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Okashina Futari Chapter 81~90

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: Raccoon; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 81--2002.11.1.

How long has it been since my transformation began?

Nothing seemed to have changed inside the train.

He felt that the pantyhose had stopped growing once it reached his thighs.

However, he couldn't find out exactly what was going on under his pants without ripping them off.

But why did it stop there? Is that how pantyhose are?

One idea occurred to him.

It may be. . .

Ayumi touched his thighs together under his pants.

It’s kinda stiff. . .

It was made of something stiff.

Though he didn't know anything, nor was particularly interested in lingerie, he could still imagine what it was.

They . . . they must be a pair of stockings and garters!

Chapter 82--2002.11.2.

It seemed things were going differently than the way they had been.

I'm wearing a brassiere, pantyhose, and garters, and they're too tight. It cannot be a normal high school uniform.

He imagined a girl wearing a uniform with that set of lingerie.

Just weird. . .

A garter clasped like a pair of shackles over pantyhose, stuck tightly to his legs and coming down from a very short skirt…

It was almost like a funny costume which a person was forced to wear as a punishment.

He came back to reality.

Passengers around him still weren't noticing anything, possibly thinking that there was something noisy going on around them.

He tried to move his body in various ways.

He didn't make any loud noises, but he did have to deal with quite a bit of pressure from the lingerie he was wearing.

Chapter 83--2002.11.3.

The support that the underwear gave to his bust resulted in it pulling tight against his back.

Twisting his thin body caused it to pull tight against all of his body . . . even his legs, because of the pantyhose he was wearing.

His heart started beating more quickly.

His hair was long, but he was still wearing a male school uniform, under which there was a full set of lingerie. He was as stiff as a mummy.

He looked into the next car, wondering what the office girl was doing. She was not a person who he cared that much about, but she had seen him some time ago, and it forced him to take a look at her.

The stage was set for the next scene; he noticed that she had left her seat.

Uh-oh, here she comes!

She looked away when he tried to look her in the eyes.

Now he understood that she had been paying attention to him.

And Ayumi noticed another strange feeling running through his arms.

Chapter 84--2002.11.4.

"Ah. . . ah. . . "

He could not quite stop his voice from coming out.

It was summer. Yet his short sleeves were growing longer and longer, like a living thing, toward his fingers.

He had become accustomed to the transformation of his clothes; many times he saw his pants turned into a mini-skirt and the reverse transformation.

However, a transformation in public strongly affected even him.

Normally it is difficult to stare at someone if you are sitting next to him. That’s why not many passengers could stare on the phenomenon going on near them. At the same time some people, like the office girl in the next car, were itnently trying to watch what was happening.

Bride in a Wedding Dress Part 5, by Ohyuki

Seemingly half-liquid, like melting cheese or syrup, the sleeves were flowing and extending to cover even his fingers.

Ayumi's big, round eyes blinked in shock.

Bride in a Wedding Dress Part 6, by Ohyuki

He raised his hands closer to his eyes. Both of his hands, no longer holding the strap, were a brilliant white.

The train suddenly shifted when it went round a curve.

A girl wearing a male uniform and white gloves was seen having to get back on her feet right after she almost fell.

Chapter 85--2002.11.5.

He couldn't help but keep a tight hold on the strap.

What else could I do?

His palm felt coolness.

With a pair of white gloves and black male school uniform not matching each other, the girl was left swaying as the train moved.

The underwear put on under his school uniform tightened against his whole body every time the train jolted.

". . . Ah. . . . . . ffh. . . "

I should say, how strange ... no, how weird ... no, how bizarre I am in such an outfit, though I don't know exactly what 'bizarre' means.

The half-liquid wriggling on his hands finally stopped: it was a pair of gloves, with a pure white sheen. The pretty hands felt a smooth surface inside the gloves.

On the backs of the gloves was astonishingly beautiful needlework.

Chapter 86--2002.116.

And, the transformation went on.

"Ah. . . ah. . . "

The train's wheels and rails were squealing so loudly that only a few passengers, right in front of her, could hear a girl mutter to herself.

