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Okashina Futari Chapter 51~60

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: Raccoon; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 51--2002.10.22

Sure enough, the sailor blouse and skirt changed back to Ayumi's plain clothes when he got out of the room. So did his body.

But he had to rush into his room so that nobody would see him sobbing.

He was not sure but thought that Satori changed him back; she was very kind, almost naive in certain respects, after all.

In his room, letting his thoughts linger on his female body, he remembered that he had not changed Satori back, but went to bed for he thought it strange to go back to her room after what had just happened; it was a kind of quarrel and he considered it to be "good manners" that he would not talk with her for a day or two.

Chapter 52--2002.10.23

Many families have an elder brother and a younger sister, but most of them are on terribly bad terms with each other.

The main reason is that they have different senses of values. Few brothers and sisters of the same generation get along well, no matter what combination it may be.

For instance, they knew some brothers and sisters, among their friends, who not only quarreled but also fought with each other: one terrible case that a brother pushed his sister off a flight of stairs.

As such, their friends often told them how lucky he (she) was to have a good sister (brother).

Of course, they did have some slight quarrels, but never serious ones. They thought that all CDs and comic books were of common property between them, and were much surprised to learn that many friends of theirs lent and borrowed money and sold CDs and books between brothers and sisters.

Chapter 53--2002.10.24

Ayumi felt his legs, no, the the lower half of his body uncovered.

He lay on his back, and rubbed his legs against each other.


A cry was given.

". . . ?!!?"

What's up? My legs are naked? Or should I say, I'm wearing a s-skirt?

He sprang to his feet.


Illustrated by Ohyuki

Long hair wound around his chest.

Then he saw his own stunning legs revealed almost completely.

"Ah. . . ah. . . "

He noticed that he was wearing a checked pleated green miniskirt, as well as a scarlet ribbon on his chest, where there were also two mounds.

It was a uniform of the senior high school where Ayumi went, but for female students.

Chapter 54--2002.10.25

He was sure what was producing the pressure over his breasts: it had to be a brassier. He blushed from embarrassment.

Satori must have snuck into my room and turned me into the way I am. . .

Then he grabbed his breasts.

Real. . . real breasts. . . It was not a dream. I must be wearing panties inside the skirt.

Ayumi was lost in fantasy, though they existed within his reach.

Chapter 55--2002.10.26

Ayumi, who was now a schoolgirl, pulled the futon over his body.

Unacceptable! I can never be seen as I am.

Satori is away from me and I'm surely "dressed in female clothes", but I'm sure I look similar to how I looked before, though I've never looked into a mirror since I became a girl. How can I make an excuse for the way I am?

Should I show my naked body and say "Look, how natural! I am now a girl!"?

Anyway, how s-soft it is. . .

His heart had been beating fast for a long time.

Ayumi was now lying on his face. Today he could manage to feel his own body that was pressed on the futon twice as surely as yesterday when he was confused.

I rushed down onto the futon, so my skirt must be in a mess. Oh what a short skirt! I feel my panty directly touching the futon.

Calm down, Ayumi! Calm down!

Chapter 56--2002.10.27

Oh boy, h-how s-soft!

I thought I had already felt my female body fully but. . .

I was lying on my face, and my weight pushed my breasts flat. . .

Shit! I must calm down!

But how can I calm down when I can see my naked legs?

How helpless it feels to be wearing a skirt! Satori sucks!

I'll have to ask her to change me back . . . no, I mustn't be so humble, or she will make a fool of me. I must make her change me back. That's it.

He slowly moved his hand down to touch his own buttocks.

Who cares if I touch my own bottom?

I'm just interested in a woman's body like other boys. Who the hell can blame me?

Oh boy, who am I angry with?

Then he touched his bottom through the skirt.

I'm not certain, but a little rounder and softer than a boy's?

I can smell a fragrance in the air. That must be what is called a "girl's scent".

His hands were rubbing his bottom. The lining of his skirt was touching it against his panty.

". . . Ah!"

"Good morning, brother!"


