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Okashina Futari Chapter 11~20

Author: Mashiro Yuh; Translator: Raccoon; Editor: Jaime

Chapter 11--2002.9.12

"Well, first of all. . . "

Satori picked up one of the magazines around her and opened it to show her brother a certain page.

"Make me look like this."

The open page showed a slender dude wearing a pair of jeans and a polo-shirt.

"You like this kind, huh?"

"Yes. I don't like being muscular."


Ayumi continued to eat his fried rice, ignoring what his sister said.

"Do you enjoy playing in the game center so much?"

"Yes. I think I'm a good gamer," she said, making a gesture of pulling a lever and pushing buttons.

Oh dear . . . normal schoolgirls don't like that kind of thing. . .

"Come on, hurry!"

"It's only 9 o'clock. I don't think you have to hurry. There aren't any game centers open yet."

"I gotta go up to Shinjuku."

For your information, their house is located in Kawasaki-city, and as is typical in Japan, they are a nuclear family consisting of 4 members. The only thing of note is that they live in a stand-alone house, which is very rare in the big cities of Japan.

". . . . . . "

As if ignoring his sister, the brother kept eating.

"I'm not interested in your 'reward' at all."

His way of speaking sounded as if he had already given in to her request.

Chapter 12--2002.9.13

"You don't trust me, do you?" she said, continuing to smile.

"Of course not."

They were silent for some time.

"Alright. I promise you!"

"It seems I have no choice. . . "

He rushed to finish his fried rice and drink down a glass of milk.

"Well, here we go!"


She seemed very happy.

Ayumi stared intently at his sister, Satori.


Her expression changed a little.

Then it happened.

Surprisingly, her ample breasts began to shrink, her shoulders got somewhat broader and her waist started to expand outward.

". . . Ah. . . ah. . . "

She looked as if she were in ecstasy.

Her bottom tightened inward to match her other features. Her formerly pigeon-toed legs were now set firmly on the ground.

"Also my face. . . please..."

Maybe something happening inside her made it difficult for her to speak as usual.

Her girlish, pretty face lost some of its roundness.

"Wah. . . ah. . . ahh!"

"Do you like it?"

There stood a "boy" wearing a pair of tight shorts, though he could be mistaken for a beautiful girl.

Saying "Phew. . . " like a slight sigh of relief after hard exercise, the "boy" looked down on his body.

"Yeah, good job!"

Her voice was of lower tone than before.

Yes, that is another "ability" that the brother and the sister enjoy.

Chapter 13--2002.9.14

"Now clothes!" Satori said, winking, now a boy.

She had big round eyes, soft and smooth hair, and smooth, pale skin. She had become a pretty boy, comparable to young boy idols.

The tight shorts were transformed into cool jeans, and the plain T-shirt into a polo shirt.

As you are already aware, the brother and the sister can change each other's sex and transform their clothes accordingly.

"Hmm, that seems good to me."

The younger sister, now the younger brother, twisted her new body to check how it felt.

Ayumi's heart beat fast, but it wasn't because of a girlish reaction to his good looks, or any other girlishness hidden in his mind.

This boy's cuteness lies mostly in his girlishness. It should be called cuteness caused by being androgynous, though biologically Satori was now male, with no doubt.

Satori was still smiling, which was so cute that she would be chased by many girls.

"I agree with you. Thanks, brother."

Her still girlish way of speaking in a boy's voice is somehow very natural to Ayumi, though he usually feels strange and uncomfortable when he hears other boys speak in such a girlish way.

Originally his sister is boyish and belongs to the generation of the girls who don't use "women's words" any more than necessary when speaking.

"That's enough. You had better get going."

Illustrated by Ohyuki

The brother was still cold in manner somehow.

"Fhfh. . . "

Satori smiled slyly.

It gave Ayumi, the brother, the creeps.

"I must give you a reward for your efforts in making me look so nice. . . "

Then Ayumi sprang to his feet.

"No, thank you."

