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Okashina Futari Chapter 31~40

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: Raccoon; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 31--2002.10.2

"Wh. . . "

What did she mean?

Then a change took place on him, which rendered him speechless: his plain printed T-shirt and pants turned dark blue before his eyes in an instant.



In spite of her scream, Satori looked very happy.

Then lines appeared on the now dark blue clothes.

A big opening was made at the chest and a large square collar hung down on the back.

His pants melted into a pleated skirt, spreading out on the floor.

A cardinal scarf wound itself around his neck, as the transformation finished.

"W-What's up?" said Ayumi the brother, or, what should be called now, the "elder sister", almost in tears.

"Oh my, I am . . . wearing . . . a sailor fuku. . . "

Sitting on the floor, two girls wearing the same sailor fuku were staring at each other.

Illustrated by Tojo Sakana
Tojo Sakana

"Oh yes. Didn't I say that?" said the sister, nodding in satisfaction. "You have been turned into exactly what I wished. . . "

I-Impossible. Holy shit!

He was confused.

"If I wish your hair to be longer, then. . . "


Right before his eyes his hair became longer and longer till it reached the middle of his back.


Ayumi resisted desperately, holding his head in his hands to try to stop his hair from growing longer, to no avail.

Chapter 32--2002.10.3


Satori was simply pleased.

"Ah. . . ah. . . "

Ayumi saw his now long black hair spreading out on his palm, as well as the sailor fuku he was wearing. He was so embarrassed that his face fully blushed.

He was just a normal high school boy, who had never worn such embarrassing clothes, namely a sailor fuku. What a shame to have it on. . .

He hardly felt happy that his legs directly touched the floor; his skirt spread out when he sank to the floor.

And, the greatest shame to Ayumi was. . . that he was robbed of his original sex and turned into a girl.

Oh my!

The swelling under his sailor fuku proved that he really had 'them'. He himself could feel his own ample breasts. . .

And. . .

While his sister wearing the same clothes was in high spirits, he pushed his now thin hands to his crotch through the skirt.

Oh, I don't have. . .

But he didn't have to try to touch it because he knew that he no longer had it.

"Kyah! Great! Kyah!"

Satori threw her arms around her brother.


Ayumi made a confused cry in surprise.

Then he felt the softness of her body.

Chapter 33--2002.10.4

She was very good at using body language and physical contact, but had never done it so intimately with her brother, like she clung to her classmates and got her breasts close to theirs; she just held hands with him.

However, as soon as he became a girl too, she clung to him, maybe feeling more comfortable with the same sex.


The sister had her ample breasts stuck to her brother's body.


Ayumi, sitting on the floor, lost his balance and almost fell backward.

H-How soft. . .

At last he had experienced a girl's soft body . . . with his own body.

Shit! What the hell am I doing with my real sister?

He felt comfortable not only due to her body's softness but also his own.

Four soft breasts pressed against each other to be compressed. . .

". . . ?!?!?!"

He reeled.

When he tried to push his sister away, she kept clinging.

". . . !. . . ?"

Suddenly she let go herself, pushing his arms between the shoulders and elbows.

"Brother, you aren't wearing a bra."

He felt as if his face burst.

"Wh. . . wh. . . "

He was already being tortured by being forced to become a girl and wear a sailor fuku, and she seemed to have tried to torture him farther by saying that.

I am a normal schoolboy. Why the hell should I be wearing a bra, just because I have come to the sister's room?

Chapter 34--2002.10.5

"W-Why should I!"

Ayumi tried to say it loudly. His voice sounded to him strangely high-pitched, and echoed in his head.

S-shit! Even my voice changed. . .

"That's too weird. A girl must be wearing lingerie."

You're always changing the subject. I don't care about such a thing!

"Come on!" said Ayumi. He had so many things to say that he could not say anything but this. "How can you be so calm, seeing me the way I am?"

Ayumi complained to her, pointing at his own completely changed body, now completely female, covered in a sailor fuku.

"No, I'm not that calm. I'm warning you: a girl like you should have a bra on."


Then Satori opened the closet and began to look through her own bras.

"Well, which should I give?" she asked herself, smiling widely. She seemed to think that she now had a life-sized dress-up doll.

She caused that series of mysterious events, didn't she?

Ayumi started to suspect her.

It was, however, too fantastic an assumption. How ridiculous it is to think of an ability to change a man's sex and transform clothing accordingly just by wishing.

But I saw myself changed into a girl and wearing a girl's outfit with my own eyes. How can I deny the reality?

"H-have you been. . . " asked Ayumi, in the unfamiliar voice.

