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Okashina Futari Lite Chapters 0101~0200

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: ELIZA; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 101 to 110: from Wed. December 11 2002 to Fri. December 20 2002

Chapter 111 to 120: from Sat. December 21 2002 to Mon. December 30 2002

Ayumi went into a severe panic, managed to get at a window, trying to dash to somewhere deserted as soon as the train arrived at a station.

Ayumi had already become the center of attention in the train car.

At the time, an unknown beauty appeared and snuggled up to Ayumi, dressed as a bride, from behind.

Chapter 121 to 130: from Tue. December 31 2002 to Thu. January 9 2003

The train arrived at the station before the transformation to a girl clad in a wedding dress ended.

Ayumi, having been turned into a girl dressed as a bride, tried to get out of the station with as little notice as possible.

However, a bride arriving at a train station was nothing if not alluring, and onlookers took many pictures.

Ayumi, clad in a wedding dress, ran through the mobs.

Illustrated by Ohyuki

Ayumi got out of the train car, ran up the stairs and tried to escape from one of the gates.

The bride, followed by many people just like in a "Royal Parade", and the unknown girl arrived at the gates, and the girl gave a 10,000 yen bill to Ayumi, who was completely broke, which helped her to escape from the station.

Chapter 131 to 140: from Fri. January 10 2003 to Sun. January 19 2003

Ayumi, dressed as a bride, managed to get out of the station and ran into a taxi at a taxi stand next to the station.

However, its driver said "I do not know how to get to that place, for I am a new cab driver."!

Chapter 141 to 150: from Mon. January 20 2003 to Sun. January 29 2003

Ayumi managed to get home. She got off of the taxi.

Chapter 151 to 160: from Thu. January 30 2003 to Sat. February 8 2003

She made herself wrestle the bulky skirt of her wedding dress into the house, removed and picked up her shoes and ran upstairs.

Ayumi broke into Satori's room and shouted at her.

But, the sister, totally surprised, pounced on her without realizing it!

Illustrated by Ohyuki

Ayumi was teased by being touched all over her body as a bride and having her skirt crawled under!

She somehow noticed there was a magazine that had wedding dresses on the open pages.

They were then recognizing that the event was caused by Satori thinking of wedding dresses.

However, Satori's "attitude of coaxing" went out of control.

She asked her brother to transform herself into a bridegroom!

Chapter 161 to 170: from Sun. February 9 2003 to Tue. February 18 2003

The "manifestation" of Ayumi's power turned Satori into a male, a gallant bridegroom.

Ayumi, "a bride", was made to pose in a swapgendered "bride and groom" position.

She was also asked to "hold his arms".

Furthermore, she, still clad in the wedding dress, was "held up by the bridegroom's arms as if being carried across a threshold".

He turned around and threw Ayumi onto his bed.

At the moment, Ayumi's body was turned back into the original. Ayumi's bag, which had gone away, seemed to have been transformed into a wedding bouquet and reappeared in a corner of Satori's room.

Illustrator: Yozora

That night, following the day in which the trouble of "transformation into a bride in a train car" had occurred, the Jojima brother and sister had a phone call.

The call was from Kyouko Nagawsawa, who had lived in the neighborhood when Ayumi was a little child.

Next morning, Ayumi's class had a transfer student.

The student was Kyouko Nagawsawa, who had been a childhood friend of Ayumi.

And, Ayumi found that the beauty, who helped him when he was in trouble with his wedding dress, was Kyouko.

Chapter 171 to 180: from Wed. February 19 2003 to Fri. February 28 2003

Kyouko, who was introduced in homeroom class, sat in a seat next to Ayumi's, which happened to be vacant.

Kyouko did not notice at all, that the beauty, clad in a wedding dress and who had problems in a train car, was Ayumi's alternate form. It was quite natural.

And Kyouko spoke, to girls in her class, about the event without noticing that "the real victim" was next to her.

Then Satori, who often came to Ayumi's classroom, interrupted the conversation, which grew more lively.

Making an appointment with their friends to go to a Karaoke Box1, saying to them, "Let us enjoy ourselves there," and anticipating their arrival after school, early came Ayumi and Satori.

Ayumi, who usually hated transgendering and crossdressing, requested that Satori transform him.

Today, Ayumi was transformed into a "PINK HOUSE"2 style.

Chapter 181 to 190: from Sat. March 1 2003 to Mon. March 10 2003

Ayumi, who was not very good at anything except "karaoke", had the advantage of being a female.

This was to say, "To sing a song written for a female vocal part with a "female voice"."

After some events, Ayumi, clad in a "PINK HOUSE" outfit, was about to be warmed up.

However, schoolgirls, all of whom were Satori's friends, came into the room.

Though Ayumi was totally upset, her sister began to fast-talk them into understanding, "She was Satori's cousin."

At the time Ayumi was going into a total panic, furthermore, then came Kyouko!

It was hard to bluff a childhood friend into thinking that he had a cousin, and it was unbelievable to try to fast-talk that the name of his cousin was "Ayumi", exactly the same as his name. But things went exactly right and Ayumi was believed without objection.

Just then, Kyouko said to Ayumi, "Have you ever seen me before?"

At the time, Kyouko was aware that Ayumi, as a girl, was the bride in the train car. However, she had told her "I will not tell anybody about the fact."

Chapter 191 to 200: from Tue. March 11 2003 to Thu. March 20 2003

"Ayumi", being a girl, received the microphone.

For Ayumi was a Karaoke-Tyrant, meaning those who would not turn in karaoke, Satori wanted to make Ayumi's turn the last one, but the surroundings made her sing a song.

At that time, Ayumi was asked whether she was familiar with male Ayumi, which was assuredly replied to in the affirmative way, and the question made "the female environment" in the Karaoke Box into mad with excitement.

They seemed to misunderstand Ayumi's reply as "They are intimate with each other."

Ayumi did her best to get them to understand her meaning correctly, but it seemed too late.

And, Ayumi began singing. . .

Illustrator: Yozora

As expected, only Ayumi kept singing away and the others could not sing at all.

During the next day, after school.

The sister called Ayumi to the back path of the gymnasium in the school.

And the sister, just came there, and transgendered and crossdressed him again, without any warning.

Into the female school uniform, this time.

Though, she did not have long hair but wore short hair, the same hairstyle of Satori's.

Ayumi, had been transformed into a girl beauty wearing short hair and school uniform, looking exactly like her sister.

To Ayumi's dismay, Satori said she was going to be "proposed" to and asked her brother, as a scapegoat, to "decline the proposal"!

The brother. . . looking like the sister. . . was left alone.

1: Karaoke Box--A common type of karaoke establishment commonly found in Japan. It consists of multiple rooms containing karaoke equipment, usually rented out for time periods.

2: PINK HOUSE--One of the brand names held by Gedix Co., Ltd.

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