"Come on, you don't have to be so reserved."

"You did it just this morning!"

It was too late.

". . . Umh. . . "

"Well, breasts, first."

Two mounds were swelling on his chest under his pajamas.

Illustrated by Ohyuki

"D-don't. . . ah. . . ahhh!"

They turned into well-shaped breasts.

Simultaneously, his hair started growing longer and longer until it reached the middle of his back.

Illustrated by Ohyuki

Illustrated by Ohyuki

Illustrated by Ohyuki

Chapter 14--2002.9.15

"So cute!"

Satori said, looking at Ayumi with an impressed expression on her face.

She saw a cute girl with ample breasts unsuitable to her baby face and black long hair wearing loose pajamas. He was so pretty, like a small animal that everyone would want to hold.

"Brother, look in the mirror!"

"Shut up! Change me back!"

Illustrated by Ohyuki

The voice was already high-pitched and girlish. The tougher he tried to sound, the more you would like to protect him.

"I like this stage best. You have a girl's face but still. . . "

What she was doing was as good as playing with a doll.

"Now, I'm gonna expand your butt. . . "

". . . Mmh. . . ahh. . . "

Suddenly his rear began to bulge out. It was now much wider than his needle-thin body.

"Then I'm gonna remove your penis. . . "

". . . Sto. . . "

Ayumi disliked that stage worst.

Many times I became a woman . . . or to be exact . . . was forced to be a woman . . . but I can't get used to that.

He was shrinking until he became shorter than his sister.

His skin was now much smoother, and his entire body was covered by the pajamas.

". . . Mmh. . . ah. . . ahh!"

His hands were getting out of sight.

"Ok. That's through!"

". . . "

The obscure feeling through his whole body that the transformation brought him was more or less settled down, blushed face became almost normal, and he was somewhat out of breath.

"Well, you're looking great, cutie!"

The "younger brother" took hold of the hands of the former "elder brother's", now petite "elder sister's".

"How cute you look, with your arms too short for the sleeves!"

She looked very happy, while he was trying hardest to keep himself from asking her angrily "why the hell are you so happy?"

"You did enough, didn't you?"

Ayumi dislikes speaking in that voice, which gives him a disordered feeling that it does not belong to him.

"Of course not! I must give you more of a reward. . . "

His pajamas began to melt, like hot caramel.

"Y-you. . . you. . . don't. . . ahh!"

Chapter 15--2002.9.16

"Such big breasts must be covered by something proper."

"Ah, ahh. . . "

Out of the blue solid wires appeared and caught his breasts under the loose shirt.

Illustrated by Ohyuki

"Ahn, mmm. . . "

Ayumi looked stunned with his cheeks blushing a little.

He felt a lot of load on his shoulders: the straps of a brassiere.

His now large bosom was pushed up by the new undergarment.


It was hooked at the middle of his back and so confining that he could not believe girls were always wearing them. Though Ayumi had it on under the school uniform earlier, he felt different, wearing a bra by itself.

"Very good. Then, these trunks must be replaced with. . . "

His trunks shrank and became tighter.

"Hah. . . "

Illustrated by Ohyuki

He blushed in shame again.

In an instant, the boorish and oversized underwear became much more close-fitting, with beautiful embroidery all over it. It felt smooth and soft.

"And then. . . "

"That's. . . enou. . . ah. . . "

Something soft and smooth covered his midsection, from the neck to the hips. He knew that it was some female underwear and shivered in sweet excitement.

"Well, the interior is through."

A healthy boy some minutes ago was turned completely into a "girl" under his baggy pajamas.

"Now? Don't you feel good?"

The little witch said coolly to her brother who was almost crying.


Satori rubbed his tummy with one of her hands and his back with the other through the clothes simultaneously.

The female underwear, soft and smooth, touched his body.

"Kyah! . . . ah!"

The totally transformed brother twisted, trying to escape from her hands.

Chapter 16--2002.9.17

Illustrated by Ohyuki

In no time at all, he felt a current of air around his legs.