"What?" replied Satori, continuing to select a bra for him.

". . . thinking of this kind of thing for long?"

"What do you mean by "this kind of thing?" she asked back with a smile, tilting her head a little.

He couldn't deny that his sister was cute then and began to believe the rumor that she had male and female admirers among younger students.

"I mean. . . 'this kind of thing' is 'this kind of thing'." He could not explain it.

"Oh, yeah. Why not?" she replied, as simply as if being asked if she liked a cake.

It could be taken for granted. It proved that even she had never imagined that her wishing would change the brother like the way he was then. She was just normal in that respect.

A series of mysterious transgender problems were more or less caused by my sister's selfish wish.

That night things almost got clear to Ayumi, except. . .

For the moment he had been turning his future over and over in his mind.

Chapter 35--2002.10.6

What am I gonna do?

Ayumi was looking down at his own body, at a loss.

Even though I have become a girl, school will go on tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and on and on. I have no girl's clothes. . .

How can I explain to my parents why I have become a girl?

No, that's nothing. The problem is that I may have to go on living as a woman. Oh my Goooood!.

"Well, this looks so good!" said the sister, with short hair and a sailor fuku said, picking out a white frilly bra.

Ayumi, now a girl student, stood up with his skirt fluttering.

"No, I won't wear such a thing. I would rather kill myself than wear it," said Ayumi, showing a firm resolve, but his voice sounded too pretty and weak to make his sister understand it.

"Why won't you? It's expensive."

"You can't expect me to answer that."

Satori still looked stupefied. He was not familiar with his sister wearing a sailor fuku, for she went to her junior high school in plain clothes. She was so slow in understanding a man's mind that he was almost moved with that.

"You are nuts! Can't you see how a boy feels when he is forced to wear a bra?"

On hearing his words, she tried to understand for a while what he was feeling.

"I don't understand anyhow," she replied with a smile, "because I'm a girl."

"Hey you!"

"It doesn't matter to you! Now you're a girl and had better enjoy it. I would be willing to wear it if I was you."

Bullshit! Now I'm mad.

"Go to hell. I wish you were a boy!"

Chapter 36--2002.10.7

He felt as if time had stopped for a while.

He was surprised at himself when he expressed his unexpected nonsense wish.

He was utterly humiliated that he had been turned into a girl. So, though he did not see how much it might hurt her, didn't he think she would be shocked if she were turned into a boy, losing her original sex?

No, he did not have such an idea hidden in his mind, since the words spilled out from his mouth.

"Oh, yes!" said Satori as she clapped her hands holding the bra. "That might be fun!"

Oh my, how thoughtless she is!

Seeing the sister who easily agreed to his wish, he imagined that she was transformed into a boy, which lasted for just a moment.

". . . ?"

Then something unbelievable happened.

Her nice pleated skirt began to transform, as if winding around her legs before his eyes.

"Ah. . . ah. . . " they said in union.

The transformation continued, appearing a front zipper, square pockets, a belt and so on. . .

Then something else changed. The scarlet scarf disappeared beneath the collar of the sailor fuku, and an upright collar appeared around her neck, instead.

". . . Ah. . . ah. . . "

The soft sailor fuku was turned into something stiff and black. It was a gakuran1, a boy's school uniform.

"Am I wearing . . . a school uniform?" asked Satori, looking vacant.

It was oversized; she was almost sinking into the collar, looking like the commercial of a female idol wearing a gakuran.

He saw her bosom pushing up the stiff material noticeably.

Her former sailor fuku had been transformed into a gakuran without a doubt.

Chapter 37--2002.10.8

"Brother, I think. . . you are the. . . " She was cut off halfway when it happened.

". . . Umh. . . hah!" cried Satori, with a rapturous expression.

"W-What's wrong with you?" asked the brother in a sailor fuku, concerned about his sister.

"M-My body. . . "

"What about your body?"

Then her bosom started to deflate like a balloon, which Ayumi did not notice.

However, the next change drew attention to him; she got taller and taller.

"Wawawawah!" cried Ayumi, looking more surprised than her.

"What happened to me?"

Satori brought her hands before her eyes.

Her hands sticking out of the black sleeves of her uniform got a little bigger.

Her formerly rounded figure became more angular and more muscular.

"Am I a boy now?"

Her voice when she spoke was a little more high-pitched than an average boy's, but was much lower than before.

A close inspection showed that her hair was now shorter, suitable to a schoolboy. It was not something like a crew cut or square cut, but definitely a boy's haircut.

Satori, formerly girl student some moments ago, was now a boy student wearing a gakuran.

