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Okashina Futari Chapter 61~70

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: Raccoon; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 61--2002.11.1

Ayumi tightly closed his eyes. He couldn't do anything besides that.

It felt as if a long time had passed.

Actually, how long had it been?

Then her voice sounded.

". . . I got you!"

Then he felt his whole body rubbed.

"Well, all done."

. . . Heh?

A strange noise was heard.

"So, change me back now!"

He opened his eyes to find that the male Satori was out of the room. He also noticed that his body had changed back.

I might be a little disappointed. . . No, I'm not. No, never, not at all.

I tried to imagine Satori being changed back. Did it work?

The next morning there was nothing strange about Satori.

The only notable thing was that she had woken up earlier than usual and put on her uniform before he saw her.

From that day on he had become a good plaything for his amiable sister. In other words, since then they had been rather friendly with each other. . .

Chapter 62--2002.11.2

In fact, Satori had been "playing" with Ayumi for quite a few days since then.

At the same time, it seemed that Satori had been taking care not to kiss or push down on him after his transformation, though she, fond of cute things as she was, seemed quite anxious to hold him in her arms.

On one hand, Ayumi had stubbornly refused to turn his sister into a boy. Though she put considerable pressure on him, he had made up his mind not to transform her into the opposite sex any more.

Ayumi knew that he could never get back at her with that; Satori, unlike him, enjoyed being turned into the opposite sex and didn't worry at all about it.

Moreover, he was afraid of the mischief that he might suffer when he was a girl and she was a boy.

"Ok. Open your eyes!"


Ayumi noticed a pretty girl in a female school uniform called a bolero standing there. . .

Illustrated by Ohyuki

"Hey, this is. . . "

"Yes. I couldn't resist buying it."

It was a full-length mirror.

"How can you say that so easily?"

Even Ayumi, who was not very familiar with cosmetics and other such things, understood that it cost more than 10,000 yen.

"I decided it was now or never."

This was another of a series of new experiences; seeing his own figure as a girl for the first time in the mirror.

Is. . . that. . . me?

What he saw in the mirror was a neatly dressed and beautiful girl wearing a school uniform.

Ayumi pretended not to notice a sense of superiority creeping into his mind.

Chapter 63--2002.11.3

Satori bought many picture books on female school uniforms to use as reference.

Ayumi was almost positive that he had more freedom to get in his 16-year-old sister's room than most other guys who had sisters of the same age.

He also felt that there was enough material to make a lot of fetish literature in her room.

She had always been on good terms with her brother, but now she became even closer and took care of him as if they had been sisters.

His cousins, who were sisters, had once told him that they shared private clothes, school uniforms and even underwear.

Boys cannot imagine such closeness, which could also be called intimacy.

He wondered if Satori had wanted an "elder sister". Actually, he was treated as if he had been a baby sister, though he knew that no baby sister was treated like that. . .

The distance between them was surely greater than in their childhood when he had played house with his sister, who used to say "Brother, when I grow up, I will be your wife!"

It's quite natural, I believe.

Anyway, day in and day out Ayumi was used as a model for "new clothes".

Chapter 64--2002.11.4

"How? Cute, isn't it?"

"Well, I think so. . . " said Ayumi, spinning round. His skirt was spread in the air.

"Kyah! Oh my god, how cute!"

Satori was so excited.

That night he was dressed, against his will, in another famous girls' school uniform.

In the beginning Ayumi had thought that they were very similar to each other, but now he more or less knew that there were some little differences among each other, as he had been forcibly dressed in more school uniforms, of course for girls, than he could count on his fingers.

Ayumi, once the last boy one would expect to be a female school uniforms' fetishist, now knew a lot more about them than would ever be necessary. Did Satori's effort to brainwash her brother change him? No. The delightful school uniforms must have changed his mind.

He found that he had to see the variety and splendor of the cosmetic design of uniforms.

Almost everyday he admired his own transformed figure, and many times sighed in wonder at the fact that each uniform made a big difference in how he looked.

To his sister, well-known as a girl who was fond of cute things, he naturally looked very cute as a girl just the way he was, but seeing a girl wearing boys's clothes as if through a mirror must have been special to her.

"Uniforms" should be considered part of a makeover, considering that they can enhance a girl's cuteness to the maximum.

They surely make even an ugly girl look cute. Besides, some people might feel something exciting when they see girls in the same uniform together.