Illustrated by Ohyuki

I must be wearing a s-skirt. . .

How could he forget the feeling. . . such an empty feeling after wearing that? The skirt itself imparts no feeling, for it doesn't touch anywhere along the legs. It gives only the feeling of air around the legs, the feeling of both naked thighs touching each other.

"Well, there are dishes to wash. Will you do them as a favor for me?"

"W-what do you mean?"

Then his striped pajamas lost their color and turned pitch-black.

Illustrated by Ohyuki

Chapter 017--2002.9.17.

Doing something that her brother must really hate, she shivered to see him transformed in an instant. It seemed as if she were trying to restrain pleasant excitement coming from the bottom of her heart.

The brother had to accept that.

To a man it is the biggest humiliation, in a sense, that he is forcibly turned into a woman, and that moreover he must wear women's clothes. . .

That's right. They can change each other's sex, but the one cannot keep the other from making use of the ability on him or her. So, once the sister starts changing the brother's sex and turning his clothes to female ones, he has to accept it, and vice versa.

The darkening pajama top was now made of thick cloth and had a collar. Its shoulders were expanded like balloons.

"Ah. . . ah. . . "

Illustrated by Ohyuki

The former pajama trousers had now become a thick-cloth skirt 20-cm longer than the knees. There were clean white socks below.

"Eh, then. . . "

Satori enjoyed playing with her brother as if he were made of clay.

Then a frilly apron appeared on his thin body.

Strings extended at his back and crossed to be tied on a level with his waist.


Around his neck a pretty red ribbon was tied.

"I shouldn't forget this."

Then a hair ornament appeared on the top of his head glittering like an angel's ring.

Illustrated by Ohyuki

Illustrated by Ohyuki

"I'm finished."

". . . Ah. . . "

Standing there was a maid as pretty as a doll.

Illustrated by Ohyuki

Illustrated by Tojo Sakana
Tojo Sakana

Chapter 18--2002.9.19

"Well, I will go."

Satori, satisfied, headed from the kitchen to the exit.

By contrast, Ayumi was looking vacantly at his own totally transformed figure.

". . . "

He sometimes had to be dressed in a girl's high school uniform, but never a maid's outfit before.

No wonder. It is taken for granted that no normal boy high school students have had been dressed in a maid's outfit. The same goes for most girl students.

Below his hips, he felt cool. . . and also the normal feeling of emptiness, when he wore a skirt.

It seems the skirt he had on was expanded with a pannier.

". . . "

Their ability cannot influence the partner's character. More accurately, they cannot change their mental sex. And he remembers all that he has experienced since he was changed to a girl.

However. . .

Wearing a submissive kind of outfit forces him to behave himself modestly.

He has started walking pigeon-toed and put both his hands in front of himself before he realizes it. Seeing the hair ornament on his pinkish face looking down a little, you may feel something sinful.

"Hey, you!"


He came out of a daze to find Satori's face right before his eyes; she had gotten close to him while he was dazed.


"You are now a housemaid, aren't you? Don't you want to see one of your masters off?"

"What. . . do you. . . mean?"

The pretty girl did not get what the "master" had said.

The brother, who was now totally a young maid, put his skirt in order and knelt on the entrance, then straightened Satori's shoes so that she could easily put them on.


The maid had the alertness to withdraw on hearing the word.

Humming a tune, Satori tapped her feet into her shoes.

"Have a nice trip, sir."

The maid bent her head, putting her hands on the floor, brushing it with her long hair.

His heart beat faster.

"Well, good-bye."

The door banged shut.

"Phew!" sighed the maid.

Dammit! Why the hell do I have to spend my time playing 'master and maid'?

Normally, it would go way beyond a hobby to turn a boy into a girl and use him as a maid. However, he knows that he can't survive this harsh life unless he treats it as a minor thing.

He tried to climb to his feet.


He stood up, embarrassed by the longest skirt he had ever worn.

". . . "

He stared intently at his body again.