She did not see the office girl in the next car, shocked at the unusual scene, bringing her hand to her mouth.

What can draw attention more than an unusual scene itself are the people gawking at it.

Actually, the passengers who had been staring intensely at something drew the attention of other people.

In the next car, the other passengers saw the people near the train coupler looking into the car where something was happening. They turned their eyes in the same direction.

A part-timer in his very early twenties leaned forward and peeped, but saw nothing unusual . . . at first.

Then he saw something strange.

Chapter 87--2002.11.7.

He saw a person wearing a male school uniform: a white long-sleeved shirt and a pair of checked pants. Nothing unusual for young schoolboys today.

Looking closely, however, made him notice something strange.

The person had long hair reaching their waist, covered by an oversized uniform that was quite baggy for such a small body.

The disheveled hair made the person look as if they were an old hag, which might be an exaggeration, but there was something strange about them, anyway.

"Is it a girl dressed in male clothes?" the part-timer asked himself.

He became restless.

The scene was unusual but real: there was a girl in a boy’s school uniform. It was not so strange as a boy in a girl’s uniform, but it definitely drew attention from the onlookers.

This was an event that livened up their otherwise dull daily lives: it might not be news if a dog bites human beings, but it would be big news if a human being were to bite a dog. He felt like something similar was going on here on the train.

Chapter 88--2002.11.8.

The part-timer said to himself that this would have been interesting if that person were a boy.

He did not have any desire to wear women's clothes. People like to see other people in extraordinary situations for them to observe.

People will stare at something mainly because they do not understand it very well. So he would have gone back to his seat if he understood what was going on.

But he couldn't, since he had no idea what was going on.

All he could see from his seat was that it was a girl and that she was in a boy’s school uniform, swaying as the train moved.

In many cases the people around the immediate scene of an accident don't know what's going on. For instance, to watch a baseball game on TV is easier than watching it at the ballpark. It is common sense now. That’s why at ballparks some people watch the games, while listening to the same games on the radio. After all, nobody can see players’ faces so closely as on the TV.

On the other hand, the farther they are from something, the more easily they can observe it. The passengers in the next car could stare more intently than those in the car where the incident was happening.

His eyes happened to meet those of the people in the next car.

Chapter 89--2002.11.9.

The scene only consisted of the things that he had personally seen.

There was something strange here. He felt that there was something wrong with the scene, but still did not know what that something was, so he thought about the things that he did know about.

First, it was a girl. This could not be denied. Secondly, she was wearing a boy’s school uniform, which was unusual, but not particularly so. A boy’s school uniform is so plain that nobody will pick it up even if it is found at a garbage dump early in the morning. A girl’s school uniform would be taken . . . at the first opportunity.

The office girl who had been staring at the event, standing near the coupler, looked backwards when she noticed the part-timer standing up.

They did not know each other, nor had they ever worked together in their regular lives, but at that time they exchanged glances unconsciously. She surely was asking with her eyes, "Did you see that?" and he just as surely was asking back, "Do you know what's going on?"

In Japan, to talk while just looking at a person’s eyes is sometimes regarded as impolite, and it is still more impolite to stare at someone. It must involve trouble if that is done to a stranger in Japan.

Chapter 90--2002.11.10.

It isn't limited to the Japanese society. In the society of apes, locking stares with another is an unspoken challenge. It is the same way in other societies.

But what happens when many people stare at one person?

In this case, the rudeness would be relatively reduced; each person will be less responsible for the insult. The witty remark "Who cares about red signals if many people get across a crosswalk together?" a Japanese top-class comedian made shows this situation: one person can not stare by himself but many people wouldn't hesitate to do that if they're all doing it together.

Another person had joined the growing mob of onlookers without being noticed.

Just one more person? The exact number of people who were staring was now hard to tell. More people became interested in the mob which had appeared so suddenly in the car, more people actually in the mob were taking a good look at the abnormal scene, and so on.

The part-timer still did not understand what was going on.

The train was still swaying a lot, and he managed to balance himself by moving his arms in big circular motions. So did the other spectators.

He noticed "the school girl in male clothes" also stumbling.

I got it!

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