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Okashina Futari Chapter 71~80

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: Raccoon; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 71--2002.11.11.

His transformation continued.

Bride in a Wedding Dress Part 2, by Ohyuki

His bottom began to expand as was typical.

If they stare intently, they’re sure to notice it.

His heart beat faster than usual.

Comparing between a man and a woman of the same height, in general, she has a bigger bottom than he, and the bottom is the only part that she would clearly be bigger than he; Ayumi sometimes had difficulties in fitting his swollen buttocks in his male pants.

He pretended to be calm, standing with his back straight.

Seems ok. Nobody's noticed. . .

Standing upright, he found that his breasts seemed bigger and were too tight for his clothes.

I don’t think my breasts are that big, but today they seem bigger than ever. Shit! What the hell am I thinking!

I feel like I’m shorter than ever.

Satori, what the hell are you thinking!?

Many times he almost cried because of what Satori had done, and actually experienced things deserving tears, but that was the worst experience he had undergone so far.

However. . .

This caused him to realize one thing.

Yes, this power allows remote control.


Then he came to know that his genitals were absorbed into his body.

Chapter 72--2002.11.12.

Ayumi made every effort to think positively, though he was more or less in despair.

Well, Satori has turned me into a girl many times, with my hair sometimes long, sometimes short, so that it would match with the uniform I was wearing then.

If I am completely turned into a girl with my hair left short, nobody will see. I bet nobody will notice.

Feeling restless, Ayumi blinked repeatedly.

The train was really the worst place he could be right now.

If I was in the street, I could probably find a hiding place . . . though I’m not so sure.

Anyway, I have the freedom to move.

But this is like a locked room with a crowd. . .

And if, during the rush hours when trains are filled up with a crowd twice as big as they can accommodate, I’m changed to a schoolgirl wearing an ultra-mini skirt under which my panty can be easily seen. . .

. . . and I am molested by someone. . .

He was terrified by such a thought.

It might be better to have my panties exposed than that, but I don't want either to happen!

Then. . .

He began to feel the roots of his hair start to itch.

Chapter 73--2002.11.13.

Oh my, even my hair. . .

Bride in a Wedding Dress Part 3, by Ohyuki

In almost no time his hair had grown longer and longer, shining black and glorious.

"Wah. . . "

He said in as quiet a voice as possible.

His eyes happened to meet a woman’s. She was sitting in the next car and had her eyes wide open in surprise.

He almost made a gesture to express "That’s a mistake," but how could he expect her to understand that? It was nonsense.

Bride in a Wedding Dress Part 4, by Ohyuki

Ayumi was now a girl completely from head to foot, in a baggy uniform and with soft and shiny hair reaching the waist; a cute girl whose picture anybody would be tempted to take. . .

Chapter 74--2002.11.14.

Oh my!

Everybody can see that I’m a girl!

Actually, even if he had short hair, he would have been an extremely pretty girl to other people, but he did not see that short hair would make him look cute in a different way.

At the same time his past experiences told him that this tragedy was not finished yet. It was without question.

W-what clothes am I gonna be wearing? My god, please make the train arrive at the next station already!

The girl in male clothes kept wishing.

School uniform?

School uniform would be fine by me . . . if not one for Hokkaido or Kyushu, too far from here. That seems ok, because there are not many differences among brand-name uniforms these days. . .

He tried to think positively.

In fact he did not see any differences between some uniforms and others.

It’s ok. No problem at all!

"Ah. . . "

The young man right in front of him was still sound asleep. But the man sitting next to him had noticed something strange happening to the boy hanging on to a strap.

Chapter 75--2002.11.15.

He was more than a little shocked by the fact that the boy’s hair turned long in no time.

If nothing else, Ayumi should have done up his now long hair without wasting time.

What was about to happen after his body’s transformation was to deprive him of the schoolboys’ symbol.

As usual, his breasts were pressed hard.


Nothing more than usual.

The omnipotent controller who was a real girl, namely Satori, seemingly interested in "underwear" too, forced him to wear a different set of underclothes as well as a different uniform at every transformation.

I’m afraid I’m leading an incredibly abnormal life.

