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Okashina Futari Chapter 41~50

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: Raccoon; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 41--2002.10.12

"I believe that we can change our clothing as we wish."


"Yes. For example, I bet the sailor blouse you're wearing now would change into a blazer if I wished 'Change it into a blazer!'"

Despite appearances, the two of them were not what others would think. The tall good-looking boy in a boy's school uniform was the sister, and the petite beautiful girl in a sailor blouse was the brother.

"Oh yes! I have to do something before we make sure," said the sister, obviously thinking of something.

". . . ?"

Then it happened.

Something shifted inside his clothes.

". . . ? W-What?"

He felt himself being tickled. You should note that he had a woman's body inside the sailor blouse.

Something is tickling my breasts.

"Ah. . . nh. . . ahhh!"

He felt his newly created breasts grasped tightly.


"Well what?"

"I was wondering if I could create a bra since I can change your clothes."

"Whhhaaat!?" he yelled out in a strange voice.

"The feeling of pressure against my breasts must be coming from a bra. . . "

Needless to say, that was his first experience of wearing a bra. Moreover, he had ample female breasts that fit perfectly into the bra, rather than a flat male chest that wouldn't be suitable at all.

Chapter 42--2002.10.13

"Can I touch it?"

"N-No! No!"

Ayumi, who was wearing a sailor blouse, protected his breasts by covering them, as his long hair swayed. He looked cute.

"Don't put on airs."

"Behave like a normal brother! Touching like that between a sister and a brother can't be allowed."

"I see." She seemed to have not noticed it until he advised. "But I always tell you that you may touch me."

"You do, but I'm not telling you to."

"Well. . . it's ok. Your bra has been made."

Each time the word was spoken, Ayumi felt embarrassed, but then he felt "something" odd.

". . . ?"

He felt something weird under his clothes again.

"H-Hey, you d-don't!"

"Now your panty is done," said Satori. He had another weird feeling. "And your slip, too."

"Ah. . . .ahhh!"

Something soft and silky covered most of his body; it was surely a slip.

"Your body is all ornamented now," Satori said proudly.

"You suck!" He felt like crying.

At the very moment Satori looked in her pants, pulling them out.

"Why, I have male undershorts from the beginning."

Is that so? What a bizarre ability!

"Satori-chan!" called their mother.

Ayumi went pale at her call, then the door was opened.

Chapter 43--2002.10.14


Having no time to escape, Ayumi, still wearing a sailor fuku, was petrified.

What do I do? I can't have mother catch me being the way I am.

"Ahahaha. Hello!"

Tough as Satori was, her smile was drawn with anxiety.

"How cute! Are you wearing a wig?"

"W-Well. . . "

"Y-Yes. T-That's a wig!" Satori butted in to back up Ayumi.


"Ayumi-chan, too. . . "

His mother always called him Ayumi-chan. Ayumi is a name by which you cannot guess the sex of the person called, and moreover if "-chan" is added, he is sure to be taken for a girl. So he did not like the way she addressed him.

"Did you buy it?"

Why did Mother speak to Satori?

"Oh yes, she did. Right, Satori?" Satori said in an unnatural manner.

"For a costume-play in our school festival. Isn't that right, Satori?"

Oh, I get it.

Things became clear.

Mother took me as a girl for Satori, and Satori wearing a gakuran for Ayumi.

Her mistake was only natural.

Chapter 44--2002.10.15

If you see Ayumi, who is totally a girl from every angle, you may well think that he is Satori in disguise, not Ayumi who was changed from his original sex.

Who in the world would get the idea of a transgender transformation in this situation?

"Oh yeeees! She's right!" Ayumi managed to act as his sister.

"Oh I see. That looks great."

The mother and the daughter were on good terms like many others. The Johjima family was divided into two males and two females, well-balanced. Of course, there was more distance between the father and the son than the mother and the daughter.

"Don't be so noisy."

She left there without any doubt of her children's identity; even if they had told her that they both could change each other's sex and also dress each other accordingly, she would have never believed it.

With a bigger smile, Satori said. "We made it."

"What do you mean?"

Ayumi was now shorter than his former sister, namely, her brother.

"Mama didn't notice."

"That's true, but. . . "

"Things will be ok with us from now on," said the handsome boy as he gave a wink and raised his thumb.

"Anyway, it is time we tried to change ourselves back." said Ayumi. He could not get used to his new voice, which sounded like a boyish girl was talking.

"Well, then. . . "

Chapter 45--2002.10.16

"Will you change me back?"

"Well, let me try this out once."

"Try what out?"

Then it happened.

His knee-length skirt began to get shorter and shorter.


But his skirt got so short that part of his slip was revealed.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

Then to match his skirt his slip also began to get shorter and shorter till it shrank out of sight.

"Ah. . . "

Ayumi flushed with embarrassment at his exposed beautiful legs, though somewhat underdeveloped, when the skirt turned into a miniskirt.

He tried to pull the hem of his skirt down to hide his exposed legs.

"As expected, I can change your clothes," said Satori, looking happy.

Ayumi got upset, thinking it went from bad to worse.

"Come on, bro, you had better try to change my clothes."

Oh, she was trying to speak in a boyish way. It may be nice. . .

"I don't feel like doing that."

"So, I'm gonna do what I like."


The red scarf merged into his dark blue sailor blouse. It was another transformation.

Chapter 46--2002.10.17

"Ah. . . ah. . . "

The sailor blouse lost its long sleeves and now had short sleeves, instead.

Ayumi, who was a newly-changed girl, was embarrassed again by his now-exposed female skin.

