedding dress were removed, Ayumi was not certain whether she would be able to run. This was because she was wearing high-heeled shoes.

Now Ayumi had her skirt gathered up. This made Ayumi "erotic", for the people in front of her could see "the dark area covered by her skirt" and her legs clad in white stockings.

But it was do-or-die.

Ayumi had never thought that she would ever do such actions wearing an "elegant" dress like this.

"May I hold some of your skirt?"

The woman asked this.

"No, thanks."

Ayumi responded quickly.

At that time, the bride, Ayumi, looked at the woman for the first time.

She was an elegant beauty with long hair.

Ayumi thought that she was a younger woman who was Ayumi's age. Ayumi had at first thought that she was an adult woman, for she was not wearing a school uniform.

". . . Did you lose at a game?"

Ayumi was surprised, for she was asked casually.

Well. . . I am not coitophobic. I live with female family members. . . including my sister, and I go to a mixed school. I am never lecherous, and I am not too shy to speak to girls in my class.

I was once told by one of my classmates that she had fallen in love with me.

. . . I do not know what she thinks about me now.

"Ah, well. . ."

The bride was ashamed and put her face down.

Ayumi's heart beat as fast as it could.

W, why am I so embarrassed?

It was obviously different from the shyness, that had arisen from this transformation in the mob of people on the train.

Chapter 119--2002.12.29

Ayumi figured out the reason.

This girl thinks that I am a girl.

That is quite natural.

Nobody will think that this perfect bride is a boy.

This is the first time that Ayumi was spoken of "as a female".

Yes. . . This is why I am embarrassed. . .

And the words are not said by an enamored man.

They are said by a woman, who thinks herself as "an ally".

I see. I was surprised by her, what to say, yes, "natural" style.

Ayumi had a vague feeling of guilt.

It was just like the feeling that he hid in a locker room and watched naked women.

"Yeah. . . I think it is, kind of."

The girl smiled.

Ayumi was very shocked.

"You look very troubled."

She said, amused.

Ayumi was fascinated by her smile.

At that moment, she had fallen in love with the girl.

Well, I cannot tell her my love in such a bizarre situation.

Ayumi was cursed with the happening.

But if I was not troubled, I would never have met her. . .

Ayumi felt very complex feelings.

"The train will soon arrive at the station."

The bride turned her face to the front.

Chapter 120--2002.12.30

It was an ordinary weekday afternoon.

Until that happened, at least I thought so.

Today, my college is already over. . .

It is boring. I want to go somewhere fun or. . .

A train was arriving at the station.

Before I came to the urban area, I did not ride on a train often. But now, it is nothing special, because I ride trains every day.

I used to use my bicycle to go places, and it is quite strange that "I have to pay money to go anywhere."

Whether I think it is ridiculous or not, it does not change the facts, though.

The train was stopping at the platform.

. . . Okay, some seats are not occupied.

This was the first thing to check on an arriving train.

It was important whether he could sit on a seat.

That happened in the moment that the train slowed down enough that I could recognize passengers' faces.

. . . Something unbelievable was in the train.

I felt like time had stopped.

It was only a few seconds.

. . . What is that?

I knew what it was.

If I saw it now and was asked "What is that?", I think I could answer it easily.

. . . It was not, however, something that should be there.

But it was certainly there.

A bride, clad in a wedding dress, was in the train car. . .

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