Is there any person of my generation who has worn as many kinds of female underwear as me?

Oh yes, female models might have.

Anyway, no other man. Not a single man except me!

Sometimes a conventional brassiere, sometimes a body-conscious one, sometimes. . .

Chapter 76--2002.1116.

He was going to wear all-in-one underwear covering brassiere to panty. How could Ayumi know what it was called?

It pressed not only his breasts but also his midsection.

"Ah. . . ah. . . "

The student right in front of me still seems asleep but the middle-aged balding office worker is staying totally awake. What could he be thinking about a weird girl in front of him, in male clothes, squeezing out her voice with an agonized expression?

The pressure against his breasts that time was stronger than normal.

Ayumi was on the slim side when he was a girl; Satori had no reason to turn him into an out-of-shape girl.

Why was she trying to press his already slim body so tightly?

The all-in-one lingerie covered his body.

"Fuuh. . . " He could not avoid sighing.

With long hair falling down, in a baggy male school uniform covering a shapely form, with a pretty face, Ayumi looked just like a beautiful girl, but there still remained a fact that he was wearing a male uniform.

Under the male uniform, however, there was a set of lingerie. If his uniform were removed, his lingerie would be exposed to the public.

Ayumi was at a loss for what to do.

Chapter 77--2002.11.17.

He looked around, shaking his hair; just turning his head slightly shook his now long hair.

Half of the passengers seemed to notice that something was happening.

I see some persons standing aside from me, though the seats are not fully occupied. . .

So, I guess people are pretending not to notice my change.

If I could stay the way I am until the train reached the station. . .

Wait. I have a girl’s body now. So, even if I am wearing a female school uniform, why is it a problem? Most schoolgirls wear school uniforms.

He was not a middle-aged woman wearing a sailor fuku with a miniskirt under which her underwear could be easily seen, who would draw attention from others, and even so it wouldn't be a crime.

If a boy were wearing it, there might be a problem. But the chances that a boy in a male school uniform would turn into a girl wearing a female school uniform before their eyes would be too strange to be accepted as reality.

Then. . .

Chapter 78--2002.11.18.

He felt something odd at the tip of his toe in his shoes.

"This has never happened before," he said to himself, looking down at his feet timidly.

His now long hair fell and almost cut off his view. He saw nothing different.

However, he had definitely felt something new at his feet.

I’m afraid. . .

This is. . .

He felt that his socks had become thinner; his skin felt the shape of his shoes keenly.

Panty hose?

The transformation began with the soles of his feet, moved to his ankles and went up his legs.

"Hah. . . ah. . . "

In this way his socks were transformed into panty hose.

Chapter 79--2002.11.19.

Inside the train it is noisier than expected. Certain noises like bangs happen repeatedly. Most passengers do not care what other persons do when it's so noisy and inside a large crowd.

Ayumi wondered what he would do if he were to see a person in front of him pant in an agonized expression: he would do nothing.

No one would ask for trouble by looking into another person’s eyes in a questioning manner. Recently many problems had happened where slight disagreements arising in the train resulted in murders. No one would say, "What’s up? Are you all right?"

In the big cities people tried not to get close to people they didn't know unless they had to. Ayumi would say nothing, thinking that it was none of his business, even if it were the office worker in front of him.

It would surely be unusual if a boy turned into a girl with his hair growing longer by the minute.

But what would it mean to him? Why would he care if it meant nothing to him?

Chapter 80--2002.11.20.

"Ah. . . ah. . . "

He said this to himself. His reason kept him from saying it aloud.

Inside his pants the panty hose were flowing up the surface of his legs, and were skin-tight. . .

The socks, once barely reaching the middle of his calves, kept spreading upwards to cover his knees, then his thighs.

Having been forced to wear school uniforms designed only for girls in their middle-to-late teens so far, he seldom had worn panty hose; he remembered wearing a few uniforms including black tights that covered his legs under mini-skirts; mostly Ayumi exposed his slender and shapely legs to the air.

I am wearing. . . panty hose. . . now. . .

The pressure of the smooth panty hose finally reached his thighs.

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