"Ah. . . "

Ayumi the brother, with his hair semi-long and in a sailor fuku, was confused and flustered.

I. . . caused this. . . to happen. . . didn't I?

He could not help thinking so: he had said "May you be a boy!" and imagined Satori being a boy, and it had come true. Considering that she had made him a girl, it was very natural for him to think that the reverse phenomenon took place.

"It seems as if we changed places," said Satori, a schoolboy in a gakuran, with a smile.

The supposed schoolboy spoke in a female manner, but he had such cuteness that it seemed natural. His smile was so attractive that people who saw it would be enspelled.

He looked like a pretty girl wearing male clothes. Ayumi had always thought it was unnatural that girls said "How cute!" as they commented on boys. But he couldn't help but think now that it was true of some boys.

Chapter 38--2002.10.9

"Well. . . "

It was the sister, who now looked like the younger brother dressed in a gakuran, who spoke first. The shock caused her to let go of the bra in her hands.

"Well, we can. . . "

Ayumi had freaked out.

Because there was no full-length mirror in the room, he was shocked more at his sister's transformation into a boy wearing a boy's school uniform than his own.

"Well, we can transform each other, can't we?"

Is that so? It seems right. Yes, we can.

"If so, can I, " the sister asked, looking as if she was not worried about her future as a man, and was thinking of something else, "transform myself?

". . . "

How could she think about something so calmly? Ayumi sunk even lower, worried about his life from tomorrow onward.

Must I wear the clothing handed down from my younger sister? It's a little funny to say "handed down from my younger sister" but it is the reality.

Satori was keeping her eyes shut.

To other people she looked just a real schoolboy in a boy's school uniform, and even to Ayumi, who was right in front of her. Still, she remained as charming and cute as she used to be. She was biologically a boy and wearing the uniform very well.

". . . Mmmh, it seems impossible."

Chapter 39--2002.10.10

? What is impossible?

"Hey, you! It's your turn to try."

"But what should I try?"

He had been shocked at the way he now was but at the same time seemed to have been enjoying it, seeing a girl who used to be himself with an other person's eyes.

"As I can make you into a girl, you may be able to change yourself back, right?"


". . . !"

The scales dropped from his eyes.

Oh, yes. If we can transform each other so easily, then can we change each other back easily?

Ayumi tried his hardest to imagine the way he used to be.

The helpless feeling inside the skirt and the annoying weight of my breasts . . . may it all be gone!

". . . ?"

Nothing happened.

Ayumi remained a girl student in a sailor fuku, as if he had been born that way.

He rubbed his thighs against each other inside the skirt, which would be a habit with him when he was wearing a skirt from then on. . .

"Mmmh," said Satori, scratching her head with embarrassment. She had the same plainness when she was a girl, but he felt something different because she was now a boy.

How cute she is!

He had an idea that he would be an admirer of her if she weren't his sister.

"Our power seems to be useless if we don't use it on each other," said the sister, with a smile, somehow. "But, for example,"

"For example, what?"

". . . we can change the sex of each other, right?"

"Probably. . . " said Ayumi as he nodded, agreeing with her. The way he did was incredibly charming to others, though he did not know.

"Well. . . do you think we can change each other to other creatures than human being?

Chapter 40--2002.10.11


Ayumi was almost out of his mind.

"To begin with, let me try to turn you into a cat, sister. . . no, brother."

He felt like he was in a TV or movie.

"S-Stop!" said Ayumi with his new voice that he hated.

"Oooomh!" buzzed Satori.

"D-Don't do that, please!" cried Ayumi, squatting down with his skirt spread out.

". . . "

". . . ?"

"Oh. . . it doesn't work. I knew it."

"Don't frighten me!" said Ayumi, as a pretty girl in a sailor fuku.

"Then. . . next. . . "

The sister seemed more curious about how much they could transform each other than she did in trying to escape their shared predicament.

"As to clothes, we know for a fact that we can transform them," said the gakuran-clad one, thinking with his arms folded.

"Do you think if we can change any clothing to any other clothing?"


Ayumi could not think of anything. It was similar to how more boys would give up in a haunted house before girls would.

"There's no surprise about your sailor fuku, because I was wearing the same," she said, to which he did not agree at all. "But, where did my boy's school uniform come from?"

"Haah. . . "

"I expect that. . .

It sent a chill up his spine inside the sailor fuku.

1: Gakuran--A school uniform used by Japanese boys. It consists of a long-sleeved button-down shirt with a stiff collar, and a pair of pants in a matching color, often black.

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