Chapter 57--2002.10.28

Ayumi the schoolgirl tossed up the futon, surprised.

"Good morning, brother! Kyah, how cute!"

Satori was standing there in the same old costume . . . though it was still very early in the morning.

"Hey, you. . . "

He tried to complain about her uniform, but was at a loss for words, not sure that he was dressed correctly to persuade her.

No matter what reasons he might have, it was a fact that he was wearing female clothes; to make himself try to look mature just seemed funny to him.

However, it was his distaste or his useless pride as a man. His sister was not a girl who cared about such things.

The younger sister sat beside her "elder sister" with her hair and skirt so disheveled.

"I'm very sorry about things yesterday. To apologize, I have changed your clothes."

Ayumi, with his simple brain, could not understand at all why changing clothes would be considered an apology. But that might be natural for his sister.

"Look, we're now in the same clothes," she said with a smile.

Boring! I don't mind such trifles any longer. . .

Today there was only one difference between Ayumi and Satori: Ayumi had long hair.

To other people they would look like beautiful sisters.

Chapter 58--2002.10.29

Ayumi was tempted to play a prank.

"Take this!"

He meant to do it as a joke with the thought that he was still dreaming when he woke up.

But the "ability" did work.

"Ah. . . "

The red ribbon, the symbol of a schoolgirl's uniform, at Satori's chest shrunk away till it was gone.

"I made. . . "

Before "it" was said, the change had gone farther: her skirt spreading on the floor moved and then wound around her legs like a vine.

"Oh, I'm wearing. . . " said Satori with a joyful heart.

It turned to a schoolboy's trousers. Her shirt became one size bigger and baggy.

Ayumi did not try to stop it, and he felt frightened at what he had brought about.

"S-Satori. . . "

"Umh. . . hah!"

Satori looked as if she was having an orgasm. Her face now had better-defined features and her shoulders became broader.

"Ah. . . ahhh. . . "

She let her legs out from under her bottom, and fell backward.

Chapter 59--2002.10.30

"Satori?" said Ayumi, surprised at his own cute, girly voice.

She nimbly stood up and said. "Phew! I'm very surprised!"

Her voice and her way of speaking were definitely male.

"Ah. . . ahhh. . . "

It was now Ayumi who was speechless with surprise.

It is not a dream. I knew it.

"Why. . . "

She seemed to be at a loss at how to deal with her own legs. The socks that she had been wearing were left unchanged.

"This must be the best," said Satori as she sat cross-legged.

"At last I've learned why boys feel better when they sit like this."

She looked very impressed with that.

"So what?"

Ayumi felt embarrassed somehow.

He had never had a brother; he hardly had the chance to see a boy of his age in front of him in his room.

Ayumi, in spite of his appearance, was a boy inside, so the couple could be regarded as two boys. He had to feel embarrassed when he watched a boy. It was kind of different from when he saw a girl.

On the other hand, Satori had to think that they were two girls because what she saw in front of her was nothing but a girl student wearing a female school uniform.

She was quite fond of cute girls and saw no problem with being there with one.

"Brother. . . " said Satori with a sensual expression.

Chapter 60--2002.10.31

At the very moment Ayumi remembered that he was now a girl and was wearing female clothes.

Touching his bottom through the panties, he was just a girl sitting in quite a girlish way.

We're not a couple of boys, but a boy and a girl. I am the girl?

"Brother. . . "

Satori got closer and closer to Ayumi. Satori was a beautiful boy, almost sexless, but looked like nothing but a man to Ayumi, maybe because his senses were too keen.

"Brother, in girl's clothes . . . you look so cute."

He was bewildered.

"Come on! What a joke!"

His cheeks turned as red as possible.

"To tell the truth, brother, I do love. . . " she said, putting her hands on his shoulders.

"Wah, d-don't. . . "

Ayumi in a girl's school uniform was pushed down on the futon.


His long hair spread out to cover the white sheet. The sheet touched the nape of his neck, and the brassiere's catch pinched his back.

He freaked out.

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