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Okashina Futari Chapter 91~100

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: Raccoon; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 91--2002.12.1.

Eventually the part-timer figured out what was wrong.

She, though the part-timer was not sure that it was a woman, was wearing a long-sleeved shirt when it was hot. More accurately, it seemed that her short sleeves had turned into long sleeves.

His instincts told him not to miss what was going on.

It was such an unusual happening.

"Ah. . . hhh. . . "

He could even hear the person say something in a very low voice, now that he was focusing just on “her”.

He also heard the office girl swallow.

The sleeves were not normal long sleeves, but were instead integrated with white gloves covering each of the fingers.

He tried to remember from a few minutes ago; he was sure that the “girl's” hands had originally been flesh-colored, though he couldn't tell for sure, nor could he tell how they had changed colors from where he was sitting.

What the hell is happening?

The "girl’s" hands were now covered with white gloves.

The spectacle that would continue for several minutes continued to unfold in front of the passengers, which they would probably see only once in their lifetimes, and one which wouldn't be believed no matter who they told.

Chapter 92--2002.12.2.

"The white thing" continued to consume.

Ayumi was feeling something on his legs that he had never experienced before.

Ayumi, who had only worn normal socks before now, felt an unfamiliar tightness from the knees to the thighs for the first time in his life.

He also felt a similar tightness over his arms.

"Ah. . . ah. . . "

It was growing more and more, starting from the fingertips and spreading over the arms.

The change was working on the material which had appeared when the short sleeves of his shirt became long. He had never experienced a feeling like the "gloves" were giving him.

He felt shock at the "gloves" which fitted his hands so closely.

He had never stared so intensely at his own hands and arms, though he had been transformed into the opposite sex many times.

How beautiful!

Ayumi almost blushed, feeling ashamed that he said that to himself.

It was, however, true.

The while gloves that fitted so closely to his arms even showed the natural "lines" of his hands underneath when he twisted them a little bit. They looked far more beautiful than the real arms just beneath them.

Chapter 93--2002.12.3.

The gloves that Ayumi was used to wearing only covered his wrists. He thought that longer gloves were hard to use.

But the gloves that he was now wearing were longer than he thought they should be.

They were extending more and more, from his wrists to his elbows.

The shape of the gloves, which were narrower at the wrist, was morbidly fascinating.

He felt a sudden heat at his earlobes, which were now hidden by his long hair.

The white part that adhered closely to his body already completely covered his arms.

His long-sleeved shirt was white. He would have had a blazer on if it was colder, but just then it was white since he wasn't wearing anything like that.

Everybody, however, would certainly notice the next change.

The light weight he felt against his shoulders vanished.


Ayumi looked at his own shoulders and became speechless; his once plain shoulders now looked more like a pair of crinkled pumpkins.

Chapter 94--2002.12.4.

That same swelling of material seemed to emphasize the thinness of his arms.

The pumpkin-shaped shoulders pushed his long hair out of the way.

Some passengers saw this and held their breath. Ayumi didn't even notice.

The passengers noticed the next change even before he did. More accurately, he was distracted by the expansion of the shoulders.

Ayumi was wearing oversized clothes . . . as a result of his becoming a petite girl.

However, the once oversized clothes were becoming smaller and smaller, fitting her petite but perky body quite closely.

It was proven by the fact that the clothes defined the shape of her body much more clearly than even a few moments ago.

Ayumi felt a looseness at his neck.

"Hah. . . ahh. . . "

The neckband was losing its shape, and the shirt was now low-necked with the color of his skin gradually appearing.

Chapter 95--2002.12.5.

A little while ago there had been a girl in a boy’s school uniform.

And now the boy’s school uniform was almost gone.

The young man, having been watching from a short distance away, could not move at all, was not being impolite at all by staring at the other person.

The neck was exposed to air. A seventeen-year-old girl’s neck, fresh but kind of sensual, was there.

Finally the collarbone was shown under the neck.

The upper half of his body was well-defined; well-shaped perky breasts and an extremely thin pinched-in waist.

It was completely covered by a silky material with very fine needlework covering it.

"Oh my. . . "

He could not speak any more.

Seeing his pure-white hands, he looked at his totally transformed bust out of the corner of his eyes.

