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Okashina Futari Chapter 101~110

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: ELIZA; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 101--2002.12.11

Not only on trains but in public, unexpectedly being touched would irritate people.

Even if it were unavoidable, such as within a crowded train, they would still try to avoid touching others with their bags or umbrellas.

Ayumi, of course, had not been out in public with a skirt.

"Women wearing long skirts should take care not to let it touch others."

She thought.

"Whaaaat? Ah!"

She did not try to hide the change. No, she could not at all.

Some of the passengers stood up in startlement, and some cried out in shock.

Ayumi's pants turned into a white skirt and spread out along the floor, quickly covering more than a full meter in all directions.

The skirt became layered and heavy, weighing her buttocks down.

"Th. . . this is. . . "

It was an amazingly beautiful skirt.

Layered like a mille-feuille. Gorgeous lines of frills that made her think of curtains in a royal court. . . Glittering "fake pearls" covered the entire outfit.

And. . . Ayumi's skirt touched people sitting in nearby seats, as the distance between Ayumi and those seats was less than half of the skirt's radius.

"Oh. . . "

Chapter 102--2002.12.12

She wanted to apologize to everyone her skirt brushed against.

Ayumi stepped back so that her skirt would not touch anyone else on the train.

Her heels came down hard on the floor under the curtain-like bulk of her skirt.

The rustling skirt kept pulling her off-balance with its heavy weight. The shaking motion of the train made things worse for her.

Everyone who was watching Ayumi understood what she was going through.

But she was not done changing!

The only person in a position to see Ayumi who was not staring at her was fast asleep.

Her unfettered hair started to move by itself.

The people standing near the ends of the nearest two train cars were becoming noisier and becoming much more numerous. The large crowd was growing larger by itself.

The new onlookers thought, "Something interesting must be going on, since so many people are watching it."

This meant that the large group of people watching the bizarre spectacle unfolding in the next train car kept attracting even more people.

Now the mob had grown very large, and was quite compelling to other people. They thought, "I have to see that! Otherwise I might miss seeing something very interesting."

Chapter 103--2002.12.13

The nape of Ayumi's neck had been exposed, amazing the onlookers, especially the men.

Very few of them knew what had happened at the beginning of the transformation.

That is, that a schoolboy had been transformed into a girl.

By the time people became aware of the bizarre spectacle, the girl already had long, unfettered hair.

So the exposed nape of her neck had special meaning to them.

Her back had also been exposed.

The smooth back of the dress strongly reminded those watching of an undergarment, for not only was it white and glossy, but it was fitted exactly to her body.

The shaking motion of the train kept making Ayumi lose her balance, since she could not hold onto a strap at all.

Then Ayumi noticed the train of the wedding dress become much longer.

It had become two meters long and covered just under two square meters of the floor.

It was obvious to everyone watching that she was doing her best not to fall over.

Then Ayumi's hair was arranged up around her head, just as if a professional stylist had done it.

Chapter 104--2002.12.14

S. . . Satori. . . D. . . do not. . . do not do. . . this. . .

Satori, of course, did not hear Ayumi's thoughts. . . Even if she were aware of them, she might not stop, though. . .

My hair. . . is moving on its own. . .

Something hard touched Ayumi's head, next to the skin.

She did not realize that the objects were hairpins.

Ayumi felt her bare upper chest and that something cold was laying against it. It was a pearl necklace.

I am flushing with the shame.

Every. . . everyone is staring at me. . .

Ayumi, standing in the middle of the train car, saw everything happening around her. She was aware of not only the people in this train car but also the mobs at the end of the adjacent train cars.

What. . . what a shameful dress it is. . .

Ayumi was very ashamed and her face seemed to be afire.

And her flushed ears had large earrings appear on them. Ayumi, of course, had never put on necklaces and earrings. . . But now, that did not matter very much to her.

Just then, the motion of the train started to shake the car less.

Ayumi stood back up easily.

Then she was amazed.

W. . . what a large skirt it is. . . All of the floor around me seems to be covered.

Just then.

Chapter 105--2002.12.15

"Ah. . . ah. . . "

Something began to tickle at Ayumi's weak point - where she was the most ticklish.

Something. . . something is happening to my eyes. . .

Ayumi felt something strange appearing on her eyelashes.

This. . . is going on my eyelashes. . .

Then, something cold and wet went around her eyes!

W, what, what is going on?

Her eyelashes had mascara applied to them and became longer and heavier.

Then, something soft and light brushed against her eyelids.

May. . . maybe. . . am. . . am I being made up. . . ?

Ayumi blushed, thinking of her face.

M, my God. . . I have been transformed into and dressed up as a woman. . . And now I am m, made. . . up. . .

Just then. . . something warm seemed to brush against Ayumi's lips.

She did not see anything there, but it felt like her lips had been colored.

A, am I. . . r, rou. . . rouged. . . ?

Ayumi was frightened because she could not check it and blinked with her dark eyelashes.

