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Okashina Futari Chapter 01~10

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: Raccoon; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 1--2002.9.2

"Uhn, uhnn. . . "

A girl turned over in her sleep. She was wearing a girl's high school uniform. Her healthy limbs were alluring.

A girl was sitting next to the bed, looking agreeably at the girl lying on it. She was resting her head in her hands, with her elbows on the edge of the bedding. The second girl was wearing pajamas, with a smile on her face, looking very happy. She looked somewhat younger than the girl who was sleeping, with a short haircut.

The uniformed girl continued to sleep soundly.

Again, she turned in bed. Her short skirt was pushed upwards, exposing her panties.

"Oh my."

The pajama-clad girl, with a delighted expression on her face, pulled the uniformed girl's skirt back down, covering her panties, then pulled a blanket up and covered her with it.

"Uhhm. . . "

The uniformed girl finally woke up. It was light outside.


She suddenly sprang to her feet.

Her long hair swished around, partially screening her body.

She looked down at her body, confused.

Chapter 2--2002.9.3

All that the uniformed girl could see was her own body.

With a complex expression on her face, she rubbed her legs together between her skirt.

Without noticing it, she sat with her legs beside her hips on the bed.


The uniformed girl looked surprised, then sighed.

"You did it again?"

"Oh, yeah."

"And, what's this?"

She asked, picking at her skirt.

"Eh, I just wanted to see a naturally sleeping high school girl."

"Huh?" said the uniformed girl with a disgusted expression on her face.

"It's already morning, so undo it."

"Got it, brother."

The girl in pajamas winked.

Chapter 3--2002.9.4

Then she stepped out of the room.

The girl dressed in a school uniform heard the door close. Then, she sighed again.

She sat and thought for a while, and then, she rose to her full height.

Her hair reached to her back, waving gently, floating in the air.

Her healthy, bare legs went down from an extremely short skirt. Even bending over lightly would expose what lay hidden beneath the skirt.

Even though it was her own body, she acted meekly, as if looking at something never before seen.

She twisted her body a little and looked at her hips over her shoulder.

Now, she had wide hips, obviously shaped differently than a man's narrow ones.

Her face turned pink.

She walked a little bit in her socks, which had annoyed her when she slept. She reached a mirror that only reflected her upper body.

A female high school student, wearing a bright red ribbon under her collar, looked back at her.

Chapter 4--2002.9.5

The uniformed girl looked around.

It was almost dawn. Nobody would be near her room.

She swallowed her spit and looked down.

Two small, unfamiliar mounds were moving up and down in time with her breath, just in front of her view.

She slowly moved her delicate fingers, and gently touched the breasts.

"Hey, brother!"


She jumped, a surprised expression on her face. Her hair spread out, and then floated down.

The pajama-clad girl looked innocent, in spite of the fact that she had just burst into the room.

"What's up," she asked.


The uniformed girl couldn't tell the truth, so she stuttered in confusion.

The pajama-clad girl smiled, making a cute, impish face.

"Heh, you were gonna do something lecherous, weren't you?"

"N-no," said the uniformed girl.

Her hands were in an unusual position, so she set them behind her back.

Chapter 5--2002.9.6


The pajama-clad girl pushed for an answer, with a devilish expression on her face. Then, their postures were mirror-images of each other.

Chapter 6--2002.9.7

"Just get out of here!"

The uniformed girl turned her face away, speaking in a cute voice.

She seemed to be embarrassed. Her cheeks were slightly flushed.

You did this-and-that while I was gone, didn't you?"


Her masculine way of speaking made her voice sound cuter.

"I'm gonna rub ya breasts! Haha!"

No sooner had the pajama-clad girl said that, than she started to massage the uniformed girl's breasts.

"Whaa! S-stop it!"

"Hey, brother!"

The pajama-clad girl spread the uniformed girl's skirt out.


The movement needed to hold her skirt down made her toes point inwards, and made her behavior very cute.

"Yer pretty!"

The pajama girl cried in a voice of delight.

The uniformed girl tried to turn up the pajama-clad girl's skirt for revenge, but stopped when she realized that it was impossible. Only she was wearing a skirt. It was so unfair!

The pajama-clad girl rolled about with laughter. She definitely enjoyed the trick she had pulled. She was of the age where everything was funny to her, but she was also quite wicked when playing tricks.

"Sorry, sorry, I'll stop it."

"Damn. . . "

Just when the uniformed girl thought it was over, the pajama-clad girl was at her back, and pushed on a projection in the middle of the back.


With a small noise, the feeling of tightness around her breasts was loosened.


