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Okashina Futari Chapter 21~30

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: Raccoon; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 21--2002.9.22

It was not necessarily a good thing to him that they could each make up for the incompleteness of their shared ability that they can change themselves.

Now that he was a girl and forced to be working as a maid, he had to accept the reality.

It might be better to know things in precise detail; if he had had enough knowledge on hair ornaments, he could have selected another hair ornament with a different appearance.

"Done," said Ayumi, waving his hands around to drain the water off.

And he wiped the water off his hands on his apron in quite an accustomed manner.

Now that the nagging Satori is not around. . .

As a young maid, he showed an unusual interest in his own body, looking down at his skirt expanded with a pannier.

His heart beat faster.

He made an excuse for that to himself: he was just interested in how the inside of his skirt was.

He walked with a pit-a-pat sound toward his room.

Then he picked up a hand mirror, just big enough to see his face in, and saw his face as a girl.

Pretty. . . I must admit. . .

He shut his eyes.

Some seconds later, he opened his eyes only to find a schoolboy wearing pajamas in the mirror.


The Japanese prayer for a meal was said in unison by the Jojima family, whose details are described below:

Tomoaki Jojima is the father and the breadwinner of the family, 43 years old, middle-sized, neither good-looking nor plain. People say that a daughter takes after her father, and, as the words, Satori is a little like him. He is an office worker, who earns an average salary and has been keeping the family middle-class.

Aya is the mother and a full-time housewife, 40 years old. While most of the women of her age work outside the home to support their family, she is just a homemaker, but is taking needleworking lessons and participates in a choir for housewives in her spare time.

And, the two other members with whom you are already familiar, Ayumi the son and Satori the daughter.

As others do, the Jojima family watches the TV even at dinner. Running now is a variety show following the 7 o'clock news.

Differently from other girls of her age, Satori gets along well with her father, though the two hardly share the same interests.

However, the parents don't know anything about their children's special ability to transform each other into the opposite sex and dress each other accordingly.

"Uhn, uhnn..."

Chapter 22--2002.9.23

Not only their parents, but no friends of Ayumi's and Satori's know that secret. And certainly none of their classmates do.

At the same time it seems useless to explain to somebody about the secret.

Ayumi is 17 years old and a second-year high school student. Satori, born in the same year with her brother, is 16 years old and a first-year high school student. They are going to the same coeducation high school.

Anyway. . .

The brother took a look at his sister as he was eating a dish with big mouthfuls as usual.

Then the sister smiled back to his look. Embarrassedly he looked away, but she kept smiling.

The sister seemed to have the initiative over her brother.

Why not?

Ayumi has been thinking that, equal as it looks, the ability is much more profitable to a girl than to a boy because:

I turn Satori into a boy, and she turns me into a girl. Who can deny that a normal girl is weaker than a boy?

Moreover, she can forcibly dress him in a girl's outfit, which makes him rather passive. It's almost like she mentally dominates him; almost like she says "I will transform you into a girl if you don't obey me!"

How terrible!

Actually, she has never said that so expressly, but he must take it for granted that his sister is mentally superior to him since she saw him in several girl's outfits, so humiliating to a boy, in addition to her having the initiative in the ability.

If she had the ability to transform herself into a boy, what she would do to me?

Just imagining that disgusts him.

However, the assumption is not too far off from the situation where he really is.

Satori has to ask Ayumi to become a boy when she wants, yet Ayumi can hardly disobey his sister.

And if he carries out her request, he will be given a 'reward', ending up as a girl. The previously-mentioned transformation into a maid is an example of this.

Besides, I'm not very good at changing her back to a girl, so. . .

Enough. No use thinking it over.

Ayumi finished his meal.

It was

Chapter 23--2002.9.24

It is understood that the transgender ability and the transvestite ability are independent, which means that you should not think it impossible to use either ability separately.

Imagine: the case that the brother is still a boy but forcibly dressed in a girl's outfit or that the sister is a boy wearing her own outfit; or the other case that the brother has his temporary girl's outfit changed back to normal as he is left a girl or the sister has her clothes turned into boy's ones. The latter case is not a critical problem.

The former case means a boy being forced to wear female clothes, but that is not likely to happen. This is the most welcome to him of all the unreasonable things confirmed with their ability.

Illustrated by Ohyuki

Probably because of the different sizes, their ability allows being a girl wearing a boy's outfit, and probably does not allow a boy to wear a girl's outfit.

Still, even they cannot completely deny the possibility: they have never tried it so far. And Ayumi doesn't like to transform his sister against her will.

Illustrated by Ohyuki

Anyway, they must be the most strange brother and sister in the world. How did they get such an ability?

They were not born with this ability.

If so, they must have thought it quite natural that they can turn into a girl and a boy and even thought it strange that the others cannot do the same.

Certain books state that a person with supernatural power does not become aware of his power until he notices the others cannot use the same power. Their case seems similar to that.

Getting to a certain point in their life, suddenly they were given the ability, or to be exact, became aware of their own ability.

Looking back, there was a sign.

One day in his classroom it happened. . .

Chapter 24--2002.9.25

Ayumi woke up, mumbling something in his classroom.