Chapter 96--2002.12.6.

He had two waistlines: his real one and the fake one on the upper clothes.

The upper waistline, namely, the waistline on the upper clothes was designed to be much higher than the real waist.

In these clothes, it was possible that his tummy would be exposed or the lower clothes which had lost the support would drop.

That possibility, however, soon vanished; his clothes continued to transform, and stayed in place until the end.

The crowd no longer hesitated to stare at Ayumi, who was now strange beyond words.

Then, the heels of his plain sneakers were lifted.


The train continued to sway unabatedly, despite the unusual situation.

Ayumi, in an unusual outfit, had to take hold of a strap.

He seemed to be shining.

It was true. Sunshine was reflected by imitation jewels put here and there in his upper body.

Did it cause him to fall into despair?

He had been trying to stay hopeful until he got outside the train.

Chapter 97--2002.12.7.

He almost yelled with delight.

The train was getting close to the station.

First, first of all, I must leave here!

He looked down.

Another bizarre thing was occurring there.

His sneakers lost their original color and began to turn white.

"Even . . . my sneakers . . . "

His voice was already girlish, which was not very important just then.

The shoes were so open at the top that the insteps were seen. His bare feet, or rather, his involuntarily stocking-clad feet, were white.

While he thought, "I get it. They must be white stockings,” his shoes turned into solid white women's shoes.

He was uncomfortable with the feeling of his heels being pushed up.

It was Ayumi’s first experience of wearing high-heeled shoes, because his prior transformations were mainly into school uniforms. He eventually learned that the shoes were called "pumps”.

Ayumi looked up and noticed that the train was pulling into the station yard.

Chapter 98--2002.12.8.

Stop! Stop right now, please!

The train was going fast enough to make Ayumi nervous.

Just fast. Too fast!

The train was rushing into the station despite Ayumi's wishes, and he was almost crying.

"Ah. . . ah. . . "

The passengers understood what his reaction meant.

There were giggles heard in the car.

Just after the train passed by the station, he remembered something.

I am on a rapid-service train!

A cold shiver ran down his spine.

It means I have to get off at a large station. . .

He was right; the train would stop at the station where the greatest number of passengers get on and off in the line.

And . . . another transformation happened.

Another big opening appeared on the back of the neck.

The opening was not so big that his back was fully exposed, but it was much bigger than his usual male clothes. If it had been a pajama jacket or shirt, he would have thought that he was wearing it backwards. But he knew that it was on correctly because the bigger opening was on the front.

And the biggest transformation was about to happen.

Chapter 99--2002.12.9.

Trousers are perhaps characterized mostly by the belt.

What about skirts? I do not know about that. They are fastened mainly by hooks or zippers, and sometimes held in place by elastic. A one-piece dress is also kind of like a skirt.

As far as the buttocks are concerned, people do not treat them in the same way depending on whether they are wearing trousers or skirts.

Briefly, the skirts cover the entire buttocks, and I can say they tend to be very flexible, judging by their shapes. Women wear them by hanging them over their bottoms. More accurately, skirts are fastened a little under the ribs, whereas trousers are held in place by belts at the waist or hips.

Trousers can be divided into three parts: legs, hips and groin, while skirts consist of only one part, namely "the waist and below".

Clearly, the shape of Ayumi's trousers was almost gone. The belt itself, including the stiff parts, began to melt.

The spectators, gathering near the coupler in both cars, gave such loud screams that Ayumi could hear them, even distracted as he was.

Chapter 100--2002.12.10.

As if taking after his now large buttocks, the belt melted to become part of a ocean of silky-shining cloth with pleats.

The waist, colored white and covered with needlework, seemed to have become much thinner.

He had been feeling a sensation from his trousers and stockings rubbing against each other. Small thought it might be, it had been one of the sensations produced during his transformation.

The feeling was gone . . . at that very moment.

He didn't notice it vanish until it was too late.

It was hot, and people became moist with sweat when they were just standing still. When there was only a small distance between trousers and stockings, he felt cool air coming in there. Yes, they had been moving.

It felt like it was exploding.

The two legs of his trousers unified and spread wide explosively in a moment like water that flooded when a bank was burst.

There were cheers and screams because of the strange occurrence in the car.

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