Chapter 106--2002.12.16

The "transformation" was starting to conclude.

Ayumi's long unfettered hair had finished pulling itself up against her head. From it, a transparent cloth "erupted" just like a geyser.

"W. . . wow. . . "

Her makeup seemed "natural". It appeared that she was not made up to the casual eye, but careful observation would show anyone that her makeup enhanced her appearance, making an attractive girl more beautiful.

The transparent veil drifted down, like a feather, over the fresh-faced girl standing in a daze.

Ayumi felt like she was holding something heavy.

It had appeared in her right hand.

She found that she had a small bouquet. It was the one a bride would hold.

Yes, Ayumi, who had been an ordinary schoolboy only a few minutes earlier, had morphed into a beautiful bride with a pure white wedding dress, including lingerie and shoes and from her head to her toes.

The mob expressed their amazement with one voice.

The "transformed bride" had transcendent beauty. . . The onlookers had very complicated impressions about her, though.

It was very unusual for a bride to appear in a train car, a very ordinary place. But right now, everyone had difficulty remembering that it was unusual.

Chapter 107--2002.12.17

The lustrous dress was very dazzling.

The part-timer, pressed against the window at the end of the train car, had seen almost all of the transformation.

He had a special feeling. He did not notice that it was "moe".

I am sure she was morphed. . . I watched it happen. It was surely not a trick or illusion. Those ordinary pants were changed into the skirt of a wedding dress. . .

The bride was certainly there, in the next car, and she was curiously staring at herself, clad in the wedding dress.

The part-timer had never looked closely at a bride in his life, let alone on a train like now. He had seen a mannequin wearing a wedding dress once or twice, but he had never seen one worn by a real woman before.

"He was originally a boy. . . "

The part-timer heard this in the crowd.

It was said by an office girl who had first seen the transformation. The part-timer, focused on the event in front of him, did not miss hearing her words.

He did not ask her about it, though. Whether she agreed with him or not, it would not change what he had seen.

Then. . . this event made the part-timer into an "otaku" of wedding dresses.

Chapter 108--2002.12.18

This. . . this is. . . a wedding. . . dre. . . d-dress. . .

Of course, this was the first time Ayumi had ever worn a wedding dress.

As Ayumi moved, her ears, "adorned" with earrings, caught the rustling sound of the fabric of the wedding dress.

She tried to grab the skirt, thick and heavy like a comforter, with her elbow-length gloves.

The material was so slippery that she could not lift it all up.

Ayumi also heard a rubbing sound and found something firm under the skirt. It was the tulle fabric used for underskirts. Of course, Ayumi did not know what it was called.

The pannier under the skirt was covered with satin. Ayumi tried to keep her balance, while feeling her the pure white stockings worn on her legs touching the smooth surfaces of the pannier.

"Oh. . . "

Ayumi grew absent-minded.

I. . . I am. . . dressed in a wedding dress. . . and. . . have been fashioned as a bride. . .

Everyone who could see stared curiously at the white wedding dress.

Then she regained her awareness.

The bride remembered a very important fact.

Chapter 109--2002.12.19

I am afraid of arriving. . .

The bride, who had wished to get off the train just a few minutes before, shivered with that terrifying fact.

She looked at where she had been standing.

This. . . this is just as I feared. . .

Ayumi lost her composure and tried to run.

But she slipped on the train of the wedding dress behind her.

What a bulky dress it is! I cannot freely move in it at all.

Immediately Ayumi tried to tuck up her skirt. . . the motion turned the skirt into a huge bulk of fabric.

She muddled through and searched in the bulky fabric.

She had a very bad presentiment, and confirmed it with a search.

There is nothing. . .

She stood up.

There was a huge ribbon on her back. As Ayumi stood up, the bulky fabric turned back into a stylish dress.

It is gone. . .

The bag Ayumi had left on the train floor had disappeared.

Chapter 110--20021.2.20

My God. . .

Ayumi felt faint. Her makeup prevented her from turning pale, but now she felt like she would fall into a swoon.

If she fell down, things would become much worse. This was the only reason Ayumi could withstand it. Although she could withstand it, the situation was absolutely terrible.

The ticket. . . that had been in Ayumi's pocket was gone!

She tried to take it from the pocket. . . but the pocket itself had vanished! There was nothing but a bouquet and a smooth skirt.

That was why Ayumi tried to take his wallet from his bag. . . but the bag. . . was gone into the bulk of skirts.

Yes, now the poor bride was dead broke!

How can I get out from the station? I have no money.

Ayumi, transformed into a bride, was at a loss for what she should do next.

By the way. . . this is. . . a wedding dress. . .

This dress is either too tight or not there. . . The gloves are very smooth and completely cover my hands. . . and the skirt is too bulky to move. . .

And I feel my ears pulled down.

Ayumi, who had been mainly dressed up as a schoolgirl, had never worn earrings.

. . . It is painful. . .

No, I have to find a way!

But. . . my, my upper chest is uncovered. . .

This was what made Ayumi nervous.

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