There is . . . a woman's body . . . under the clothes. . .

The door opened with a bang.


"Brother, I forgot to say I'll change you back when you've finished washing the dishes. Good-bye again!"

She banged the door shut and left.

All right.

The maid gave up and decided to obediently wash the dishes.

Chapter 19--2002.9.20

Ayumi, now as a girl maid, walked with a pit-a-pat sound down to the kitchen.

All right. I don't think it is a bad thing to wash the dishes. I've been thinking about doing that, anyway.

The admirable brother and sister are often doing housework.

"To begin with. . . "

Apron. . . I already have it on. . .

Again, looking down, he thought of his own body.

He had a thought that it might be a good chance for him to do the thing in which he had been interested. But he had already lost any interest in doing that.

Rolling his sleeves up, he began to wash the dishes.

I can't believe that I must keep standing to do housework with the helpless feeling of wearing a skirt. . .

Their ability does not cover all people.

For example, Satori can neither change anybody except her brother, Ayumi, into a woman nor change their clothes.

Otherwise, what can keep her so normal around other people? Little wonder that she might have changed all of her male classmates to girls.

She was too grown-up for her age, seeming to know well of the essence of men or something similar.

The brother, Ayumi, is not a boy who has very much desire. So, her distorted view on men must be formed by all the information she got by herself. Dammit, how old is she to know so much!

She seems to think that she changes her brother to a girl more or less out of kindness. She is likely to think: he is an adolescent and must be interested in a woman's body. Thus, I should make him have such a body; he must be fond of costume-plays since he watches pornographic videos. Thus, I should dress him in female clothes.

Moreover. . .

She may think: he looks reluctant but must be shy right before his sister. Thus, I should help him to have more things to enjoy.

Because of this, day in and day out, the brother is forced to become a girl and wear female clothes.

In addition, she likes anything pretty. That is why they cannot stop their life. . .

Considering she has no ability to change her own sex, she may be making use of her brother to get rid of stress. She probably wants to transform herself, so she often says "Cute!" when transforming him.

Chapter 20--2002.9.21

Their ability also is limited by time, which means that they don't remain forever the way they have been transformed.

It may be, though difficult to explain, something like injury or disease. Their transformed bodies . . . the way they look as the other sex . . . can be compared to the "unnatural condition" which disease puts all living things in: "self-healing" works on their bodies, which means they don't have to have intention to change each partner back.

How to change them back. It is easy and much the same as when transforming: all they have to do is wish. But changing back is somehow more difficult than transforming; their bodies often do not respond very quickly to the intention to change back.

It seems to have something to do with how many times they have transformed: Satori the sister, who changes her brother's sex more often than him, handles her ability more easily; the brother cannot change her back easily once he changes her into a boy.

They don't even know exactly how long it takes till they are back without help from the partner, since they cannot try to live as they now look look for very long; their new looks make their lives more inconvenient.

Based on their first few experiences after they discovered their ability, they guess each transformation can last 1-3 days.

Dressed clothes are changed back just when the transformation is gone.

For example, the maid's apron he is now wearing will be changed back to the male pajama trousers. So, it is impossible to "mass-produce" sailor blouses by transforming his clothes repeatedly. It may be possible if the couple tries, but they are likely to be changed back, like counterfeit money which a tanuki1 makes from leaves by magic, when the transformation is finished.

The details of the clothes are variable to the situation, which can be said to be very opportunistic.

They don't need to know the full details of the clothes they are about to dress the other in when they try to transform each other.

For instance, all that Satori is supposed to know about the maid's outfit is that they consist of a thick-cloth black skirt and an apron. Actually, the outfit that he is wearing contains not only them but also a bra and a panty, and moreover the skirt is expanded with a pannier.

Their ability is just unreasonable; how useless it is to investigate their ability precisely!

1: Tanuki--A member of the dog family that resembles a raccoon, common to Japan. It is reputed to have shape-shifting powers, and is considered to be the god of restaurants in Japan.

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