The hem of the short sleeves became thick and turned from dark blue to white.

"H-Hey, what the hell did you do to them?"

"Don't worry."

Satori didn't hesitate to use her ability, as if she had known about it for all her life. He could tell she was born to use this ability. . .

His miniskirt adhered to his thighs and abdomen.


It finally became a panty-shaped thing.

"Ahh. . . ah. . . "

Then his long hair began to roll up as if it were alive, resulting in three braids.

"Now, it's done."

"Oh, I'm now. . . "

Ayumi was now wearing an athletic shirt and bloomers, and his long hair was in three braids, with his body remaining the way it was.

"How cute!" A beautiful boy, Satori was shivering from excitement.

Ayumi's thighs, exposed by the bloomers, were healthy and perky, but also somewhat erotic.

Illustrated by Ohyuki

"Ch-Change me back!"

The bloomers were half hidden by the athletic shirt. Trying to hide his legs, Ayumi pulled down hard on the hem of the shirt, so that it looked as if the shirt were skin-tight.

"What a joker!"

Chapter 47--2002.10.18

Satori said with a sulky expression.

Then she changed him back to his last outfit in the reverse way that she changed. It seemed she could already use the ability freely.

"I didn't tell you to change me back this way."

"Oh, I'm sorry."


The way that the petite girl was flushed with anger made her (Ayumi) look really cute.

"I have many things left to try. . . "

"Understand what I'm feeling. I don't like the way I am. You must know it," said Ayumi, picking up his skirt with his fingers.

"I've told you that you can do the same in reward."

"I'm not interested in changing people."

Satori looked sulky, pouting out her lips. "Why, you look so great."

"I don't like it, even if I am said to look great!"

Then an idea hit her.

"Well, can I do it sometimes?"


"What a waste! I have such a nice ability. . . "

"You can enjoy it but I will have nothing to gain from it."

"Um? Then, if you can get something from it, you might accept it?"

He thought that he made a mistake.

"How about paying you for doing it?"


"For example, I will pay you 100 yen every time."

"Too little."

He said, even doubting if his sister had so much money though he knew that she was not very extravagant; she tended not to use money given as a gift at the New Year just for fun.

Still, he didn't want to rob her of money nor sell his pride at 100 yen per time.

"So, you mean you won't mind if our secret comes to light."

Chapter 48--2002.10.19

Satori, as a boy, gave him a sly smile.

"Are you gonna. . . "

Are you gonna let our parents know our secret?

"Yes, I will."

"If you do it, I'll make you a boy before papa and mama's eyes, bitch!"

I must be heavyhanded now, because I bet she'll be hurt worse than me by this.

"Papa and mama? I won't let them know it."


"Oh, boy! It may be a good idea to disclose it to them."

Shit! She didn't have that idea. I have given her another one.

"Don't you?"

"No, my plan was to let Kyoko-chan know it."

Then Ayumi's expression changed.

"What a mean girl you are!"

The gakuran-clad boy was all smiles.

"Understand I won't do anything special except transformation. Besides, I think you had better enjoy it. Isn't it fun for you?"

". . . "

"I read in a book that most men would like to wear women's clothes. Some would also like to be girls. . . "

"Well, I'm not. . . sure. . . "

To tell the truth, it feels nice to wear women's clothes. How can I confess it to her?

"No problem! If I was a boy, I would think so for sure."

It was almost a crazy scene that the sister who had formerly been a girl and became a boy some time ago said "If I was a boy".

Chapter 49--2002.10.20

"All right. I'll accept it. . . but only if you do it from time to time"

That was how he allowed himself to be dominated by his sister. He regretted his own words, asking himself why he could not attach one condition or two to accept it.

"Thank you, brother!" said Satori as she threw her arms around him.


Ayumi was held by his sister, now a boy, for the first time since he had his body softened. Strange enough, he and she were wearing a sailor blouse and a gakuran respectively. If there had been a full-length mirror in her room, they could have seen what a good couple they were.

"Hey, let go."

Ayumi pushed Satori away. She did not resist his push, no longer making fun of her brother who was now a girl.

He was thinking that he allowed her to transform him sometimes in future . . . maybe because he had a little desire to wear female clothes or become a girl dolling herself up, when it happened.

Chapter 50--2002.10.21

"Thanks, brother!" the gakuran-clad pretty boy Satori said, who then came up to Ayumi, now a pretty girl in a sailor blouse and a miniskirt, and brought 'his' face before 'her' face and kissed 'her'; the schoolgirl looked rather surprised at 'his' action.

"It's just a joke! Ahaha!"

Ayumi looked vacant.

"Well, let me try to dress you in some other high school uniforms."

Ayumi in a sailor fuku was too petrified to move.

"What should I begin with? Brother?"

He was trembling slightly, with tears appearing in his eyes.

"H-Hey, brother!"

It was quite a strange scene that a tall gakuran-clad boy addressed a petite pretty girl in a sailor blouse as "brother".

More and more tears started flowing from his eyes.

"W-Why. . . "

He did break down in tears, rubbing his eyes with his hands.

"Ah. . . aha. . . ha. . . "

He was shocked to death at his first kiss after being competely changed.

"I-I am so so-sorry. . . "

She looked very much like a normal boy who was at a loss how to deal with a girl he caused to cry.

This prevented Satori from playing with Ayumi any longer.

"OK. You may go now."

He, still in a sailor blouse, ran out of his sister's room at the risk of being seen.

Ayumi did succeed in using so-called "women's weapon" unconsciously.

That is all about his "first" transformation.

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