It was a summer day, the most wonderful one, not too hot, not cold, when he was in his second year of high school.

Who can tell a healthy, adolescent student not to sleep in such a situation?

Phew! Now 5th period is coming. . .

He took out a textbook to get ready for the next class just out of habit.

The same was going around him.

Then a boring class had started, unfortunately after the physical education class, as the 4th class of that day.

Isn't it almost like a medical treatment for insomnia?

All of a sudden, he lost his peace of mind.

". . . ?"

Ayumi felt something wrong with his body.

What's up? I feel a weird sensation in my chest. . .

And in the next moment something incredible happened.

". . . Ah. . . Mmh?"

He felt his chest was being pressed hard by something. Precisely, he felt as if balloons had been inflating in front of his chest.

To his extreme surprise, he noticed his chest being expanded like a female student's well-developed breasts under his blazer.

". . . . . . !!!???!!?!?!?"

Illustrated by Tojo Sakana
Tojo Sakana

He did not scream. What he had seen was so surprising that he could not make a sound.

After a while, he stood up abruptly with a bang.

All his classmates looked to where the bang came from.

Some were taken by surprise as they had just fallen into a sleep.

The boy who banged made his way through the desks like the wind and got out of the classroom.

Chapter 25--2002.9.26

He would understand everything much later.

Yet at that time he just could see the dilapidated wall of the toilet and hear his own panting.

His heart pounded, and every part of his body pulsated, synchronized with it.

It must be a daydream that my breasts were swaying and my toes turning inside unconsciously while I was running here. The wonderful weather must have made me daydream.

The breasts were so heavy that . . . I . . . had to hold them in my hands while running. It's nothing but a hallucination. Huh-huh-huh.

He tried his best to calm himself down.

His panting lasted so long that he felt kind of sick.

". . . "

Ayumi swallowed.

He dared to look down to see what had happened to his body just below his face.

. . .

". . . . . . "

However, he could not see anything but a flat chest.

Slapping his own chest, he found nothing unusual.

What the hell was that after all?

Was that a real daydream?

But. . . I surely felt them.

I mean. . . two b-boobs. . .

As soon as he thought of the word, his face blushed; the feeling of swaying breasts has come back.

And his heart beat quickly again.

However, he checked to make sure that it was flat.

Then he began to think up an excuse for why he left in the middle of the class. . .

Chapter 26--2002.9.27

One night it happened again. . .


Ayumi opened his eyes to find the ceiling in darkness.

Adolescent boys, though not limited just to them, tend to wake up in the dead of night. And they don't know at all why it happens. By outer stimulation? No. By petrification? Of course, no.

Anyway, he felt something strange at that time.

. . . ? Prickly around my neck? My ears, my face, too! What's up?

Ayumi raised his chest.

". . . . . . ?. . . W-what?"

He screamed out without hesitation, with no person around, unlike the former case in his classroom.

If somebody watched the scene in darkness, he would shiver in fear: Ayumi was some kind of monster.

His short hair, cut like a typical male student, was gone, and instead, he had somewhat long, beautiful hair.


He tried to grab and pull at his hair.

"M-My hair. . . "

The forelocks covered his eyes. And the softness and smoothness of his hair was annoying as well.

No matter how hard he tried to pull, he could not remove the 'wig' from his head.


No words could be spoken.

Before he got aware, he had rushed through the darkness into the 2nd floor washroom.

Turning on the lights one after another, he could see his hair quite easily without any hindrance.

The mirror showed 'him' in blue pajamas, wearing his hair beautiful and long like a girl.

Then he fainted.

Chapter 27--2002.9.28

He awoke to find himself in his bed.

The moment he noticed himself lying in the bed, he sprang to his feet, only to find what he had not expected.

". . . "

Ayumi touched his head.

He had to think that what had happened to him last night was a dream, for he did not feel the weight of long hair.

It had to be just a dream, since the evidence was gone.

What the hell. . . was that?

He remembered what happened in his classroom some days ago.

Am I going to become a girl?

He had to be scared to death with the mysterious happenings, but they lasted so short that they were still considered to be in his dreams.

Ayumi was very desperate to forget.

It was not something he wanted to discuss with anybody. He kept his worry secret from his parents, his nagging sister and all friends; he knew he was sure to be taken as mad if he did it.

It was a prologue of his nightmare. The reason for the strange happenings would come to light.

One day. . .


Keeping the door slightly open, Satori looked at her brother from the hall.

Ayumi, the brother, looked back with a troubled expression. He seemed to have been studying.


"Hey, are you available now?"

"For what?"

He expected it to be something worthless: in most of the past similar cases she called him for nothing special, such as showing erotic stuff, maybe because she was born to be such a fool.

"Don't worry. You can have a good time."

Damned. You're quire like a store greeter.

". . . All right. . . "

"Just a moment!"

Satori somehow stopped him.

"I'm gonna enter my room first. Then you come in."

". . . Oh dear!"

He thought that she was doing something like playing "lovers". His friends envied him, since he had a sister that got along so well with him. But she was just a sister, of course, never a sex object.