In the beginning Satori had enjoyed flipping up his skirt or grabbing his breasts, but lately she had been trying simply to appreciate each uniform as he modeled it.

Chapter 65--2002.11.5

Many days had passed by uneventfully, when something happened. This event was very horrible for Ayumi to remember. On a certain week day. . .

. . . he had left school for home earlier than usual due to end-of-term examinations.

He was standing in the train, which has unoccupied seats.

Ayumi just felt like standing, holding on to a strap.

It was about to happen. . . .

Illustrated by Ohyuki

Chapter 66--2002.11.6

Ayumi was looking out of the windows of the train.

What a fate!

Ayumi had not yet observed the situation that he was experiencing day after day.

I see some schoolgirls in this passenger car and they remind me. . .

Who the hell would believe that this very normal school boy had checked out, I mean, had worn most of the school uniforms for high schools in Tokyo . . . for girls?

I feel my heart beating quickly again.

Yes, that was the reason why his heart beat faster; he was forced to wear a female school uniform, but it was certainly not as if he were the only and youngest brother who was played with like a toy by his sisters in a matrilineal family.

Chapter 67--2002.11.7

There had been some people who said "My elder sister used to make me wear her skirts in when I was younger," or "My female cousin dressed me in her sailor fuku when I entered junior high school." However, Ayumi Johjima, swaying here on the train, had been suffering that kind of torture even when he was a second-year high school student.

To make matters worse, the torturer was a younger sister, not an elder one.

People might say that he could get out of it if he wanted. Unfortunately, that wasn't possible.

Wearing girl's clothes in his case is not what most would expect.

It might sound silly, but Satori the sister can change the sex of her brother Ayumi.

She can also transform his clothing as she wants . . . but only to clothes for females only.

Could you believe it?

How could you? Even I can't believe what I have experienced so far.

However. . .

I can still feel the weight of breasts on my chest as my heart beats, as well as the brassiere's pressure on them. . .

Chapter 68--2002.11.8

I can remember them clearly.

And. . .

A beautiful girl dressed in a neat school uniform . . . reflected in a big . . . full-length mirror standing in the room: it can only be me no matter how many times I look.

I'm sure that tonight she will make me a model for another girls' school uniform. I think I tried on most high schools uniforms in and around Tokyo by now.

Shit! What an awful thing I am thinking about!

Unfortunately, it is nothing but the truth.

Even a schoolgirl cannot do it, let alone someone with a fetish for schoolgirl uniforms, because his money will run out unless he's an incredibly rich person.

Both the brother and the sister have the special power to change the sex of each other and transform each other's clothing accordingly. All it takes is a wish to change one or the other of them right before their eyes.

Their shared talent had become part of their life before that day came.

How the hell is she going to dress me tonight?

Last night I heard her say she would proceed to work uniforms. . .

Then it happened.

Chapter 69--2002.11.9

". . . ?"

He broke into a cold sweat.

This seems . . . like the same feeling that I had before.

He felt a chill go down his spine.

Oh no, this is exactly that same feeling!

He was almost in a panic.

He couldn't just start screaming in the train where people could see him, and he looked around to make sure that there were very few people around, and he could see some seats open here and there.

Because he left school just after noon because of examinations, there was not supposed to be a large crowd even in the train line from Tokyo down to Kanagawa at this time. Still, he could definitely see some people around him.

In such a place I am gonna turn to the opposite sex . . . become a woman?

He felt something odd with his chest.

Chapter 70--2002.11.10

He was at a loss for what to do.

What do I do? What should I do?

I was forced to turn into a girl, to wear female clothes, and got my breasts grabbed, my skirt lifted up, kissed, pushed down . . . just thinking those makes me miserable . . . but at least they all happened in Satori's room or mine, in other words, behind closed doors.

It is so embarrassing - no matter how pretty a girl I may be - and I have never been seen by anyone else.

Shapely and firm breasts pushed out his shirt from the inside. . .

Bride in a Wedding Dress Part 1, by Ohyuki

". . . Ah. . . ah. . . "

Ayumi tried hard to suppress his voice.

Nobody . . . must have noticed it. No, they couldn't have.

Being raised in big cities for years, Ayumi knew how few strangers in a train would be interested in a third person, but. . .

He let go of the strap, and put his bag on the floor slowly.

His now heavy breasts jiggled up and down.

". . . Ah. . . "

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