The uniformed girl turned red with anger.

She instinctively held her breasts.


Her voice raised in delight, the girl who was called Satori was still laughing.

To undo the catch of a brassiere is Satori's favorite trick. This trick is known as the 'bra killer'.

"Sorry, kyahaha."

Then, the pajama-clad girl, Satori, sprang out of the room.


The loose brassiere straps made her very aware that it was there. One of the metal hooks touched her back and dug in, painfully. She had done this before to her classmates.

Chapter 7--2002.9.8

Yes, Satori, the sister, has the ability to change her brother Ayumi's sex, turning him into a girl.

It is incredible, but also true. As proof of it, she had turned him into a cute girl dressed in a school uniform. Now, Ayumi was alone, and he stared at his body.

Almost all of his youthful and fresh thighs were visible from under a too-short skirt.

He caught himself starting to drool and swallowed it.

He let go of the falling brassiere with his hands. And then he took hold of the skirt with one of his hands.

Though just some minutes ago he had his skirt lifted up to his shame, now he held the hem of the skirt, trying to lift it up by himself.

It sent a chill down his spine.

He felt himself and rubbed his legs together.

Even though he was wearing clothes, his inner thighs touched each other. The complex feelings he got from that were also quite pleasurable.

He slowly lifted up his skirt.

There was only a flat panty there.

Now. . . this is. . . this is my body. . .

"Ah. . . "

At that moment, when his voice had almost come out, he realized something; letting go of the skirt, he walked to the door.

Ayumi opened the door.

"What are you doing here?"

"Oh. . . you noticed me?"

Satori was standing there, bent against the door, eavesdropping.

Chapter 8--2002.9.9

"Hehehe. . . "

She walked away, scratching her head, and went back to her room.

I guess it's safe now.

Coming back to his room, he closed the door with his back.

Looking at it objectively, he had quite an unusual ability for a high-school boy going through adolescence. No other human beings had this kind of ability.

He sighed.

The sky had turned to morning, while this trouble had been happening.

The insecure feeling of wearing a skirt, of being half-naked, had not changed.

A woman's body is quite within his reach. Boys who had just become interested in sex are quite eager to get it.

If they were to be asked if they wanted an ability to become a girl, while being able to change back at any time, half or more might say "yes!"

If it were impossible to change back, that would be another story. In this case, though, being able to change back works well.

And now, Ayumi was in this situation.

There was also a very serious problem.

His back pulled away from the wall.

When he tried to grab the catch of the brassiere, he couldn't do it without taking his top off, because he had no experience at being a girl in high school.

Upon imagining that, he turned bright red.

At that moment. . .

Chapter 9--2002.9.10

His clothes started shimmering like an illusion.

His cute school uniform changed shape, and turned into normal pajamas in a few seconds.

Ayumi sighed again.


It is true that he has the ability to transform, to change his sex. However, he does not control it. That depends on his sister Satori's will.

In addition, she enjoys watching her brother get confused in a girl's body. She is not a sadist though. . . he cannot honestly say she is.

So, Ayumi has never done anything with his girl body. Never, not once.

As you know, he cannot transform by his own will. His sister always controls it. If he wanted to do something indecent, he would have to worry about being seen by her.

No matter how badly he wants to, he cannot do it.

In the first place, this was kind of like. . . dressing up as a woman. . . only, being seen by others made his face turn red, and additionally. . .

Oh, no! Just imagining that makes me sick.

But. . .

Clearly, Satori aims to have me do it. Just a few minutes ago she was interested in it.

Thankfully, he was wearing pajamas, instead of a mini-skirt that could easily expose a panty.

He felt safe now, and put his face in his pillow.

Today is Sunday.

I'm gonna sleep some more. . . I have nothing to do today. . . lazing about in my room is good too.

She can change her brother's sex. This seems very surprising, but there is also another ability.

Chapter 10--2002.9.10

A steaming plate of fried rice was sitting on front of Ayumi.

It can be made with only the microwave, so it's the best thing for a light breakfast.

Their parents are out today. It is very rare that that happens.

This means. . .

"Hey, man!"

Satori appeared, wearing very casual clothes.


He did not feel good about it.

She was wearing thin clothes, a plain T-shirt and a pair of shorts. Her young legs were almost bare.

She looked inside of the refrigerator and took something out.

"Today. . . "

Satori sat in front of him, holding nutritious jelly. Apparently, it was what she was eating for breakfast.

"What?" asked Ayumi.

"I'm gonna go to the game center."

"Have fun."

"May I ask something?"

"O.K. . . "

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