As many others do, when Satori was in kindergarten, she used to say "I'm gonna get married to you, brother." But what will I think if she still has the same feeling?

He stood waiting outside his sister's room. They have their own separate rooms.

"Satori, I'm gonna come in."

"All right. But. . . "

She said quietly through the door.

"What now?"

"Will you come in with your eyes shut?"

What the hell is she gonna do? Ok, I will do this, too.

He walked in the room with his eyes shut.

"Are you happy now?"

"Yer. Now you may open your eyes."

Ayumi opened them.

Chapter 28--2002.9.29

"Taa-dah! How do you think?"

". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "

He saw Satori wearing a dark blue sailor fuku1.

"Isn't it cute?"

The brother and the sister go to the same senior high school, and the top half of the school uniform is a blazer. Yes, she bothered to put on a sailor fuku for costume-play.

"What's that?" said Ayumi, with a frown on his face.

"Of course, a sailor fuku."

"I know that."

"Eh, clothes for a sailor."

"I didn't ask that."

"I bought this for the coming school festival."


"At an adult shop."


"Just kidding. I bought it at a uniform boutique."

"What a joke!"

"Listen, I was embarrassed in the shop."

"Why? I don't think you would have a problem because you are a girl."

"But it's a uniform for the other school," said Satori, continuing to smile. "For a junior high school."

"Is that so?"

"If you were a clerk of the shop. . . "


". . . and you saw a female senior high school student come to buy a uniform for a junior high school, what would you think?"

"Didn't you say you would use it for a school festival?"


"So I don't think that I would think anything special."

"But. . . "


"In general, do men buy school uniforms out of season?"

"How can you determine the standard of 'in general'?"

"Oh my, what a disappointment!"

"What is the disappointment?"

"Please don't be mad at me now."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I think you are mad about a sailor fuku like other boys."

"Don't think like that! Boys are not always what you think they are."

"Don't worry. Now it's your turn."

She began to take off her sailor fuku.

"Hey, wait!"


She stopped undressing.

Chapter 29--2002.9.30

"Explain what you just said."

"This is for a boy to wear as a costume."

"So why the hell are you wearing it?"

"I thought you would like it right after a schoolgirl had taken it off."

Then Ayumi patted her in the face. It was not violence, but something like a comic backhand. It is evidence that they are on good terms with each other. In fact, Satori looked happy to be patted.

"Will you put it on?"

"I won't."

They were silent for a while.


"Why the hell must I wear a sailor fuku?"

"Because the sailor blouse is the first step to transvestism."

Ayumi patted her again, wishing he had a whip.

"I'm gonna leave," said Ayumi.

Satori stared intently at him.


"No, nothing."

"Such a strange girl."

Ayumi tried to look back when it happened.

". . . "

He felt something strange, which even Satori noticed.

"What's up, brother?"

"Well. . . "

He broke out in sweat, looking paler and paler.

"What's wrong? What's wrong with you?" said Satori, getting closer to him.

"S-Shut up!"

Ayumi pushed her aside. Then it happened.

". . . Ah!"

His face being distorted, he stuck his chest out.


Satori unusually gave a little cry and then put her hands to her mouth, surprised to see it clearly: Ayumi's chest had expanded.

He was standing there, absent-minded.

He looked down to find two perky well-shaped breasts pushing up his shirt.

"Ah. . . Aaah. . . "

"Oh my!"

"What the hell is this?"

His toes were forcedly turned inside.

"Ah. . . Aaanh!" Ayumi cried out in ecstasy, with his cheeks turned red.

His rear expanded as well, while his waist became thinner. He got shorter, rounder and cuter.

"I can't believe my eyes. Brother. . . became a girl. . . "

Satori sank to the floor, with her legs M-shaped.

Chapter 30--2002.10.1

Ayumi was changed completely into a pretty girl, short and with round eyes, in an instant.

"W-What happened...?"

He was so surprised at his own angelic voice that he could not finish his words.

"S-So cute!" said Satori, an irrelevant remark said because she was so surprised.

"Oh my, what. . . the hell. . . happened to me?" murmured Ayumi, looking at his own figure completely changed. Why didn't he do that?

Does this have anything to do with recent happenings I faced?

"Brother. . . " Satori got close to him, with a blush in her cheeks.

"S-Satori. . . "

He almost cried, looking incredibly cute with plump cheeks.

"I am not sure but," Satori began to speak, also surprised at the supernatural phenomenon. "I may have changed you because I wished you were a girl. . . "


Who believes just your wishing makes me change?

"Well, it means. . . " said the sister still in a costume-play sailor blouse, who seemed to have recovered from her agitation. "I can change you. . . as I wish.

"How come?" He wondered why she could jump to such a thoughtless conclusion.

Then Satori sat down right in front of him, with her skirt fully spread, and looked into her brother's eyes.

"Possibly. . . if I wish 'May your clothes become a sailor blouse!' they will change into the same. . . "

1: Sailor Fuku--A school uniform used by Japanese girls. It consists of a long-sleeved blouse and scarf that resembles the uniform shirt worn by U.S. Navy sailors during and after World War 2, and a medium-length pleated skirt. The colors and cut depend largely on the school which issued the uniform.

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